Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Ramsgate & St Lawrence - commercial directory - H


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Last Name First Name trade/occupation No. or House Road District
Hagar E & E grocers 2A Addington Street  
Hale Joseph O confectioner 82 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Hall A & Sons   marine stores 83 & 85 King Street  
Hall & Sons   wholesale confectioners   Church Road  
Hall & Sons   wholesale confectioners   Church Lane  
Hall Arthur E fishmonger 6 St Lukes Avenue  
Hall George confectioner 97 Boundary Road  
Halstead & Fisk   physicians & surgeons 2 Crescent Road  
Halstead Douglas V (MRCS, LRCP) physician & surgeon 26 Albion Hill  
Halstead George (MD, Bsc, BS, BA) physician Ithaca Victoria Parade East Cliff
Hamlin William P baker 15 Gordon Road  
Hammon Charles decorator 8 Meeting Street  
Hammond F W confcetioner 171 King Street  
Hammond Henry George lodging house 26 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff East Cliff
Hamon Miss registry office 28 Queen Street  
Hanley William lodging house 57 Plains of Waterloo  
Hanlon Timothy lodging house 41 Bellevue Road  
Hansen Mrs   lodging house 2 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Harbour Offices Capt Fras S Symons (Harbour Master; H J Harman, pay master & storekeeper; William Skeate, harbour engineer; T H Dutton, assistant clerk     Harbour Parade  
Harbour Stores     4, 5, 6 & 29 Military Road  
Harding & Co   boot factors 19 George Street  
Harding Miss Ena dressmaker 45 Edith Road  
Harding Mrs Florence dressmaker 31 St Georges Road  
Harding H confectioner 88 Grange Road  
Harding Richard W furniture removal contractor   Staffordshire Street  
Harding Walter Rose Inn 25 High Street St Lawrence
Hardman F W (LL.D) registrar & high bailiff of county court   Cavendish Street  
Hardwick Frederick E tea rooms 67 Queen Street  
Hare Charles George confectioner 39 Belmont Road  
Harley Rd James (MD) physician & surgeon 12 (flat 2) Victoria Parade  
Harman George florist 24 & 26 Grange Road  
Harman H J pay master & storekeeper Harbour Offices Harbour Parade  
Harris F E pork butcher 62 King Street  
Harris George coal dealer 20 West Cliff Road  
Harris H fancy goods dealer 64 Harbour Parade  
Harris H toy dealer 40 Harbour Street  
Harris James hairdresser 139 Grange Road  
Harris Robert gardener 96 South Eastern Road  
Harris Rt greengrocer   Coronation Road  
Harrison & Son   restaurant 1 Granville Marina  
Harrrison Ernest Miles greengrocer 30 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Harrson Mrs Harriet restaurant 98 Harbour Parade  
Harrsion Henry confectioner 10 Kent Place  
Harrison Joshua window  cleaner 33 Albert Road East Cliff
Harryman Frederick William baker 5 Turner Street  
Hart Albert market gardener The Cottage Pegwell Road  
Hart Walter chiropodist 11 Dumpton Park Drive  
Hartley C P manager of The National Provincial Bank Ltd (Ramsgate Branch) 52 Harbour Parade  
Hartley C P manager of The National Provincial Bank Ltd (Ramsgate Branch) 52 Grange Road  
Hartley Mrs lodging house 18 Nelson Crescent  
Harvey F R & Co drapers 2 Townley Parade Chatham Street  
Harvey George Arthur certified Bailiff 21 Belmont Road  
Harvey Miss dressmaker 8 Margate Road  
Harvey R T ladies hair specialist 11 Harbour Street  
Haskings W haulage contractor & furniture remover Royal Mews, 66 Queen Street  
Haskings W haulage contractor & furniture remover 39 Effingham Street  
Haskings W haulage contractor & furniture remover   Victoria Road  
Haskings Frank R Crown Hotel 30 York Street  
Hatton Wallace D (LDSRCS eng) dental surgeon 8 Chapel Place  
Hawkes Alfred John fishmonger 24 King Street  
Hawkes Arthur S fishmonger 118 & 120 King Street  
Hawkes Mrs Kate Louise fishmonger 56 High Street St Lawrence
Hawkins Mrs J greengrocer 19 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff East Cliff
Hawkins Miss V teacher of music 3 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff East Cliff
Hawkins William Thomas decorator 3 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff East Cliff
Haworth Herbert (ARAM) pianist 8 Lyndhurst Road  
Hayes Mrs Alice midwife 5 Hardres Street  
Hayes William Joseph greengrocer 117 High Street Ramsgate
Hayles Edward E artist King Street Hall King Street  
Hazelden George baker 43 Denmark Road  
Hazeldine William George decorator 14 Bloomsbury Road  
Head Mrs Emma A greengrocer 41 Addington Street  
Healey W Everard (LRIBA, MR San I, MI Struct E) chartered architect 119 Grange Road  
Hearnden Frederick William grocer 27 St Lukes Avenue  
Hearnden Henry D metal worker   Denmark Road  
Hearnden Henry D metal worker 52 Dane Park Road  
Hearnden Henry Richard window  cleaner 46 Dane Road  
Hemmings Mrs Eva lodging house 13 Effingham Street  
Henniker Vincent (MUS, BAC Oxon) professor of music Loughrigg Ellington St Lawrence
Henstridge Mrs H J tobacconist 50 High Street Ramsgate
Hepworth J & Son Ltd clothiers 7 & 9 Harbour Street  
Hercombe John apartments 13 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Herring William apartments 29 Crescent Road  
Heys George F art master 33 Grove Road  
Hicks Robert Grieve (MRCS, LRCP) physician & surgeon 126 High Street Ramsgate
Hieatt Alexander John George & Dragon hotel   George Street  
Hieatt Alexander John George & Dragon hotel 31 Cavendish Street  
Highton Mrs C Louisa confectioner 14 Addington Street  
Hill Brow Kindergarten School   Mrs A K Newby, principal 126 Crescent Road  
Hill & Smith   confectioners 34 Harbour Street  
Hill & Smith   confectioners 76 Harbour Parade  
Hill Arthur confectioner 34 York Street  
Hill Frank The Refectory Tavern 112 & 114 Harbour Parade  
Hill Frank lodging house 7 Kent Terrace  
Hill Samuel confectioner 69 High Street Ramsgate
Hillman & Barnes Misses boarding house 9 & 10 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Hills E & S grocery stores 1 Flora Road  
Hills E & S hardware stores   Dane Road  
Hills Miss Beatrice school 12 Augusta Road East Cliff
Hills Sidney W draper 18 Effingham Street  
Hinds & Son   architects, surveyors, estate & insurance agents, auctioneers & valuers 57 Queen Street  
Hinge E T nurseryman 131 Hereson Road  
Hinkley Mrs Annie apartments 3 Chatham Place  
Hippodrome (The) F C Drew (proprietor)     Granville Marina  
Hiseman Rt Edward boarding house 19 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Hoare John butcher 141 Grange Road  
Hobbs Edward draper 74 & 76 King Street  
Hobbs Neal D agent, County Fire Office Ltd 21 Ellington Road  
Hobday Bertram Edward coffee stall   The Market  
Hobday Edward teacher of typewriting 39 South Eastern Road  
Hobday Thomas bootmaker 37 High Street St Lawrence
Hoddinott Frederick William butcher 112 Hereson Road  
Hodgeman R E contractor yard Cecilia Road  
Hodges James Ernest shopkeeper 103 King Street  
Hodgman Miss E M corn merchant 2 Addington Street  
Hodgman Owen furniture dealer 43 Albert Street  
Hodgman R E haulage contractor Smiths Yard King Street  
Hodgman Rt E chalk merchant Chalk Pit Hollicondane Lane  
Hodgson Miss M lodging house 2 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Hogben G S motor engineer 4, 6, & 8 Princes Street  
Hogben G S motor engineer   Leopold Street  
Hogben Harold grocer 128 Hereson Road  
Hogben Percy builder 128 Grange Road  
Holbourn Miss J confectioner 15 High Street Ramsgate
Holbrook Horace George greengrocer 12 Camden Road  
Holladay Charles shipwright   The Harbour  
Holladay Charles shipwright 12 Military Road  
Holland Harry Woodman Inn 17 Hardres Street  
Hollands Horace Harry boarding house 4 Florence Terrace Albert Road East Cliff
Hollands Harry L shopkeeper & post office 107 Southwood Road  
Holloway Henry George registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Ramsgate & St Lawrence District, Isle of Thanet Union. Shaftesbury House Broad Street  
Holloway William lodging house 20 Royal Road West Cliff
Holmes Thomas boot repairer 160 Southwood Road  
Holness & Ovenden   auctioneers, estate agents & valuers 37 High Street Ramsgate
Holness & Ovenden   auctioneers, estate agents & valuers auction rooms Broad Street  
Holt & Son   coal merchants 62 Ellington Road  
Holtum Robert Drayson shopkeeper 30 Hertford Street West Cliff
Holyer Harold Rd Earl St Vincent 99 King Street  
Home & Colonial Stores Limited     90 High Street Ramsgate
Home & Colonial Stores Limited     28 Harbour Street  
Home of Rest (Salvation Army) Staff Capt. Mrs Linklater, matron   2 Florence Terrace Albert Road East Cliff
Home Charles builder 77 Edith Road  
Home Mrs Freda confectioner 77 Hereson Road  
Home Gilbert builder yard Denmark Road  
Home Gilbert builder 54 Hollicondane Road  
Home Gilbert builder   Denmark Road  
Home Gilbert builder yard Anns Road  
Home Gilbert builder yard Denmark Road  
Home Gilbert saddler 18 High Street St Lawrence
Homeland Preparatory School Miss A V Murphy   5 Crescent Road  
Homewood High Class School for Girls Miss E B Mancktelow (ARCM) principal   33 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Hook Frank florist 1 Newcastle Hill  
Hook Hy furniture remover 10 Cavendish Street  
Hope Robert bricklayer 12 Brunswick Street  
Hopkinson Osmund cycle agent 119A King Street  
Hopper Miss Constance teacher of music 32 Bellevue Road  
Hopper George baker 32 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Hoppit Thomas solicitors 7 Queen Street  
Horlick William A confectioner 1 Edith Road  
Horn William Francis lodging house 28 Abbots Hill  
Horne T & Co builders Paragon Works Albert Street West Cliff
Horne Charles shopkeeper 4 Bloomsbury Road  
Horne Frederick William builder 29 Upper Dumpton Park Road  
Horne John Hertford Inn 56 Hertford Street West Cliff
Horton Mrs lodging house 14 & 15 Guildford Lawn  
Hotel de Ville Mrs Elizabeth Scofield, proprietress   45 Grange Road  
Hothersall Ernest Albert Maidstone Arms, public house 19 Camden Road  
Houghton William (excutors of) builders 40 Albert Street  
Houghton William (excutors of) builders   Broad Street  
Howard W F & Sons cycle agents 30 Boundary Road  
Howard W F & Sons cycle agents store Alma Road  
Howard Walter grocer 137 High Street Ramsgate
Howell W A & Co ironmongers 3 West Cliff Road  
Howse Mrs F dining rooms 17 York Street  
Hubbard & Knight   fishmongers 6 Kent Place  
Hudson C J Limited Isle of Thanet flour mills   Margate Road  
Hudson James beer retailer 45 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Hudson Mrs lodging house 44 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Hughes Benedict Joseph White Horse Inn 16 High Street St Lawrence
Hughes Bernard C confectioner 38 High Street St Lawrence
Hughes Edward James shopkeeper 7 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Hughes J W boot repairer 30A Camden Square  
Hunter Hugh C Camden Arms Inn   La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Hunter Walter insurance agent 55 Vale Road  
Hyde John motor engineer 67 Addington Street  

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