Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - commercial directory - S


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Last Name First Name trade/occupation No. or House Road District
Sackett A D & Son monumental masons works Church Hill  
Sackett Charles shopkeeper 43 Belmont Street  
Saffrey Sons & Co chartered accountants 11 Cavendish Street  
Sage Mrs apartments 26 Royal Road  
Sailors Home Archie Charles Palmer, master; Mrs Nellie A Palmer, matron     Military Road  
St Augustines Abbey Right Rev T Erkenwalf Agan, abbot, president of school; Very Rev Norbert Lapworth, prior; Rev B Anthony Flannery, Rev H Paul Jaricot, Rev K Bede Winslow, Rev F Aelred Waterhouse (parish priest), Rev F Placid Whitel Rev L Cuthbert Smith, Rev E Luke Willems, Rev Thos Rigby, .     St Augustines Road West Cliff
St Augustines Abbey School Rev Adria Taylor, (MA), head master; Rev Edwin Hull, Rev F O Hull, Rev D T Rigby & Rev E Luke Willems. Assistant masters; Rev H Paul Jaricot, bursar     Grange Road  
St Benets Convalescent Home   Bon Secours Convent, Sister in Charge   Spencer Square West Cliff
St Georges Central Schools Ernest Fredk Gascoyne Chapman (ACP) head master; Miss F M Armstrong, head mistress     Church Road  
St John Ambulance Brigade (Ramsgate Town Division)     Headquarters & central station York Street  
St Laurence Parish Hall W G Lawrence, hon sec     High Street St Lawrence
St Lawrence College Rev Basil V F Brackenbury (MA), head master     Hollicondane Road  
St Lawrence College Junior School F Sutton (MA), head master     Hollicondane Road  
St Lawrence Intra Burial Board Henry Kenyon & Walter John Daniel, joint clerks   1 Effingham Street  
St Lawrence Intra Cemetery H E Weymouth, supt     Cecilia Road  
St Lawrence Laundry Jarvis & Daniels & Co, proprietors     Manston Road St Lawrence
St Martins Hospital for Chronic & other Patients (women) Sisters of Bethany, in charge   9 Albion Place  
St Winifreds Boarding School for Girls Miss Broad & Miss Foakes     London Road  
Salmon & Gluckstein Limited   tobacconists 2 Harbour Street  
Salvation Army Home for Little Girls Miss A E Wernham, warden   The Haven West Cliff Road  
Samm Edward A J butcher 93 Boundary Road  
Sanders C & H cars for hire 50 Royal Road  
Sanders Edward stationer 31 Addington Street  
Sanders James haulage contractor   Pyson s Road Northwood
Sanders Samuel fruiterer 50 Royal Road  
Sanders William P butcher 57 Albert Street West Cliff
Sandford Miss lodging house 9 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Sandom Ernest general stores & off licence 82 Hardres Street  
Sankey Percy E solicitor & commissioner for oaths & notary 12 Effingham Street  
Savage D & F A government contractors 89 High Street Ramsgate
Savage D & F A government contractors   Church Hill  
Savage D & F A clothiers 32 King Street  
Savage Mrs Ellen lodging house 11 York Terrace West Cliff
Savory Madame milliner 52 Queen Street  
Saxby Arthur tinsmith 3 Montefiore Cottages  
Sayer Mrs Emily shopkeeper     Northwood
Scard Anthony confectioner 84 King Street  
Scarlett & Goldsack   auctioneers, house & estate agents, surveyors & accountants 36 High Street Ramsgate
Scarman Cecil Thomas shopkeeper 107 King Street  
Schofield Miss Doris (ALCM) teacher of music 58 Dane Park Road  
Scholes Mrs H Caroline boarding house 4 Sion Hill West Cliff
Schoneman Conrad James dentist 25 Vale Square  
Scoates Ernest hairdresser 86 King Street  
Scott & Son Limited   dyers & cleaners 18 Chapel Place  
Scott John William insurance agent 55 Crescent Road  
Scrogie Mrs lodging house 5 Church Road  
Seal Henry lodging house 154 Grange Road  
Sears Mrs A E apartments 7 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Serre Achille Ltd   dyers & cleaners 53 Queen Street  
Setterfield Bert boot maker 29 George Street  
Setterfield Stephen Edwin shopkeeper Wimbledon Villas Chilton Lane  
Setterfield Walter jobbing gardener 39 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Setterfield Walter jun boot maker 8 St Lukes Avenue  
Sexton Richard Alfred fruiterer 43 Queen Street  
Shades Restaurant (The) F C Dew   18, 19 & 20 Granville Marina  
Shanahan David swedish masseur 6 Prospect Terrace  
Sharman John B Limited builders & contractors & shopfitters   West Cliff Road  
Sharman John B Limited builders & contractors & shopfitters works Albert Street West Cliff
Sharman John B builder 61 Grange Road  
Sharman Reuben C York Tavern 5 York Street  
Sharp Ernest dairyman 78 Boundary Road  
Sharpe Sara Cares (MRCS, LRCP, MPS) physician & surgeon 16 Nelson Crescent  
Shaxted & Son   forage contractors   Boundary Road  
Shaxted T & Son   corn dealers & post office 6 Hereson Road  
Shaxted T & Son   corn dealers & post office 128 King Street  
Shephard Richard Henry carpenter Millfield Newington Road St Lawrence
Shepherd Neame & Company Limited   brewers stores;16 Townley Street  
Shepherd Joseph William insurance agent 12 Southwood Road  
Shepherd Robert tailor 4 Turner Street  
Sheppard Alfred W bookbinder 14 Broad Street  
Shersby Miss M general shop 34 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Shersby William George carrier 134A Grange Road  
Shooters   fish caterers 13 George Street  
Sibley Robert Arthur lodging house 48 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Silver Solomon tailor 17 Augusta Road East Cliff
Siminson Albert Henry chemist 7 & 9 High Street St Lawrence
Siminson Martin (FAI) estate agent 15 Cavendish Street  
Simmonds A Frederick dentist Elmfield, 1 North Avenue  
Simmonds Harry Golden Ball, public house   Union Street  
Simmons Leonard confectioner 95 High Street Ramsgate
Simms Bernard electrical engineer 1 Irchester Street East Cliff
Simpson Mrs Alice apartments 76 Boundary Road  
Singer Sewing Machine Co Limited     82 High Street Ramsgate
Sivil Thomas insurance agent 23 Duncan Road  
Skellet Miss E fancy bazaar & post office 96 Harbour Parade  
Skitts Pharmacies   dispensing chemist 104 High Street Ramsgate
Skitts Pharmacies   dispensing chemist 24 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Skitts Pharmacies   dispensing chemist 68 King Street  
Skitts Pharmacies   dispensing chemist 35 Addington Street  
Slaven William John shopkeeper 39 Brunswick Street  
Sloan-Duplyon Business College (& Typewriting Depot)     73 High Street Ramsgate
Smallpox Hospital William Aves, caretaker     Margate Road  
Smart Rt Hy baker 12 Denmark Road  
Smith George Mence Limited   oilmen 49 Addington Street  
Smith George Mence Limited   oilmen 8 King Street  
Smith W H & Son Ltd   booksellers Southern Railway Station Wilfred Road  
Smith Miss Charlotte lodging house 36 Abbots Hill  
Smith Edward Town Sergeant 15 Picton Road  
Smith Edward Town Sergeant Town Hall Queen Street  
Smith Edwin Jesse beer retailer 119 Southwood Road  
Smith Harry C tailor 136 High Street Ramsgate
Smith Henry baker 156 Grange Road  
Smith John hairdresser 148 Hereson Road  
Smith John hairdresser 117 King Street  
Smith Joseph fishmonger 55 Denmark Road  
Smith Sydney W rating officer for St Lawrence District Municipal Offices, Albion House Albion Place  
Smith William wood dealer 12 Percy Road  
Smith William A builder 7 Winstanley Crescent  
Smith William Elijah plumber 49 Hardres Street  
Smith William George lodging house 59 Addington Street  
Smith William Thomas sanitary inspector 26 Albion Place  
Smithson Henry insurance agent 84 Grange Road  
Snapes James William carpenter 11 Hereson Road  
Snowden D J draper 44 Grange Road  
Solley Frederick Hy shopkeeper 4 Artillery Road  
Solley James fruiterer 21 Queen Street  
Solley James fruiterer 30 King Street  
Solley Mrs lodging house 9 Cliff Street West Cliff
Solly Miss Annie dressmaker 115 Hereson Road  
Solly George Griffin landscape gardener 20 Cecilia Road  
Southam John newsagent 34 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Spain Mrs Emily shopkeeper 148 Southwood Road  
Spain Frank   West Dumpton Poultry Farm West Dumpton Broadstairs
Spain Mrs Harriet Maud greengrocer   Newington Road St Lawrence
Spain Walter farmer Northwood Farm Hopes Lane  
Spalding Archibald D (MRCS, LRCP Lond) physician & surgeon Newington House Newington Road St Lawrence
Sparkes W J nurseryman 194 Grange Road  
Sparkes W J nurseryman   Newington Road St Lawrence
Sparrow Mrs lodging house 38 Effingham Street  
Spencer Archibald Leonard apartments 10 Kent Terrace  
Spencer Thomas licensed victuallers sundriesman 23 Princes Street  
Spicer A R cycle repairer   Ellington Park Road  
Spiers & Pond Ld   refreshment rooms Southern Railway Station Wilfred Road  
Spiers & Pond Ld   refreshment rooms Terminus Harbour Parade  
Spratt C & Son house furnishers, linoleums & c 17 King Street  
Spratt James E shopkeeper 2 Alma Road  
Spratt Mrs lodging house 35 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Springate Mrs C boarding house 24 Albion Hill  
Sprules Victor Emanuel Royal Standard Hotel 2 & 4 Albion Hill  
Squire Albert dining rooms 3 Brunswick Street  
Squire Albert George furniture dealer 41 Spring Street  
Stagg Walter apartments 5 Kent Terrace  
Standen & Son   saddlers, trunk makers, sports outfitters 75 King Street  
Standen & Son   saddlers, trunk makers, sports outfitters works Turner Street  
Standen & Son   saddlers, trunk makers, sports outfitters garage Belmont Street  
Stanford Walter fancy draper 6 & 8 West Cliff Arcade  
Stanley S W cycle depot 91 High Street Ramsgate
Stannard Sydney G builder Larita Newington Road St Lawrence
Stanner Walter grocer 95 Boundary Road  
Star Garage   motor engineers   Broad Street  
Star Supply Stores   grocers 19-21 Harbour Street  
Staunton & Sims Misses school 22 Victoria Road  
Stead Charles builder 33 Artillery Road  
Stead William lodging house 9 Spencer Square West Cliff
Stebbings John Morley (LDSRCS Eng) dental surgeon 6 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Stevens Valet Service     100A High Street Ramsgate
Stevenson Vivian McG Stags Head Hotel 3 Harbour Street  
Steward Hedley O secondhand dealer 10 York Street  
Steward Joseph Benjamin The Harp, public house 112 & 114 Harbour Parade  
Stirups George & Son plumbers 5 Finsbury Road  
Stock Mrs A lodging house 30 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Stock Walter apartments 18 Guildford Lawn  
Stock William Thomas architect 23 North Avenue The Elms
Stokes James shopkeeper 5 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Stone F W baker 40 King Street  
Stone John insurance agent 2 Camden Square  
Stone Lees Dairies     4 Harbour Street  
Stone Miss lodging house 7 Albert Street West Cliff
Stone William J fruiterer 12 Grange Road  
Storey Mrs Marian lodging house 19 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Strong Mrs C M boarding house 7 York Terrace West Cliff
Stroud Harry H architect 37 High Street Ramsgate
Stroud William Henry Horse & Groom Inn   Charlotte Court  
Stunt Miss E K ladies hairdressing & marcel waving & shampooing 4 Tenby Parade Chatham Street  
Style & Winch   brewers stores 31 Camden Square  
Summers J & Son house furnishers & domestic stores 112, 112A & 114 High Street Ramsgate
Sun Insurance Office Ltd L G Hodgson (FCIS) agent   46 Queen Street  
Sutton & Goodchild   printers 12A Turner Street  
Sutton & Goodchild   printers   Broad Street  
Sutton & Co Ltd   carriers 68 Hardres Street  
Sutton Arundel B sign writer 5 Garfield Terrace Richmond Road  
Sutton Miss Dorothy M (ARCM) teacher of music 87 South Eastern Road  
Sutton Edward Samuel apartments 23 West Cliff Road  
Sutton Ernest George sign writer 26 Montague Road  
Sutton Miss lodging house 73 Plains of Waterloo  
Swaffer Frank carpenter 11 High Street St Lawrence
Swann Mrs lodging house 53 Plains of Waterloo  
Swift & Co Ltd   meat salesmen 35 & 37 Belmont Road  
Symmons Albert   Windmill Inn Newington Road St Lawrence
Symons Capt F S Harbour Master   The Harbour  

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