Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - commercial directory - R


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Last Name First Name trade/occupation No. or House Road District
Rager Charles J confectioner 15 York Street  
Ramsgate Advancement Association & Chamber of Commerce Mrs W G Hicks, sec   Popular Hotel Harbour Parade West Cliff
Ramsgate British Legion Club Ltd Herbert Victor Dykes hon. Sec.     Cliff Street  
Ramsgate Burial Board Office Henry Kenyon & Walter John Daniel, joint clerks   1 Effingham Street  
Ramsgate Business College E A Banks, principal   10 Chapel Place  
Ramsgate Cemetery James Fraser, superintendent James Fraser, superintendent   Cecilia Road  
Ramsgate Chess Club Rt H Fleming, sec   Royal Hotel Harbour Parade  
Ramsgate Cinque Ports & County Permanent Benefit Building Society W H Langstaff, sec   Offices, 1 York Street  
Ramsgate Club H G Holloway, hon sec   56 Harbour Parade  
Ramsgate Coal Company (The)   coal merchants 2 York Street  
Ramsgate Commercial Hotel W Lauden Moses, proprietor     Hardres Street  
Ramsgate Conservative Club Limited F F Walter, hon. Sec.     West Cliff Mansions  
Ramsgate Cooperative Society Limited     bakery King Edward Road  
Ramsgate Corporation Gas & Water Offices R Hy Ruthven, engineer & manager; George Tucker, sec; Joseph H Lee, collector     Boundary Road  
Ramsgate Corporation Gas & Water Offices R Hy Ruthven, engineer & manager; George Tucker, sec; Joseph H Lee, collector   showrooms, 17 High Street Ramsgate
Ramsgate Cycling & Motoring Club H C Bowler, hon. Sec.   headquarters Guildford Lawn  
Ramsgate Day Nursery conducted by the Sisters of Bon Secours   70 Hereson Road  
Ramsgate & District Electric Supply Co Ltd E Lewis (AMIEE) engineer & manager electrical contractors lighting station Princes Road  
Ramsgate & District Electric Supply Co Ltd E Lewis (AMIEE) engineer & manager electrical contractors office, 42 Queen Street  
Ramsgate & District Incoporated Trade Society Ltd L Roger Warren, sec   1 Brunswick Street  
Ramsgate & District Mineral Water Co     15 & 17 Turner Street  
Ramsgate Fire Brigade Frederick C West, captain   station Effingham Street  
Ramsgate Fishermen Accident Fund Robert Caseley, sec   9 York Terrace  
Ramsgate Harbour Mission   coffee stall   The Harbour  
Ramsgate Liberal Association W J Dodd, sec   142A High Street Ramsgate
Ramsgate Miniature Rifle Range A R Bowles, hon sec.     Cannon Road  
Ramsgate Model Laundry H Smith, proprietor   137 Grange Road  
Ramsgate Motors W Andrews (FIMT) proprietor   42 & 44 Effingham Street  
Ramsgate Municipal Offices     Albion House Albion Place  
Ramsgate Parochial Soup Kitchen       Church Road  
Ramsgate Picture House The Ltd Harry C Thorburn, manager   59 High Street Ramsgate
Ramsgate Property Improvement Co Ltd   registrered office 1 Effingham Street  
Ramsgate Public Library Ambrose R Franks, librarian     Guildford Lawn  
Ramsgate & St Lawrence Conservative Association F F Walter, agent     Cliff Street  
Ramsgate & St Lawrence Philanthropic Institution J C Goldsack, hon sec & treasurer   36 High Street Ramsgate
Ramsgate & St Lawrence Royal Dispensary Mrs Hall, dispenser, Capt Clement J Bateman, sec & collector     Broad Street  
Ramsgate & St Lawrence Womens Conservative Club Mrs Miller, hon. Sec.   5 Townley House Mansions Chatham Street  
Ramsgate School of Art (Kent Education Committee) Albert Moody, principal; P Dowling, district sec     Clarendon Gardens  
Ramsgate Social Club & Institute Ltd Alfred Rushbrook, sec     George Street Ramsgate
Ramsgate Steam Trawling Co Ltd     18 & 19 Military Road  
Ramsgate Steam Trawling Co Ltd     registered office Cottage Road  
Ramsgate Technical Institute (Kent Education Committee) Hubert Charles Norman (BA Oxon), principal; P Dowling, District Sec.   9 Chatham Street  
Ramsgate Technical Institute (Kent Education Committee) Hubert Charles Norman (BA Oxon), principal; P Dowling, District Sec.     Clarendon Gardens  
Ramsgate Water Works     Whitehall Water Works Whitehall Road  
Ramsgate Water Works       Southwood Road St Lawrence
Ramsgate Working Mens Club George Hornsby, sec   4 Chatham Place  
Rapsons Ltd   tailors 14 West Cliff Road  
Rapsons Ltd   tailors workshop Addington Street  
Ratcliff H C Bowler, hon. Sec. motor engineer   Boundary Road  
Ratcliff W J   firewood merchant   King Street  
Rayner & Co   motor engineers 12 Alpha Road  
Rayner & Co   motor engineers   Cambrian Cottages  
Rayner & Co   cycle sports & sundries 3 Townley Parade Chatham Street  
Read  Jospeh lodging house 42 Camden Square  
Reader & Dove   bakers 138 High Street Ramsgate
Reast Mrs A refreshment rooms 6 Tenby Parade Chatham Street  
Reast Mrs Alice boarding house 125 High Street Ramsgate
Redbourn & Sons   garage   Granville Mews East Cliff
Redbourn & Sons     Granville Garage Thanet Road St Lawrence
Redbourn & Sons     motor coach station Bellevue Road  
Redman Ernest builder 18 St Andrews Road  
Redman Frederick Charles tailor 33 Belmont Street  
Redman William tailor 40 Grange Road  
Reed Charles butcher 115 King Street  
Reekie David A insurance agent 184 High Street Ramsgate
Rees A & Co   tobacconists 80 King Street  
Reeves George John lodging house 15 Cavendish Street  
Reeves Percy tailor 10 Addington Street  
Refuge Assurance Co Ltd district office; Nathan Brundle, district supt   159 Grange Road  
Rego Clothiers Ltd   tailors 32 High Street Ramsgate
Reid William & Co milliners 17 Harbour Street  
Rendall Arthur shopkeeper 16A West Cliff Road  
Rennie & Co   ladies tailors, outfitters & costumiers 121 & 123 High Street Ramsgate
Revell E ships rigger   Flint Cottages  
Rew Mrs Emma Annie lodging house 34 Hardres Street  
Reynolds Robert boot maker 18 Hereson Road  
Reynolds Robert boot maker 144 King Street  
Rice Walter proprietor, Sanders Hotel   High Street Ramsgate
Richards George general shop & post office 6 High Field Villas Northwood
Richardson Albert confectioner 134 High Street Ramsgate
Rigden Alfred fish salesman Fish Market The Harbour  
Rigden Harry station master Southern Railway Station Wilfred Road  
Rightform Shoe Co (The)   boot factors 68 High Street Ramsgate
Riley Mrs Annie furniture dealer 10 Abbots Hill  
Risbridger Mrs Mary newsagent 138 King Street  
Rizzi Rd baker 103 High Street Ramsgate
Robarts E T & Co   boot makers 23 King Street  
Roberts William J & Co tailors 2 Chatham Street  
Roberts Mrs C J stationer & post & telephone office 81 Grange Road  
Roberts Thomas Red Lion Hotel   King Street  
Robinson & Allfree   solicitors & commissioners for oaths 23 Cavendish Street  
Robinson Charles shopkeeper 10 Chilton Terrace Chilton Lane  
Robinson John Henry solicitor & commissioner for oaths & deputy coroner 23 Cavendish Street  
Robinson Terence solicitor 23 Cavendish Street  
Roder Mrs lodging house 18 Royal Road West Cliff
Rodway A J dining rooms 32 York Street  
Rodway Alfred George dining rooms 45 & 47 King Street  
Rodwell Horace E apartments 35 Crescent Road  
Rogers Frank Henry decorator 161 Grange Road  
Rogers Frank Henry decorator workshop Ellington Road  
Rolfe T S shopkeeper 108 Hereson Road  
Romney Studios Limited   photographers 88 High Street Ramsgate
Rootes Misses K & L milliners 50 Queen Street  
Roscow John D draper 16 Camden Road  
Rose   jewellers 27 Harbour Street  
Rose Mrs Emily A Montefiore Arms, public house 1 Trinity Place  
Rose Ernest G boarding house 23 Paragon West Cliff
Rosemary Coaching Co   motor coach proprietors 1 Brunswick Street  
Rosemary Engineering Co   motor engineers 1 Brunswick Street  
Rothstein S dining rooms 20 King Street  
Rouse Frank Theodore shopkeeper 28 Central Road  
Rowden S steam trawler owner 31 Military Road  
Rowe Joseph fishmonger 105 Southwood Road  
Royal Artillery (TA) 59th(Home Counties) (Cinque Ports) Field Brigade, 236th Battery (left section) Major J M Stebbings MC, officer commanding   174 High Street Ramsgate
Royal Artillery (Kent Heavy Brigade) 170th Battery (TA) Maj. F T Lambe, officer commanding   Drill Hall Willsons Road  
Royal Hotel T B H Tisdell     Harbour Parade  
Royal Hotel T B H Tisdell     Harbour Street  
Royal Liver Friendly Sociaty George Hugh Parsons, district manager district office 35 Queen Bertha Road  
Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd W F Saull, supt.   6B High Street Ramsgate
Royal Society for the Preventation of Cruelty to Animals Miss Thomson, hon branch sec   Kentfield Lodge Willsons Road  
Royal Society for the Preventation of Cruelty to Animals George G Greenman, inspector   1 Priory Road  
Royal Temple Yacht Club Capt. H E Rock (JP, RN) Ramsgate, hon sec     West Cliff Mansions West Cliff
Royal Victoria Pavillion Harry Edward Bawn, lessee     The Colonnade  
Ruffell Edward William insurance agent 11 Kingsley Villas St Lukes Road  
Ruffle William Aug boot repairer 2 Lorne Road  
Ruocco C greengrocer 87A Addington Street  
Ruskin & Fearn   fruiterers 1 Garfield Terrace Richmond Road  
Russell & Eyres   ladies outfitters 62 High Street Ramsgate
Ruthven R Henry engineer & manager to Ramsgate Corporation gas & water undertakings Offices Boundary Road  
Rutty William Hawkins butcher 135 High Street Ramsgate
Ryan  James Edward tailor 4 Spencer Street West Cliff
Rymer Lewis hairdresser 26 & 28 King Street  

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