Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - B


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Back Reginald 5 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road  
Backhurst Frank 28 St Patricks Road  
Bacon Charles Arthur 14 Codrington Road  
Badderly Arthur Wilson 1 Guildford Lawn  
Badger Godfrey 5 Leopold Road  
Baggallay Miss Elmhurst Truro Road East Cliff
Bailes Mrs 3 Paragon Mansions Paragon West Cliff
Bailey Alfred 4 Alexandra Road  
Bailey Alfred George 25 Coleman Crescent  
Bailey Arthur William 221 Hereson Road  
Bailey Bertram A Morley 165 High Street  
Bailey Herbert 3 Grange Road  
Bailey John Steadman 9 Edith Road  
Bailey Miss 15 Albert Road East Cliff
Bailey Miss 15 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Bailey Miss M A 34 Southwood Road  
Bailey Mrs 13 Hardres Road  
Bailey Mrs 74 Percy Road  
Bailey Mrs C E 33 Woodford Avenue  
Bailey Percy John 47 Alexandra Road  
Bailey Rd John 10 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Bailey Robert Charles 47 Denmark Road  
Bailey Stephen George 42 Margate Road  
Bailey William 8 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Bailey William 1 Judith Villas Pysons Road  
Baillie Lt-Col J G A 106 Grange Road  
Baily Edward 28 Cannon Road  
Baily Miss 7 Duncan Road  
Baker Albert 2 Vale Road  
Baker Alfred 150 Grange Road  
Baker Benjamin John 14 Gordon Road  
Baker Benjamin Lock 22 Cannon Road  
Baker Charles 6 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Baker Charles 28 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Baker Charles Henry 64 Ellington Road  
Baker Edward Charles 69 Picton Road  
Baker Frederick 6 Southwood Road  
Baker Frederick John Lindum Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Baker Harry 133 Crescent Road  
Baker Henry 10 Margate Road  
Baker James 24 Belmont Street  
Baker Miss E H 10 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Baker Mrs 32 Bellevue Cottages  
Baker Mrs 55 Duncan Road  
Baker Mrs 15 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Baker Sidney 4 Poplar Road  
Baker Stephen 36 Plains of Waterloo  
Baker Thomas Hy Beth-Shan Dane Crescent  
Baker Walter 1 Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Baker Walter Conway 13 Rodney Street  
Baker Walter Hiram 29 Grove Road  
Balcombe Charles Polincove Dane Crescent  
Baldock Harry 20 St Georges Road  
Baldock Hy John 61 Ellington Road  
Baldwin Bernard 12 Albion Place  
Baldwin Edmund Joseph 17 Willsons Road  
Baldwin Misses 15 North Avenue The Elms
Baldwin Mrs C I 17 Ellington Road  
Baldwin William Lambden 36 Vale Road  
Balfour-Smith Mrs 44 Dumpton Park Road  
Ball George W Norfolk House Turner Street  
Ball James 17 Salisbury Avenue  
Ball James Thomas 80 Boundary Road  
Ballard Arthur James 28 Belmont Road  
Ballard Charles Edward 5 Sussex Street  
Ballard Charles George 1 Unity Place  
Balls Henry Lincoln 10 Elms Avenue  
Balls Mrs L M 17 Ellington Park Road  
Balster Gilbert E Woodbury Chapel Place  
Banger Herbert Stanley 68 Southwood Road  
Banger James 6 Pegwell Road  
Bannister Miss I 51 Crescent Road  
Bannister W J (MD) Berwyn Victoria parade East Cliff
Barber Ernest 51 South Eastern Road  
Barclay Miss 32 Albert Road East Cliff
Barclay William R 13 North Avenue The Elms
Barham Harry 2 Cribbs Cottages Newcastle Hill  
Barker Ernest Rt 9 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Barker George Arthur 54 Church Road  
Barker George Newman 5 Belmont Road  
Barker Jesse B 10 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Barker Mrs 2 Archway Road  
Barker Mrs 91 West Cliff Road  
Barker Pinder Greenhalgh Montefiore Avenue  
Barker Thomas 10 Bristol Place  
Barlow William Arthur 35 Albert Street West Cliff
Barnaby Alfred Reginald 3 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Barnard Arthur A 14 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Barnard Harold Lait Wakefield Lodge Avebury Avenue  
Barnden Henry Amos Saxon Ellington  
Barnes Albert 8 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Barnes Alfred 9 Arklow Square  
Barnes David 60 High Street St Lawrence
Barnes Ernest 52 Percy Road  
Barnes Frank 31 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Barnes Frank Alfred 36 Addington Street  
Barnes Hy William Hope 102 Crescent Road  
Barnes Leonard W 10 York Terrace West Cliff
Barnes Miss Alice 7 Picton Road  
Barnes Miss N S 278 Spencer Square West Cliff
Barnes Mrs 2 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Barnes Mrs J P 21 Southwood Road  
Barnes William Ernest 3 St Lukes Avenue  
Barnett Baron 96 Hardres Street  
Barnett John Hy 10 Woodford Avenue  
Barnett Mrs 15 Augusta Road East Cliff
Barnett Reginald 13 Camden Square  
Barratt Mrs St Leonards Carlton Avenue The Elms
Barrell George W 7 Dane Park Road  
Barrell Mrs Kinnaird House Rose Hill West Cliff
Barrett Arthur Hy 118 Southwood Road  
Barrett Arthur J 25 Dane Park Road  
Barrett Charles Henry 28 Effingham Street  
Barrett Cyril 2 Prices Avenue  
Barrett James Henry 14 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Barrett Miss 69 Grange Road  
Barrett Mrs A L 31 Vale Road  
Barrett Walter H 1 Claremont Gardens  
Barrett William Henry 29 Margate Road  
Barron Mrs 1 Cavendish Place  
Barrow Charlie 113 Boundary Road  
Barrow George 34 Percy Road  
Barrowcliffe Mrs 14 Turner Street  
Barter Brig-Gen Beamish St John 46 St Mildreds Road  
Bartingale George Frederick 2 Balmoral Place East Cliff
Bartingale Mrs 3 Balmoral Place East Cliff
Bartingale Percy Robert 4 Boundary Road  
Bartlett Albert Edward 73 Winstanley Crescent  
Bartlett Albert George 25 Grange Road  
Bartlett George E 4 Montague Road  
Bartlett George Hy 21 Montague Road  
Bartlett Norman Charlands Manston Road St Lawrence
Bartlett Peter Thomas 44 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Bartlett Robert 91 Grange Road  
Barton Mrs Danecote Dane Crescent  
Bartram Albert William Southampton Villa Carlton Avenue The Elms
Bartrum Stanley G 25 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Bashford Mrs 5 Brunswick Street  
Bass Arthur Edward 29 Lorne Road  
Bass John Lowther 6 Chatham Place  
Bassant Thomas Edward 30 Margate Road  
Batchelor Mrs 3 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Batchelor Percy George 6 Hardres Street  
Batchelor William Tate 38 Grove Road  
Batcock Joseph W 12 North Avenue The Elms
Bateman Capt Clement  James 13 Crescent Road  
Bateman Ernest John 20 Boundary Road  
Bates George A W 23 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Bates Harold 47 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Bates Mrs M Savonholme Ellington  
Batey George 3 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Bath Herbert Richard 42 Hertford Street West Cliff
Batho Frederick James 52 Queen Bertha Road  
Batley George Henry 24 Abbots hill  
Battle Mrs J 31 Hollicondane Road  
Bavin Frederick 20 Turner Street  
Bawn Mrs M R Pavilla London Road  
Bax Albert Martin 39 Belmont Street  
Bax Frederick Charles 57 Picton Road  
Bax George 4 Margate Road  
Bax Hy G F Vincent cottage Northwood St Lawrence
Bax James Lewis 33 Cecilia Road  
Bax John Henry 143 Boundary Road  
Bax Mrs 16 St Lukes Avenue  
Bax Thomas 39 Winstanley Crescent  
Bax Walter James 103 Hardres Street  
Bax William 156 Hereson Road  
Bax William 135 Southwood Road  
Baxfield Mrs 222 Hereson Road  
Baxter Alfred Ernest John 51 Grange Road  
Baxter Mrs 27 Priory Road  
Bayley Rev Henry John (Congregational) 35 Vale Road  
Bayley Fras 106 Southwood Road  
Bayley Frederick Walter Arbor Vitae Ellington Park Road  
Bayley Mrs 15 James Street West Cliff
Bayly Mrs Lilly 1 Canham Cottages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Beadle Richard 14 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Beal Stephen James 23 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Bean George 12 Winstanley Crescent  
Bean Harry 7 Lillian Road  
Bean Mrs A 14 Salisbury Avenue  
Bean Richard 15 Princes Street  
Bean Thomas Walter 23 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Bean William 42 Turner Street  
Bear Frederick Benjamin 73 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Bear Rd Clifford 15 South Eastern Road  
Bear Walter 5 Queen Bertha Road  
Beard Stuart John 4 Staffordshire Street  
Beard William George 13 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Beardon Claud C Westcroft Margate Road  
Beauchamp Mrs 83 Boundary Road  
Beavis Arthur 5 Mews Cottages  
Beckham Frank 54 Winstanley Crescent  
Beddows Alfred Thomas 1 Coburg Cottages  
Bedford Frederick John 25 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Bedwell Hy W Lynton Northwood St Lawrence
Bedwell Mrs 8 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Beecham Rt 27 Plains of Waterloo  
Beecher Harold 81 Crescent Road  
Beeching Charles 5 Duncan Road  
Beer Albert Wallace 151 King Street  
Beer Charles 13 Cecilia Road  
Beer Fred Bertram 4 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Beer Frederick 16 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Beer Mrs E 1 Ayton Road  
Beer Reuben 17 Broad Street  
Beerling Charles 72 South Eastern Road  
Beerling Charles 57 Woodford Avenue  
Beerling Edward 49 Margate Road  
Beerling Edward Hy 49 Alexandra Road  
Beerling James 1 Rodney Street  
Beerling Mrs 12 Sydney Road  
Belasco Rev G S (Jewish) Temple Cottage Hereson St Lawrence
Belcher Mrs 4 The Gables Villas Crescent Road  
Bell Mrs W B 4 Royal Road  
Bell William T C 32 Hollicondane Road  
Bellamy Herbert Luxor High Street St Lawrence
Belsey Albert Edward 60 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Belsey Alfred 4 Portland Court  
Belsey Alfred John 41 Duncan Road  
Belsey Charles 4 Highfield Villas Northwood
Belsey Edwin Charles 15 High Street St Lawrence
Belsey George James 45 Duncan Road  
Belsey Herbert 71 Margate Road  
Belsey James 1 Buckstone Road Northwood
Belsey James 108 Hardres Street  
Belsey John William 14A Chatham Street  
Belsey Joseph 2 Thanet Cottages Thanet Road Northwood
Belsey Mrs S A 77 Boundary Road  
Belsey Walter James 62 Dane Park Road  
Belsey William 25 Dumpton Park Road  
Belsey William Henry 7 Leonards Avenue  
Bender Hy James 22 Coleman Crescent  
Benefield Bert 9 Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Benfield Ashton Thomas 17 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Benn Albert 1A St Lukes Avenue  
Bennett Albert 3 Cumberland Road  
Bennett Benjamin Troward 10 Broad Street  
Bennett Charles 24 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Bennett Edwin 56 Duncan Road  
Bennett Fras Silver Hill Dane Crescent  
Bennett Hy 55 Dane Park Road  
Bennett Horace 28 Margate Road  
Bennett James 37 Brunswick Street  
Bennett James 28 Camden Square  
Bennett James Frederick 149 Boundary Road  
Bennett Miss 36 Rodney Street  
Bennett Mrs 6 Hatfield Road  
Bennett Sydney William J 17 Victoria Road  
Benning Arthur 2 Clements Road  
Bennington Thomas Edward 1 The Gables Villas South Eastern Road  
Benson Mrs 12 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Bentley Miss M Belmont Ellington  
Benton Ernest Edward Trimworth Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Benton Harold 1 Shah Place  
Benzon Mrs 21 Cavendish Street  
Beraet William South Cottage   Northwood
Berlin Mrs 97 Hereson Road  
Bernard Leslie Seymour De Brissac Derri Saxon Road  
Berrall Mrs 6 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Berris Sydney Charles 51 Percy Road  
Berry Albert 14 Montague Road  
Berry Rd George 24 Alma Road  
Berry William 23 Alma Road  
Berry William Marvell 74 Harbour Parade  
Bertschinger Edgar Thomas 13 Rawdon Road  
Bettles John 38 Crescent Road  
Bettridge Mrs J 28 Crescent Road  
Betts Edward 13 Finsbury Road  
Betts Frederick Charles 7 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Betts Herbert 78 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Betts Joseph 29 Dumpton Park Road  
Bevan David Owen 26 Newington Road St Lawrence
Bevan Edward 57 West Cliff Road  
Bicker Ernest John 3 Tabernacle Cottages Northwood St Lawrence
Bickford Thomas 35 St Andrews Road  
Biddlecombe Cyril 9 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Biddlecombe Mrs 12 Ellington Park Road  
Bigg William Nelson 2 Syndale Place East Cliff, St Lawrence
Biggs Frederick 2 Garden Row Cottages Garden Row  
Biggs Mrs 59 St Lukes Avenue  
Billing John Hugh 24 Margate Road  
Billingham Bernard 8 Cannon Road  
Billington William 46 Queen Street  
Bindoff Charles F W 61 Southwood Road  
Bing Albert James 17 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Bing Alfred 225 Hereson Road  
Bing Daniel 7 Alma Place King Street  
Bing Edgar Edward 1 St Augustines Road West Cliff
Bing Edward 24 St Andrews Road  
Bing Frederick Harry 7 Hibernia Street  
Bing Horace Stanley 7 Newington Terrace Newington Road St Lawrence
Bing John 2 Judith Villas Pysons Road Northwood
Bing Joseph 8 Warten Road  
Bing Thomas Edward 28 Brunswick Street  
Bingham Edward 2 Highfield Villas Northwood
Bingham Mrs 7 Cannonbury Road  
Bingham Stanley A 16 St Georges Road  
Binnie Miss 167 Grange Road  
Binnie William 35 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Binstead Henry George 32 Abbotts Hill  
Birbeck John William 71 St Lukes Avenue  
Birch Alfred John 25 Montague Road  
Birch Charles William 8 Eagle Hill  
Birch Ernest Edward James 5 Vale Road  
Birch Gilbert Henry 7 Denmark Road  
Birch James 28 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Birch Thomas R 6 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Birch Walter 5 Margate Road  
Birch William George 9 Vale Road  
Bird Charles Samuel 86 Hardres Street  
Bird Thomas William 17 Queen Bertha Road  
Bird William 26 Winstanley Crescent  
Birthistle Thomas Joseph 19 Rodney Street  
Bishenden Mrs 6 Clarendon Gardens  
Bishop Alfred John 2 Flora Road  
Bishop Archibald S H 6 Cliff Street  
Bishop Hy George 77 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Bishop Herbert William Providence House Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Bishop Mrs A I 1 Thatch Cottages Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Bishop William 35 Woodford Avenue  
Blaber Ernest C 2 Granville Marina  
Black Percy Thomas 8 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Blackall Mrs 20 Augusta Road  
Blackburn Alfred Richd B 14 Cecilia Road  
Blackburn Archibald F 129 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Blackburn Edward Robertson 6 Flora Road  
Blackburn Horace 19 Flora Road  
Blackburn Hubert Cecil 20 Elms Avenue  
Blackburn James K 2 Beresford Road  
Blackburn Joseph 2 Rosebery Avenue  
Blackburn Miss 24 Hardres Road  
Blackburn Miss M E 7 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Blackburn Mrs E 9 Grove Road  
Blackburn Mrs E Lime Kiln Cottage Stanley Place  
Blackburn Sidney 22 Hardres Road  
Blackburn William D Endcliffe Victoria Parade East Cliff
Blackett Mrs 12 Codrington Road  
Blackman John 10 Irchester Street East Cliff
Blackman Mrs 18 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Blackman Mrs 1 Theodore Terrace Margate Road  
Blackman Stephen 7 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Blackstock William C 33 Plains of Waterloo  
Blackwell Ernest William 4 Mill Cottages  
Blackwell James Charles 58 Percy Road  
Blackwell Miss 32 Percy Road  
Bladon Miss 4 West Cliff Road  
Blake Albert 54 Duncan Road  
Blake Charles T 5 Harwood Villas Margate Road  
Blake Charles Thomas 11 Brunswick Street  
Blake George Elen 17 Montefiore Cottages  
Blake Mrs 8 Alfred Cottages  
Blake Thomas C 2 Laurel Cottages Chilton Lane  
Blakeman Mrs A J Gympie Avebury Avenue  
Bland George 188 Hereson Road  
Bland Mrs 160 Hereson Road  
Blandford Alfred James 51 Hardres Street  
Blandford Sidney 18 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Blastland Henry Charles 15 Boundary Road  
Blattner David 101 Hereson Road  
Blaxland Richard 31 Ellington Road  
Blay Mrs 1 Alliance Road  
Blease Samuel William 18 Dane Crescent  
Blench Rd William 18 Alfred Cottages  
Blew Mrs 51 Edith Road  
Blewitt Rd 6 Newcastle Hill  
Bligh Alfred Ernest 21 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Bligh Frederick Ambrose 70 Winstanley Crescent  
Bligh Harry 7 Sion Hill West Cliff
Bligh Mrs 48 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Blinko Harry 8 Marlborough Road The Elms
Blinko John 65 Ellington Road  
Blinko Mrs 14 Ellington Road  
Blomer George Cliff View St Lawrence Avenue  
Blount Edwin 60 Duncan Road  
Blower George Frederick 11 Royal Road West Cliff
Blundell Mrs 45 Avenue Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Board Peter 41 Camden Square  
Board Sidney John 32 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Board Stephen William The Cottage Elms Avenue  
Boarman Silas 7 Chatham Place  
Bobbins Sydney 51 Plains of Waterloo  
Boden-Tennett Arthur 15 West Cliff Road  
Bodilly Arthur Harry 29 Duncan Road  
Bodilly Frederick James 28 St Mildreds Road  
Bodley Mrs H 25 Hereson Road  
Bodley Reuben Rt 25 Alexandra Road  
Bodley Sydney 79 Boundary Road  
Boiteux Mrs 3 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Bolding John James 6 Chapel Place  
Bolton Cuthbert Lionel 25 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Bolton Frank John 6 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton Broadstairs
Bolton George Maynard 26 Crescent Road  
Bolton George William 8 Newington Terrace Newington Road St Lawrence
Bolton John 14 Cannonbury Road  
Bomford Albert Henry 39 Grange Road  
Bond Frederick E 87 Ellington Road  
Bond Misses 18 Codrington Road  
Bond Misses 11 & 12 Granville Marina  
Bond Mrs 11 Garden Row  
Bond Mrs 32 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Bond Robert 12 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Bond Tom Videan 9 Lyndhurst Road  
Bond William John 40 Winstanley Crescent  
Bone De Barry   New Cottage Staffordshire Street  
Bonning Arthurur Frank Fairholme Albion Road East Cliff
Bonugli Michael 4 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Boodle Harry 85 Hardres Street  
Booker James Edward Mandeville Dane Crescent  
Boorman Capt H W 11 St Mildreds Road  
Boot Arthur James 34 Dumpton Park Road  
Bootes Amos 2 Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Bootes Arthur Ernest 25 Salisbury Avenue  
Bootes B E 5 Edith Road  
Bootes Frederick 25 Finsbury Road  
Bootes William George 83 Southwood Road  
Booth Herbert James D 3 Coleman Crescent  
Booth Mrs Bennion 1 Victoria Mansions Victoria Parade  
Booth William 50 Denmark Road  
Border Joseph 6 Dove Place Packers Lane  
Borer Samuel 91 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Borradiale Mrs 30 Vale Square  
Borton Mrs 51 Ellington Road  
Boskett Mrs 14 Percy Road  
Bostock Mrs A 4 Paragon Mansions Paragon West Cliff
Boucher Miss Rushbourne Truro Road East Cliff
Boughton Ernest John 4 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Boughton Frederick York Cottage Farley Place  
Boughton George Hearnden 123 High Street Ramsgate
Boughton Henry Thomas 10 Unity Place  
Boughton Mrs 36 Winstanley Crescent  
Boulanger F A 62 Queen Street  
Boulanger Francis 2 Cliff Street West Cliff
Bould Mrs Annie 9 Clarendon Gardens  
Boulter Henry Edwin 46 Effingham Street  
Boulton Fred 45 Woodford Avenue  
Bounds Alfred 19 Plains of Waterloo  
Bourke Mrs 35 Royal Road West Cliff
Bourne Edward Northfield Chapel Place  
Bourne William John 44 Flora Road  
Bourner Albert Frederick Mizpah Gilbert Road  
Bourner Rt George 59 Hardres Street  
Bowden Richard 27 Cavendish Street  
Bowen Col Charles 4 Royal Crescent West Cliff
Bowen Frank G 3 Prospect terrace West Cliff
Bower William 5 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Bowers Arthur 32 Rodney Street  
Bowers Arthur John 151 Boundary Road  
Bowers Harry 11 Queensley Villas St Lukes Road  
Bowers John 42 Duncan Road  
Bowers Mrs 80 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Bowers Sidney 106 Hardres Street  
Bowes Albert E Somerset Villa   Hereson
Bowie Mrs 28 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Bowler Frederick 16 Ellington Road  
Bowler Miss 75 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Bowley Leonard 108 Thanet Road  
Bowman Mrs 11 Boundary Road  
Bowman Mrs Mabel Villa Alliance Road  
Bown Sidney William 9 St Andrews Road  
Bowring Gordon 2 Picton Road  
Bowtell Mrs Isabel 56 Boundary Road  
Bowyer George Mays Villa Mays Road  
Bowyer Samuel Peter 4 Warten Road  
Boxall Ernest Edward 67 Margate Road  
Boyce Mrs 6 Paragon Mansions Paragon West Cliff
Boyd George William The Doris Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Boyes Walter 3 Chilton Villas Pegwell Road  
Boylett George William 9 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Brace Arthur John A 92 Coleman Crescent  
Bracey George Frederick 2 Bay View Villas Manston Road St Lawrence
Bracey Joshua Edward 59 Percy Road  
Bracey Wilfred 1 Osmund Terrace Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Bracey William Alfred 46 St Patricks Road  
Brackenbury Rev Basil V F (MA) headmaster St Lawrence College Hollicondane Road  
Bradfield Mrs 30 Elms Avenue  
Bradley Arthur Walt 48 Finsbury Road  
Bradley George Winifred Villa Balmoral Place East Cliff
Bradley Mrs 46 Queen Bertha Road  
Bradley Walter James 20 Finsbury Road  
Bradley William Manser 150 Southwood Road  
Bradney Arthur B 67 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Bragg Charles 3 Union Street  
Brambleby William G 11 Newington Road St Lawrence
Bramwell Joseph 14 Chatham Street  
Branch William James 98 Crescent Road  
Brand George 73 West Cliff Road  
Brand Mrs 123 High Street Ramsgate
Brandrick Enoch 47 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Branford George 4 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Brangwin Mrs C H Highbury Warre Avenue  
Brass Henry 9 Anns Road  
Braven Arthur 12 Paradise  
Bray Edgar 39 Picton Road  
Bray Wilfred 10 York Terrace West Cliff
Bray William Hy 36 St Patricks Road  
Brazier John Bailey 3 Hereson Road  
Bredbere Ernest 3 Hibernia Street  
Brenchford Mrs 48 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Brenchley Miss 83 Crescent Road  
Brenchley Mrs 5 Ethelbert Road  
Brenchley Mrs 2 Tabernacle Cottages   Northwood
Brenchley Mrs 2 Thanet Villas Thanet Road Northwood
Brenchley Rd 2 Oakland Villas   Northwood
Brenton John Henry 13 Cannonbury Road  
Brett Albert Walter 18 Cavendish Street  
Brett Charles 87 Margate Road  
Brett Mrs 78 Winstanley Crescent  
Brett Mrs J 33 St Andrews Road  
Brett Nun Hay-Tor Napleton Road  
Brett Rd William 2 Prospect Terrace Terrace Cottages  
Brett Rt 18 Marlborough Road The Elms
Brian Rt Frederick 49 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Brice Alfred Edward 146 Southwood Road  
Brice Percy 144 Grange Road  
Briden William 6 Effingham Street  
Bridges George Alfred 78 Coleman Crescent  
Bridges Hy William 14 Coleman Crescent  
Bridgland Frank 15 Sydney Road  
Bridgland Rt 33 Grange Road  
Briggs Mrs 8 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Bright William 42 Alma Road  
Brightman John 47 Coleman Crescent  
Brighton Albert 23 Hereson Road  
Brighton John 3 Alma Road  
Brill Ernest Herbert 96 Coleman Crescent  
Brimley Mrs 47 Hereson Road  
Brind John Alfred 30 Hibernia Street  
Brindley William James 90 Hardres Street  
Brinkler Miss D A 10 Townley Parade Chatham Street  
Briscoe Mrs 13 Grove Road  
Brisley Frederick 43 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Bristow Frederick 3 Myrtle Cottages Forge Lane St Lawrence
Bristow Frederick William 3 James Street West Cliff
Bristow Miss 39 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Bristow Miss E 34 Ellington Road  
Bristow Stephen Peel 9 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Britcher Mrs 70 Percy Road  
Brittain Samuel George 22 Camden Square  
Britten Rt George 7 Edith Road  
Britter William 17 Dane Road  
Britton Albert Hy 29 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Britton Charles 34 Denmark Road  
Britton Charles James 27 Alexandra Road  
Britton Henry 17 Boundary Road  
Britton John 32 Cannon Road  
Britton John Percival 19 Poplar Road  
Britton Miss 88 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Broad Frederick 8 Denmark Road  
Broad Miss St Winifreds London Road  
Broad Mrs 20 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Broadbridge Sidney Ashley House Alliance Road  
Brockman A 21 Royal Road West Cliff
Brockman Arthur 39 Crescent Road  
Brockman Aug Sunnyside Margate Road  
Brockman Frederick 36 Rosebery Avenue  
Brockman George 1 Phoenix Villas Margate Road  
Brockman John 10 Fitzroy Avenue  
Brockman John 16 Montefiore Cottages  
Brockman Leonard W 10 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Brockman Mrs 12 Dundonald Road  
Brockman Mrs 2 Irchester Villas Irchester Street East Cliff
Brockman Mrs 37 St Lukes Avenue  
Brockman Walter 70 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Brockman Walter Thomas 36 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Brodetski K 21 Wellington Crescent  
Bromley-Burrows Mrs 1 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Brook Frederick Collooney Chapel Place  
Brookes Robert George 21 Vale Road  
Brooks Charles 3 Percy Road  
Brooks Charles Hy 9 Mews Cottages  
Brooks Frederick William 20 Warten Road  
Brooks Hy G 4 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Brooks Leonard James 7 Vale Square  
Brooks Misses E & L Ellynda   St Lawrence
Brooks Mrs 39 Ellington Road  
Brooks Mrs M F 69 Southwood Road  
Broom Reginald 15 Poplar Road  
Brough Oliver 9 James Passage West Cliff
Brouncker Mrs 12 Camden Square  
Brown Lt-Col Frank 1 Duncan Road  
Brown Albert 20 Codrington Road  
Brown Alfred 10 Edith cottages Clements Road  
Brown Alven Jesse 26 Finsbury Road  
Brown Arthur 61 Cecilia Road  
Brown Arthur Edward 69 St Lukes Avenue  
Brown Basil John 30 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Brown Charles 47 Hardres Street  
Brown Charles William 135 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Brown Charles William 8 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Brown Edward 3 Coast Guard Station Cottages Victoria parade East Cliff
Brown Ernest 95 Southwood Road  
Brown Frederick William 3 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Brown George Thomas 17 Effingham Street  
Brown Harry 4 Bolton Street  
Brown Herbert 65 Alexandra Road  
Brown Hugh R 10 Granville Marina  
Brown James A 42 Grove Road  
Brown Miss F A 53 Seafield Road St Lawrence
Brown Mrs 2 Leonards Avenue  
Brown Mrs 11 Willsons Road  
Brown Mrs A 3 Mill Cottages  
Brown Reginald Charles 37 Queen Bertha Road  
Brown Robert 15 Alma Road  
Brown Rt 21 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Brown Thomas 8 Belvedere Terrace Northwood
Brown Thomas Alfred 21 Brunswick Street  
Brown Thomas G 5 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Brown Thomas Matthew 53 Margate Road  
Brown Walter 14 St Lukes Avenue  
Brown Walter C 26 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Brown William 4 Cavendish Street  
Brown William Henry 134 Crescent Road  
Browne Mrs A H 4 Clarendon Gardens  
Browne Mrs M E 42 Dundonald Road  
Browne William Gilbey 133 Hereson Road  
Browning William 3 Spencer Villas Hollicondane Road  
Bruce Forbes 46 Crescent Road  
Bruckshaw Misses Fortune Gate Goodwin Road  
Bryant Alfred 9 Hibernia Street  
Bryant Frederick 30 Camden Square  
Bryant Frederick Arthur 6 Bellevue Cottages  
Bryant John 20 Albion Hill  
Bryant Mrs 21 Willsons Road  
Bryant Rt 23 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Bryant Samuel 40 Camden Square  
Bryant Sydney 20 Princes Street  
Bubb Edward 7 Montague Road  
Bubb Walter Alfred Edward 9 Montague Road  
Buck Charles 48 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Buckingham Thomas 3 Arklow Square  
Buckle Amos Orme Villas Carlton Avenue  
Buckler George 5 Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Buckmaster George James 54 St Mildreds Road  
Buckmaster Henry 72 Grange Road  
Buddle Harold Frank 24 Rawdon Road  
Buddle James Henry 14 Hatfield Road  
Buddle Miss 20 Cannonbury Road  
Buddle William A 30 Dane Park Road  
Bugden James William 36 St Lukes Avenue  
Bugden Misses 7 South Eastern Road  
Bugden Mrs 2 Montague Road  
Bugden Walter 89 St Lukes Avenue  
Bugden William Henry 18 Flora Road  
Bugden William R Rockville West Dumpton Broadstairs
Bulbrook George THomas 6 Dumpton Park Road  
Bull Arthur 14 Margate Road  
Bull Arthur Charles 3 Coronation Road  
Bull Mrs 29 High Street St Lawrence
Bull Mrs 2 Morden Cottages  
Bull Mrs 7 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Bull William George 61 Boundary Road  
Bull William James 26 Effingham Street  
Bullimore Hy Edward 59 Muir Road  
Bulmen Joseph Beulah St James Avenue  
Bundock William George 42 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Bundy Frank 49 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Bungard William George 7 Sussex Street  
Bunn Major William F 50 St Mildreds Road  
Bunn Ernest Albert 2 Melrose Cottages Hertford Street West Cliff
Burbidge Edward 24 Muir Road  
Burbridge Albert 56A High Street St Lawrence
Burbridge George 125 Hereson Road  
Burbridge John 39 St Davids Road  
Burch George 2 Lowther Cottages Chapel Place Lane  
Burch Mrs 3 Park Cottages West Dumpton Broadstairs
Burchett Arthur Henry Thanet Cottages Thanet Road Northwood
Burchnall J W 60 Queen Street  
Burden John C 89 Ellington Road  
Burgess Albert 9 Lillian Road  
Burgess Arthur George 11 Dane Park Road  
Burgess Arthurur J 1 Rose Hill West Cliff
Burgess Frederick 21 Belmont Street  
Burgess Frederick S 6 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Burgess John Sidney St Johns West Dumpton Broadstairs
Burgess Joshua 16 Alliance Road  
Burgess Reginald John Elise Dane Crescent  
Burgess Robert Henry 23 Dane Park Road  
Burke Alfred Northwood Cottage   Northwood
Burke Henry 26 Vale Road  
Burke Leslie 22 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Burke Miss 3 Edith Road  
Burley Charles Arthur The Cottage St Augustines Road West Cliff
Burley John 2 Stanley Cottages Stanley Place  
Burnap Miss 19 Effingham Street  
Burnell Arthur 23 Montague Road  
Burnell Frederick 4 Bristol Place  
Burnell Mrs 5 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Burnett James 32 Denmark Road  
Burnett James George 57 Duncan Road  
Burr James 2 Bloomsbury Road  
Burr Jeffrey Joseph 29 Vale Square  
Burrill Frank 38 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Burrill John 2 Kent Terrace Central Road  
Burrill John R 6 Bolton Street  
Burrill William 4 Kent Terrace Central Road  
Burrows James H 35 Dane Park Road  
Burt Ernest J 34 Hertford Street West Cliff
Burt Mrs 1 Florence Terrace Albert Road East Cliff
Burt William 29 Boundary Road  
Burt William T 32 Hertford Street West Cliff
Burt - Davies Reginald 24 Royal Road West Cliff
Burton Charles 9 Percy Road  
Burton Charles Leon 53 Dane Park Road  
Burton Frederick 16 Cross Street West Cliff
Burton Frederick John Lenheath   Northwood
Burton Hy Alfred 169 King Street  
Burton Miss Constance 4 Granville Gardens Truro Road East Cliff
Burton Mrs Adelaide 34 Vale Road  
Burton Oliver E (BA Cantab) 34 Grove Road  
Burton William 20 Alexander Road  
Burton William 4 Rosa Villas Margate Road  
Burville William George 11 Hill Brow Road  
Burwash James 10 Park Cottages West Dumpton Broadstairs
Busbridge Misses C & S Lyndale Ellington  
Busbridge Richard 60 Crescent Road  
Busby Alfred 62 Percy Road  
Busby John Hy The Lodge Hollicondane Road  
Bush David 93 Southwood Road  
Bush Mrs 1 Elizabeth Terrace Mews Cottages  
Bush Rd 1 Queensley Villas St Lukes Road  
Bush Richard Henry 38 Belmont Road  
Bush Rt John 16 Avenue Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Bush Tom 21 Trinity Place  
Bush William 27 Rawdon Road  
Bushell Alfred 2 Church Avenue  
Bushell Bertie Edward 26 Edith Road  
Bushell Ernest Homestead Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Bushell Ernest John 107 Winstanley Crescent  
Bushell Frederick 1 Herbert Cottages Montefiore Cottages  
Bushell Frederick James 9 Alfred Cottages  
Bushell Frederick William 27 Warten Road  
Bushell John 21 Napleton Road  
Bushell Mrs 93 Cecilia Road  
Bushell Richard James 53 Crescent Road  
Bushell William K Khudside Margate Road  
Buss Frederick 29 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Bussey Harry 68 Dane Park Road  
Busson Walter Edward 14 Vale Road  
Butcher Albert E 4 Bay View Villas Manston Road St Lawrence
Butcher Alfred Thomas 3 Duncan Road  
Butcher Edward George Kingsley Manston Road St Lawrence
Butcher Hy Gordon 20 Hatfield Road  
Butcher Richard 89 Winstanley Crescent  
Butler Alfred 5 Montague Road  
Butler Arthur 10 St Davids Road  
Butler Charles 8 Bethesda Street  
Butler Charles Nicholas 18 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Butler Frederick William Khitmagar Manston Road St Lawrence
Butler Hy H 50 Crescent Road  
Butler James 3 Dumpton Park Road  
Butler Mrs 1 Crescent Road  
Butler Mrs 6 Ethelbert Road  
Butler Mrs 16 Hollicondane Road  
Butler Mrs 10 St Lukes Avenue  
Butler Rd Thomas Dicksy St Lawrence Avenue  
Butler Samuel Flowers The Shoals Carlton Avenue The Elms
Buttle Arthurur Edward 56 Southwood Road  
Byne Miss I H 34 Dundonald Road  
Byng Daniel 19 St Andrews Road  

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