Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - private residents - A


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Abbott Alfred 3 Elizabeth Cottages Packers Lane  
Abbott John Henry 10 Herbert Road  
Abbott Miss 2 Florence Cottages Coronation Road  
Abbott Richard 5 Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Abbott William 35 St Lukes Avenue  
Abbott William Hy 220 Hereson Road  
Abley Arthur 20 Albert Road East Cliff
Ablitt John 29 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Abrahams Leonard 29 Brunswick Street  
Abram Bertram Henry 6 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Acht Conrad 4 Memel Place  
Acock Hy J 11 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Acock John Rt Horace 11 Albion Place West Cliff
Acock Miss 14 Cannon Road  
Acock Mrs 12 Lorne Road  
Acock Thomas 30 Crescent Road  
Acock William Fitzgerald 5 St Davids Road  
Adams Arthur Charles 62 Crescent Road  
Adams Arthur John 5 Picton Road  
Adams Harold H 23 Spencer Square West Cliff
Adams Hy 3 Rawdon Road  
Adams Misses 49 Duncan Road  
Adams Mrs 52 Dundonald Road  
Adams Sydney George 54 Alexandra Road  
Adams Thomas 62 Hereson Road  
Adams Walter Wesley 89 Grange Road  
Adams William 67 Alexandra Road  
Adams William 6 Leopold Road  
Adkins Charles Samuel 2 St Patricks Road  
Adkins Sylvester 27 Flora Road  
Afrigan Abraham 1 Montefiore College   St Lawrence
Agar Mrs E M The Haven Goodwin Road  
Agate Herbert 238 Hereson Road  
Ager Miss 90 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Agnew Miss 32 Dundonald Road  
Ainscough Richd 51 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Ainsworth John William 33 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Aird James 40 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Alcock Ernest Frederick 16 Dumpton Park Drive  
Alexander Roland George 26 St Lukes Avenue  
Allan E Edward High Lea London Road  
Allan Eman G J Dunkerque Margate Road  
Alldred Hy 42 South Eastern Road  
Allen Albert Edward V 115 Crescent Road  
Allen Alfred Frederick 13 Dane Road  
Allen Charles James 30 Vale Road  
Allen Edmund 34 Cannon Road  
Allen Ernest 30 West Cliff Road  
Allen Ernest William 1 Laurel Cottages Chilton Lane  
Allen John W 34 Duncan Road  
Allen John William 49 Coleman Crescent  
Allen Miss Walder Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Allen Mrs 6 Chilton Terrace Chilton Lane  
Allen Mrs E 47 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Allen Mrs H 67 Hardres Street  
Allfree Edward Cecil 23 Cavendish Street  
Allington Mrs 63 Edith Road  
Alliott Mrs 1 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Allnutt Misses 35 Hollicondane Road  
Allright Joseph Spink The Cottage Addington Place  
Allright Joseph William 15 Hatfield Road  
Allright Mrs 7 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Allsworth Hubert 24 Hill Brow Road  
Allsworth John Joseph 4 Alpha Road  
Allsworth Mrs 87 Hardres Street  
Allsworth Mrs 4 St Patricks Road  
Allsworth Mrs 65 West Cliff Road  
Allsworth Thomas William 25 Hardres Street  
Allsworth William Hy 13 Brunswick Street  
Almond Misses 10 Poplar Road  
Almond W W Lance Cranleigh Grange Road  
Altree Frederick 11 Abbots Hill  
Amato Philip Rose cottage Farley Place  
Ambers Alfred 14 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Ambers Mrs 2 Monkton Place  
Ambler Mrs 10 Field Terrace Chilton Lane  
Ambrose Fras Alex 18 Salisbury Avenue  
Ambrose John 2 Chatham Passage  
Ambrose Lewis Herbert 6 Cavendish Place  
Ambrose Mrs 5 Willsons Road  
Ambrose Samuel 7 Cavendish Place  
Ambrose William 65 St Lukes Avenue  
Ambrose William Mahon 2 Muir Road  
Amos Emrys 115 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Amos Harry 6 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Amos Henry Joseph 4 Leopold Road  
Amos James 6 Tabernacle Cottages Northwood
Amos Robert 2 Alliance Road  
Amos Walter Mart. Albert villa Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Amos William 56 Vale Road  
Amott Harold Ashley 5 Memel Place  
Anabona George T 43 Grove Road  
Anabona Miss 16 Royal Road  
Anderson Maj. John Ellesmere Montefiore Avenue  
Anderson Rev Arthur Edward Oswald (BA, AKC) 2 Queens Road East Cliff
Anderson Ernest James 2 Brockenhurst Road East Cliff
Anderson John C 23 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Anderson Mrs 22 Dundonald Road  
Anderson Thomas C 60 St Mildreds Road  
Anderton Francis William 106 Crescent Road  
Anderton Frank Waverley Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Andlaw William F J 5 Clifton Lawn  
Andrade Miss J 8 Havens of Rest Thanet Road  
Andrewes Charles G 119 Crescent Road  
Andrews Cyril H Electricity Works Princes Road  
Andrews Charles 12 Montefiore Cottages  
Andrews George 58 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Andrews George Arthur 3 Alliance Road  
Andrews Harry 33 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Andrews James Pietershill 21 Victoria Road  
Andrews John Rd 27 Spencer Square West Cliff
Andrews John William 1 Cambrian Cottages  
Andrews Miss 1 Prospect Terrace Terrace Cottages  
Andrews Miss 29 Vale Road  
Andrews Mrs 11 Guildford Lawn  
Andrews Mrs 63 Plains of Waterloo  
Andrews Mrs C 15 Newington Road St Lawrence
Andrews Victor 65 Boundary Road  
Andrews William 20 Spencer Square West Cliff
Andrews William George 103 Boundary Road  
Annakin Mrs 5 Manston Road St Lawrence
Annells Leonard Reginald Kingston West Dumpton Broadstairs
Anning Albert Arthur 88 Hardres Street  
Anning Alfred James 62 Cannonbury Road  
Anning Alfred John 204 Hereson Road  
Anning Arthur 1 Gordon Road  
Anning Frederick G 7 Alexandra Road  
Ansell Albert James 19 Brunswick Street  
Ansell Alfred Bishop 6 Bethesda Street  
Ansell Mrs Gilbert J 74 Dane Park Road  
Ansell Thomas William 25 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Ansley Charles 35 Hereson Road  
Ansley Charles La-Croft Margate Road  
Ansley Harry John 6 Queensley Villas St Lukes Road  
Ansley Mrs 11 Trinity Place  
Ansley William Henry 16 Trinity Place  
Anstiss Mrs 22 St Lukes Avenue  
Aparicio George 1 Field Terrace Chilton Lane  
Applebee Arthur George 19 Vale Road  
Applegate Frank 41 Central Road  
Appleton Eric Edward 16 Whitehall Road St Lawrence
Appleton George Rose House Manston Road St Lawrence
Appleton James 26 Rosebery Avenue  
Applin Anthony Richard 1 Brockenhurst Road East Cliff
Apps Cyril Lewis 13 Boundary Road  
Apps George Elba Albion Road  
Arbuckle Archibald 21 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Archer Edward 4 Newington Terrace Newington Road St Lawrence
Archer James 77 Plains of Waterloo  
Archer Reginald Ronald 79 Coleman Crescent  
Archer Thomas 9 Alexandra Road  
Archibald Rd J (JP) 7 Chapel Place  
Arcus Charles Robert 9 Poplar Road  
Arman William Joseph 59 Duncan Road  
Armstrong Charles The Windmill View Newington Road St Lawrence
Arnall Frederic John Fair Haven St Mildreds Avenue  
Arnold James Hy 52 Hollicondane Road  
Arnold Joseph William 11 Coleman Crescent  
Arnold Mrs 2 Dumpton Park Drive St Lawrence
Arter Donald 53 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Arter Miss M 34 South Eastern Road  
Arthur John 8 Ellington Park Road  
Arthur Miss 140 Grange Road  
Arthur Mrs E J 76 South Eastern Road  
Ashbee Mrs A M 13 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Ashbee William Rosherville Manston Road St Lawrence
Ashby Benjamin Walter 43 Avenue Road East Cliff
Ashby Charles Edward 3 Field Terrace Chilton Lane  
Ashby Edward 37 Ellington Road  
Ashby Ernest Maurice 62 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Ashby Frederick 10 New Alfred Cottages  
Ashby George Thomas 18 Bloomsbury Road  
Ashby Henry 32 Dumpton Park Road  
Ashby John H 23 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Ashby Mrs 5 Eagle Hill  
Ashby Mrs 18 St James Street West Cliff
Ashby Oliver John Thomas 29 Herbert Road  
Ashby William 13 Salisbury Avenue  
Ashby William Henry 6 St Patricks Road  
Ashby William Thomas 78 Church Road  
Ashdown Arthur William 2 Winstanley Crescent  
Ashdown Miss 13 Dundonald Road  
Ashment Frederick Shamrock Manston Road St Lawrence
Ashmore Mrs E A Kathelda Manston Road St Lawrence
Ashwell Mrs L 48 Southwood Road  
Askwith Rev John Haddon (MA) vicar of Christ Church & surrogate Christ Church Vicarage, 11 Crescent Road  
Assiter Arthur 24 Cannonbury Road  
Astley John William 37 Spencer Square West Cliff
Aston Albert 112 Hardres Street  
Athay Joseph 5 (Flat 3) Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Atkins Daniel 6 Newington Terrace Newington Road  
Atkins Edward James 27 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Atkins Edward James 6 Winstanley Crescent  
Atkins Frederick W 74 Winstanley Crescent  
Atkins George 16 Cecilia Road  
Atkins Harry 40 Margate Road  
Atkins Herbert 59 Alexandra Road  
Atkins John 38 Albert Road East Cliff
Atkins Miss 2 Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place  
Atkins Rd William 2 Hollicondane Road  
Atkins Robert The Orchard Willsons Road  
Atkinson Edward 12 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Atkinson Edward 58 Plains of Waterloo  
Atkinson Mrs 43 West Cliff Road  
Atkinson Mrs G St Margarets Pegwell Road  
Atkinson William 25 St Georges Road  
Attack William Joseph 11 Ellington Road  
Atterbury Sydney Thomas 16 Church Road  
Atthill Misses 9 Crescent Road  
Attoe Alfred 3 Garfield Terrace Richmond Road  
Attride Frederick 22 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Attrill Abraham 23 Percy Road  
Attrill Cornelius James 66 Winstanley Crescent  
Attryde Ernest 48 Marden Avenue St Lawrence
Attwell Arthur Walter 11 West Cliff Road  
Attwell Edward George 64 Grange Road  
Attwell Ernest William 19 Ellington Park Road  
Attwell George F J 39 Vale Road  
Attwell George Stephen 75 Winstanley Crescent  
Attwell James John 6 Picton Road  
Attwell Mrs 20 Meeting Street  
Attwell Walter Hy Thomas 91 Coleman Crescent  
Attwell Walter J 113 Crescent Road  
Attwood G R 9 Warten Road  
Attwood Mrs 12 Elms Avenue  
Atwood Harold 21 Addington Street  
Aubrey Alfred 15 Belmont Road  
Aubrey Cyril John Roby (BA, Cantab) 5 Prospect terrace West Cliff
Aubrey George Frederick 38 Duncan Road  
Aubury Percy Charles 17 Cecilia Road  
Aucott Joseph 10 Shaftesbury Street East Cliff
Aust William John 95 Grange Road  
Austen Albert Charles 5 Belmont Street  
Austen Albert James 31 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Austen Alfred 15 Brunswick Street  
Austen Alfred John 148 King Street  
Austen Arthur Henry 3 Alfred Cottages  
Austen Edgar 5 Queens Road East Cliff
Austen Edgar Ernest 45 Cecilia Road  
Austen George R 43 Winstanley Crescent  
Austen Harold Lawson 6 Warten Road  
Austen James Alfred 6 Victoria Road  
Austen Miss 21 Albert Street West Cliff
Austen Miss Esther E 20 Montague Road  
Austen Mrs 46 Addington Street  
Austen Mrs 27 Albert Road East Cliff
Austen Mrs 1 Arndale Villas Southwood Road  
Austen Mrs 47 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Austen Mrs 11 Cavendish Street  
Austen Mrs 66 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Austen Mrs F 15 Emma Simmons Homes Napleton Road  
Austen William George 9 Dane Road  
Austen William H 9 Dane Park Road  
Austen William James 7 Vincent Place  
Austin Charles 23 Townley Street  
Austin George William 3 Turner Street  
Austin J Frederick 82 Nixon Avenue St Lawrence
Austin Miss L 55 Picton Road  
Austin Mrs 168 Grange Road  
Austin Mrs E Findon Norman Road  
Austin Percy Harold 16 Picton Road  
Austin Stanley Edward Highways St Mildreds Avenue  
Avery Albert 21 St Andrews Road  
Avery Albert W 1 Paradise  
Avery Alexander 31 St Patricks Road  
Avery Rt 2 Rose Cottages Church Lane  
Avery William Hy 23 St Andrews Road  
Avis Charles Edward Henry 12 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Axon Mrs 10 Leonards Avenue  
Axten Albert Edward 2 Anns Road  
Axten Mrs E H 38 Alexandra Road  
Ayden William F 22 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Ayres William John Milton Chapel Place  
Ayton Horace 5 Rodney Street  
Ayton Percy James 8 Trinity Place  

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