Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - commercial directory - P


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Last Name First Name trade/occupation No. or House Road District
Packer Alfred carpenter 2 Cannonbury Road  
Packman Harry mat maker 37 Townley Street  
Page E & Sons fruit merchants Colmans Yard Queen Street  
Page E & Sons fruit merchants stores, 17 Cottage Mews  
Page H & Son dairymen 20 Victoria Road  
Page  & Sons wine merchants, grocers &c 2, 4, & 6 Queen Street  
Page  & Sons wine merchants, grocers &c bonded stores, 15 Military Road  
Page Stanley H (FSI, MRSan I) architect & surveyor 6 Queen Street  
Pain Charles apartments 8 Augusta Road East Cliff
Pain John steamship booking offices 1 Hardres Street  
Pain Walter window  cleaner 17 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Palace Theatre Edwin George Casey, licensee     High Street Ramsgate
Palmer Basil Henry (MA, MB, BC Cantab, MRCS, LRCP) physician & surgeon 14 Albion Place  
Palmer John Edward undertaker & decorator 15 Broad Street  
Palmer Leonard V draper 49 Queen Street  
Paragon Convalescent Home Miss C Clark, SRN, midwife, cert. San Insp, matron   16 Paragon West Cliff
Paragon Corner House Knowland Brothers, proprietors restaurant 19, 20, & 21 Paragon West Cliff
Paragon Furniture Stores T H White, proprietor   39 Addington Street  
Paramor Henry Allen market gardener 1 Allan Cottages Northwood
Parker Ernest Harold sign writer 5 Southwood Road  
Parker George bootmaker 127 Hardres Street  
Parker John & Mrs Westbourne Private Hotel 3 Paragon West Cliff
Parker Joseph Otway ironmonger 24 Queen Street  
Parker Mrs lodging house 1 Albert Street West Cliff
Parkins William George watch maker 67 King Street  
Parks Charles general ironmonger 90 Queen Street  
Parncutt I smack owner 1 Military Road  
Parsons Ernest J Admiral Harvey, public House   Harbour Parade  
Partingtons Kent Bill Posting Limited     31 Chatham Street  
Paul Frederick John The Elephant & Castle, public house 8 Hereson Road  
Payne Brothers   grocers 16 Addington Street  
Payne J G smack owner 26 Military Road  
Payne Miss lodging house 7 Effingham Street  
Pearks Dairies Ltd   grocers 26 Harbour Street  
Pearks Dairies Ltd   grocers 158 King Street  
Pedder Mrs Ellen C nurse 43 Albert Road East Cliff
Peers George Thomas grocer 17 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Peers George Thomas grocer 20 Albert Street West Cliff
Peete George grocer 51 Finsbury Road  
Pendlebury & Hawkins   drapers 24 Townley Street  
Pengelly Thomas fancy draper 73A & 75 High Street Ramsgate
Pengelly Thomas fancy draper 134 King Street  
Penman Christopher sign writer 12A Cavendish Street  
Penman Christopher sign writer 1A Brunswick Street  
Penney John W boot repairer 20 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Penny Miss M A lodging house 13 Camden Road  
Penny Oswald S Royal Harbour Inn 65 Addington Street  
Percy H J builder   Hertford Place West Cliff
Perkins George greengrocer 17 Chatham Street  
Perry J & Co Ltd coal & coke merchants head office; 76 High Street Ramsgate
Perry J & Co Ltd coal & coke merchants 9A Broad Street  
Perry J & Co Ltd coal & coke merchants 13, 16, 20 & 22 & 23 Military Road  
Perry Albert Samuel marine stores 119 King Street  
Perry Alfred greengrocer 140 King Street  
Perry Alfred florists 143 & 145 King Street  
Perry George dining rooms 8 York Street  
Perry George fruiterer 77 & 79 King Street  
Perry Harry greengrocer Edward Villa Margate Road  
Perry Mrs Mary Jane certified midwife 72 Dane Park Road  
Perry William confectioner 21A Bellevue Road East Cliff
Peters William T boarding house 7 Albion Place  
Petley John grocer 2 Alexandra Road  
Pettit William George nurseryman   Pegwell Road  
Pettitt Ernest butcher 120 High Street Ramsgate
Petts Jesse W furniture dealer 77 Hardres Street  
Phenix Lewis S assistant Town Clerk Municipal Offices, Albion House Albion Place  
Phillipson John fruiterer & c 33 Queen Street  
Phillips Mrs M apartments 26 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Philpot Mrs E shopkeeper Providence House Margate Road  
Philpot William greengrocer 6 Artillery Road  
Philpott Ernest Edward farmer Nethercourt Farm   St Lawrence
Philpott George A butcher 40 High Street St Lawrence
Philpott George A butcher 33 Addington Street  
Pickfords Ltd   general carriers 15 Percy Road  
Pickfords Ltd   furniture repository   Paragon Street West Cliff
Pickfords Ltd   railway ticket office 26 High Street Ramsgate
Pidduck George Hy shopkeeper 49 Cecilia Road  
Pierrette   blouse specialist 2A Princes Street  
Pike F J   complete shop fitters 111, 113 & 115 Hardres Street  
Pike F J   complete shop fitters works Portland Court  
Pilcher Alonzo C beer retailer 184 Hereson Road  
Pillow Miss Rose confectioner 44 Camden Square  
Pinchback Samuel lodging house 55 Plains of Waterloo  
Pine Charles boarding house 8 Albion Place  
Pinkham Percy Cinque Ports Arms, public house 4 King Street  
Pinkham Percy Richard Duchess of Kent, public house 116 King Street  
Pinto E Arthur (AMIEE) electrical engineer 96 High Street Ramsgate
Piper Percy Bellevue Hotel   Pegwell Road  
Piper Mrs Sarah shopkeeper 8 Alexandra Road  
Pitt Mrs V E boarding house 25 Albion Place  
Playfair Henry Ltd   boot makers 19 Queen Street  
Playford Mrs Ellen draper 9 Gordon Road  
Playford George grocer 13 Gordon Road  
Poile James Rd dining rooms 18 York Street  
Pointer Hy Thomas coal dealer 9 Brunswick Street  
Polley Mrs A apartments 22 Royal Road  
Pope Thomas William boarding house 6 York Terrace West Cliff
Popham George Hy insurance agent 25 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Popular Hotel G Marzetti, proprietor     Harbour Parade  
Porritt Miss E M (AICM) teacher of music 61 Edith Road  
Port S R general builders & decorators merchant 68 Boundary Road  
Port William Bruce lodging house 19A Addington Street  
Port William Robert lodging house 16 Guildford Lawn  
Porter Frank H car proprietor 29 Augusta Road East Cliff
Porter Frederick C general stores 6 Finsbury Road  
Posograph Ltd   photgraphers 88 King Street  
Potter Walter Hy grocer 32 Hereson Road  
Potts Walter Henry Chilton Tavern   Pegwell Road  
Powell & Son   leather sellers 60 King Street  
Powell Arthur decorator 35 Effingham Street  
Powell Miss C dressmaker 149 Southwood Road  
Powell Walter Hubert The York Arms, public house 33 & 35 King Street  
Power Thomas & Co wholesale fish merchants Fish Market The Harbour  
Power Thomas & Co wholesale fish merchants stores, 159 High Street Ramsgate
Prestedge Herbert H plumber 32 Codrington Road  
Prestedge Thomas Henry plumber 63 South Eastern Road  
Price Frederick G builder 16 Ellington Park Road  
Price Mrs G coffee bar 9 West Cliff Arcade  
Prickett Charles William cabinet maker 149 High Street Ramsgate
Prior Albert L dairyman   Lorne Road  
Pritchard Mrs E Louise shopkeeper Pear Tree Cottage West Dumpton Broadstairs
Pritchard Thomas W florist 4 The Market  
Pritchards   piano forte warehouse 17 Queen Street  
Promenade Pier (The)       Granville Marina  
Prosser & Newbery   pawnbrokers 47 & 48 Queen Street  
Pryor Madame corset specialist 9 Queen Street  
Pryor Mrs lodging house 6 Guildford Lawn  
Pullen Edward manager Westminster Bank Ltd 53 High Street Ramsgate
Pullman & Bush   fish salesmen Fish Market The Harbour  
Pullman Motor Coach Booking Offices     20 Queen Street  
Pulman & Turner   fruiterers 7 The Market  
Purdie Frank motor upholsterer 6A Balmoral Place  
Pyner Miss E W dressmaker 14 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff

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