Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - commercial directory - W


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Last Name First Name trade/occupation No. or House Road District
Wadsley Miss M confectioner 5 Kent Place  
Wake Harry grocer 3 Tenby Parade Chatham Street  
Wakerell Mrs apartments 29 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Waldock Albert E restaurant   Harbour Parade  
Wales Rowland John wardrobe dealer 7 George Street  
Walford P C & Son dairymen 13 Chatham Street  
Walker Victor George (MD, FRCS Edin, DOMS Eng) ophthalmic surgeon 20 Vale Square  
Walker William fried fish shop 25 Denmark Road  
Walpole Bert Wilfred general stores 1 Spencer Street West Cliff
Walpole John William confectioner 33 West Cliff Road  
Walters Thomas boarding house 13 Abbots Hill  
Walton Frank lodging house 8 Guildford Lawn  
Walton Mrs Mary confectioner 85 Addington Street  
Wanstall George Rt newsagent 28 Avenue Road East Cliff
Ward Mrs Alice Sarah tobacconist & confectioner 14 High Street St Lawrence
Ward Mrs F confectioner 107A High Street Ramsgate
Ward Mrs board residence 48 Addington Street  
Wardill & Northwood   art needlework 85 High Street Ramsgate
Ware John Thomas grocer 10 Boundary Road  
Warren Albert William lodging house 7 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Warren Charles auctioneer 99 High Street Ramsgate
Warren L Roger estate agent 1 Brunswick Street  
Warren L Roger estate agent Rosemary St James Avenue  
Warwick Mrs Harriet lodging house 12 Kent Terrace  
Wastall Miss (CSMMG) masseuse 60 Royal Road  
Watson Arthur E East Kent Arms, public house 27 Chatham Street  
Watts Edgar boot maker 157 High Street Ramsgate
Webb John lodging house 19 Abbots Hill  
Webb Mrs lodging house 1 Liverpool Villas Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Webb Stammers apartments Memel Villa, 5 West Cliff Road  
Webster Horace James Veals (LDSRCS Eng) dental surgeon 104 Grange Road  
Weddel Beef Co Ltd       Belmont Road  
Weeks George John beer retailer 38 & 40 Plains of Waterloo  
Weeks Percy F jeweller 6 Harbour Street  
Weeks William carman 4 Alliance Road  
Weir Mrs lodging house 40 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Welch & Warren   house agents &c 1 Brunswick Street  
Welch Mrs furnished apartments 29 Codrington Road  
Wellard Fred dairyman 30 Addington Street  
Wellard Harrison T baker 12 Chatham Street  
Wellard William grocer 18 Cumberland Road  
Wellington Sidney shopkeeper 194 Hereson Road  
Wells Henry William window  cleaner St Georges Cottage Paragon Street West Cliff
Wells James watercress dealer 112 Southwood Road  
Wells Thomas J chimney cleaner 35 Belmont Street  
West Alfred lodging house 3 Cottage Road  
West Cliff Concert Hall Rupert J Costerton, manager of Entertainments dep     West Cliff Promenade  
West Frank tailor 66 Denmark Road  
West Frederick C Captain of Ramsgate Fire Brigade Fire Station Effingham Street  
West Mrs S J fishmonger 23 Queen Street  
West Stanley V assistant clerk to Education Committee Municipal Offices, Albion House Albion Place  
Westbury Boarding Establishment Harold Frederick Veasey, proprietor   5 Rose Hill West Cliff
Westminster Bank Ltd Edward Pullen, manager   53 & 55 High Street Ramsgate
Weston Henry chemist 16 King Street  
Weymouth H E & Co   Isle of Thanet Monumental works Cecilia Road  
Weymouth H E supt of St Lawrence Intra Cemetery   Cecilia Road  
Wharrier Miss E lodging house 6 Kent Terrace  
Wheat Mrs apartments 23 Meeting Street  
Wheatley W H costumier 73 High Street Ramsgate
Wheeler John J coal merchant 1 Bethesda Street  
Wheldon & Son wine merchants 55 Queen Street  
Whitbread & Co Limited A F Potter, manager brewers Ramsgate Stores, 69 Hereson Road  
White & Ellis   drapers 12, 14 & 16 Harbour Street  
White Fuller & Co Ltd   tailors & outfitters 8, 10 & 12 High Street Ramsgate
White Timothy Co Ltd   chemists 7 & 9 High Street Ramsgate
White A jobbing gardener 2 Garden Row  
White Edward James grocer 29A Salisbury Avenue  
White Mrs apartments 29 Albert Street West Cliff
White Thomas H draper 2 Spencer Street  
White William boot repairer 10 Belmont Street  
Whitehead Alfred Alan (FROA, FLO) optician 6A High Street Ramsgate
Whitehead George shopkeeper 6 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Whitehead Mrs William apartments 25 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Whitfield A A & Co Ltd costumiers 36 Queen Street  
Whitmore Alfred George butcher 127 King Street  
Wicks Mrs lodging house 19 Cavendish Street  
Wigley Robert blacksmith   Cottage Mews  
Wilkening Frederick P baker 29 Hardres Street  
Willey Mrs apartments 20 Hardres Street  
Williams Edward decorator 1 Cannonbury Road  
Williams John Hy confectioner 39 Queen Street  
Williams William boarding house 20 Wellington Crescent  
Wilson Herbert Walter builder & co 27 Belmont Road  
Wilson Herbert Walter builder & co Eudora Gilbert Road  
Wilson Stephen baker 4A Addington Street  
Window Display Co (The)     stores Union Place  
Winfield Mrs M A boarding house 11 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Winkel Alfred Royal Oak Hotel & tap   Harbour Parade  
Winters   hosiers & complete outfitters 19 & 21 King Street  
Winton John T grocer 13 King Street  
Winton John T grocer 48 Grange Road  
Withyham Mrs L secondhand furniture dealer   Cavendish Street  
Wood H & Co   butchers 7 & 9 King Street  
Wood Fras John accountant 86 Grange Road Ramsgate
Wood H dining rooms 89 King Street  
Wood S E sign writer 4 Cross Street West Cliff
Wood William L tobacconist 9 The Market  
Woodgate James Vale Tavern 69 Vale Road  
Woodman Frederick W insurance agent 15 Salisbury Avenue  
Woods Miss Edith dressmaker 39 Duncan Road  
Woodward Jeremiah John greengrocer 25 St Lukes Avenue  
Woodward Thomas builder Sunnyside Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Woodward Thomas coal merchant 53 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Woodward William electrical engineer 85 South Eastern Road  
Woollett Alfred baker 14 Abbots Hill  
Woolls V J Ltd   chemists 8 Grange Road  
Woolworth F W & Co Ltd   general stores   High Street Ramsgate
Wooster Mrs florist Highbury Margate Road  
Working Mens Club Union Convalescent Home B T Hall, sec; James Pilling, supt     Pegwell Road  
Worlds Stores Limited     11 High Street Ramsgate
Worlidge Percy decorator Redville Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Worrad Joseph H jeweller 34 Queen Street  
Worsfold David confectioner 127 Grange Road  
Wotton Edward solicitor & commisioner for oaths 28 Cavendish Street  
Wraight F & J coach & motor body builders   Eagle Hill  
Wraight F & J coach & motor body builders Coach Works Eagle Hill  
Wratten W J & Sons bakers 135 Grange Road  
Wren Miss Margery confectioner 2 Church Road  
Wright James (Ramsgate ) Ltd linen drapers 21 & 23 High Street Ramsgate
Wright Alfred J insurance agent 30 Duncan Road  
Wright Walter William fishmonger 104 King Street  
Wrights   fruiterers 131 High Street Ramsgate
Wrightson H J watchmaker 140 Hereson Road  
Wyborn Mrs S apartments 38 Cannonbury Road  

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