Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - private residents - L


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Lacey Albert 12 Oxford Street Margate
Lacey Alfred George 39 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Lacey Miss 34 Hawley Square Margate
Lack W A Flat 1, Beresford Court Beresford Gardens Cliftonville
Ladd Arthur 11 Victoria Road Margate
Ladd Harry 23 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Ladd Mrs 21 Fort Road Margate
Ladd Robert 4 Upper Grove Margate
Ladd Stephen 3 Caroline Cottages Margate
Ladd William George 12 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Lade Herbert 13 Buckingham Road Margate
Laing Frank C 7 Arlington Gardens Margate
Lake Fred 2 Thanet Road Margate
Lake Henry Edward 42 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Lake Walton 1 St James Mansions Northdown Road Cliftonville
Laker Albert Charles 1 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Laker Ernest Gadd 40 Trinity Square Margate
Laker Herbert Charles 26 Fort Road Margate
Laker John F 33 Dane Road Cliftonville
Laker Percy E 67 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Lamacraft Dennis Tom S 62 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Lamb Herbert 20 Westfield Road Westonville
Lamb John 5 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Lamb Mrs 1 Fifth Avenue Cliftonville
Lamb Walter 4 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Lambert Alexander 26 Marlborough Road Margate
Lambert Leonard 21 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Lambert Mrs 4 Rutland Mansions Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Lamberton Thomas William 2 Churchfield Cottages Margate
Lambourne Thomas 7 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Lambruniadi E L 115 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Laming Giles 22 Buckingham Road Margate
Lammas Mrs 20 Westbrook Road Westbrook
Lamont Mrs E V 278A Northdown Road Margate
Lancaster John T 200 High Street Margate
Lanceley Mrs Conita Princes Gardens Cliftonville
Lanchberg P F Craignair Barnes Avenue Westbrook
Landreth Rev Norman hon. (CF) Wesleyan 7 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Lane Frederick W K jun. 1 Hunters Buildings Margate
Lane Frederick William sen 9 Charles Square Margate
Lane John Caleb 13 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Lang Mrs Theresa 2 The Limes Canterbury Road Westgate
Langley Herbert 27 Westfield Road Westonville
Langston Albert V 4 Byron Road Margate
Langston Alfred Charles 4 Dorset Place Margate
Langston Joseph Clarence 37 Victoria Road Margate
Langston Mrs M A 2 Byron Road Margate
Langston Robert 54 Byron Road Margate
Langston Sydney Harold James 18 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Langston Walter Leonard 33 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lanning Mrs 33 Westonville Avenue Westbrook
Lansdown Hy Frederick 33 Park Place Margate
Lansdown Mrs 2 Garden Row Cottages Garden Row Margate
Laraman Horace James 4 Walpole Road Margate
Larby E John 111 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Larkins Albert 11 St Johns Road Margate
Larkins Lewis George 31 Poets Corner Margate
Larkins Robert 89 Milton Road Margate
Larkins Thomas T 11 Milton Road Margate
Larkins Walter 10 Setterfield Road Margate
Larkins Walter Leslie 66 Byron Road Margate
Larkins William T 25 Gordon Road Cliftonville
Larner Mrs 1 Stanley Road Cliftonville
Lashmar Mrs 14 Buckingham Road Margate
Lashmar Walter 35 Hastings Avenue Margate
Laslett Benjamin F 43 Hawley Square Margate
Laslett Frederick 71 Milton Road Margate
Last Jesse 17 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Last Jesse 110 Ramsgate Road Margate
Latcham Bertram 26 Eaton Road Margate
La Trobe Frank H Bay Mead Northdown Way Margate
Latter Albert E 60 High Street Margate
Laughton Harry George 104 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Laver William S 17 Westfield Road Westonville
Laverty Saml 71 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Law Alfred 26 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Law Arthur 14 Dane Road Cliftonville
Law William Albert 31 Zion Place Cliftonville
Lawes Bernard 98 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Lawler Arthur 108 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Lawrance Miss 21 Dane Road Cliftonville
Lawrence Albert John 36 Beatrice Road Margate
Lawrence Alfred 19 Setterfield Road Margate
Lawrence Arthur 3 Salmestone Rise College Road Margate
Lawrence Boyce Dairy Cottage   Northdown
Lawrence Cecil R 10 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Lawrence Charles 11 Bentleys Place Margate
Lawrence David 5 Dalby Road Cliftonville
Lawrence Edward John Horn 1 Fairview Villas High Street Garlinge
Lawrence George 5 Grotto Hill Margate
Lawrence George 18 Setterfield Road Margate
Lawrence Henry Charles 28 Thanet Road Margate
Lawrence Leslie Claude 7 Florence Cottages High Street Garlinge
Lawrence Mrs 126 Ramsgate Road Margate
Lawrence Sidney George 11 Caxton Road Garlinge
Lawrence Walter Corden 25 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lawrence William Thatch Cottage   Northdown
Lawrence William A 33 Grotto Gardens Cliftonville
Lawrence William Alfred 92 Glencoe Road Margate
Lawrence William E 9 New Cross Street Margate
Lawrence William Hy 73 Dane Road Cliftonville
Lawrence William Robert 2 Sea View Villas George Hill Broadstairs
Laxton Edward Bromhead, 41 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Leach Edgar 56 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Leach-Lewis Mrs 12 Union Crescent Margate
Leask Mrs 16 Garfield Road Westbrook
Leacock Miss 10 St Mildreds Road Cliftonville
Lee Basil 146 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lee Ernest John 18 Caxton Road Garlinge
Lee Harry 4 Alkali Road Margate
Lee Leonard 94 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Leeder Mrs E A 4 Clarendon Road Cliftonville
Leeds Albert 13 Empire Terrace College Road Margate
Leeson Frederick George 1 Chandos villas Nash Court Road Margate
Legg Sidney Wetwang   Northdown
Legge Hy 40 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Leitch Archibald 1 Havering Mansions Second Avenue Cliftonville
Lejeune Arthur 48 Harold Road Cliftonville
Lejeune Ernest 2 Stanley Road Cliftonville
Le Mar Frederick 35 Eaton Road Margate
Le Mar James 35 Eaton Road Margate
Lemar Mrs 4 Alma Place Margate
Lemar William James Longport villa Addiscombe Road Margate
Leo Charles 2 Belgrave Cottages Margate
Leonard Mrs A 29 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Leppard Alfred A 49 Dane Road Cliftonville
Leppard Owen P 30 Dane Road Cliftonville
Lessey John 135 High Street Margate
Lester Thomas 6 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Letley John 47 Helena Avenue Margate
Letley Mrs 19 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Letley Mrs 29 Pleasant Place The Fort Cliftonville
Letley Walter Benjamin 74 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Leverton Reginald 121 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Levett Arthur 10 Danesmead Terrace Margate
Levett Mrs A 55 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Levett Mrs E 25 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Levy Lionel L 27 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Levy William 38 College Road Margate
Lewen Mrs 16 Windsor Avenue Cliftonville
Lewis Pilot Officer Vernon Howard (RAF) The Look Laleham Road Cliftonville
Lewis Ernest William 40 Salmestone Road Margate
Lewis Frederick 38 Tivoli Road Margate
Lewis Miss 21 Addington Road Margate
Lewis Mrs The Norlands Eastern Esplanade Cliftonville
Lewis Mrs 248A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lewis Mrs M E 36 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Lewns Stanley R 2 Lynton Court Mansions Eastern Esplanade Cliftonville
Light Mrs 14 Eastern Esplanade Cliftonville
Lilley Frederick A 144 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Lilley Herbert 6 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Lilly William A 2 Salmestone Rise College Road Margate
Line Harry James E 120 Grosvenor Place Margate
Ling William 96 Eaton Road Margate
Liniker Mrs Poplar cottage   Northdown
Link Mrs 1 St Augustines Avenue Margate
Linkin Hy William 5 Birds Avenue Garlinge
Linkins William John 53 Tivoli Road Margate
Linnell Mrs Hanover Addiscombe Road Margate
Lister Alfred 19 Richmond Avenue Cliftonville
Little Edwin 37 Hawley Square Margate
Little Herbert 32 Grosvenor Place Margate
Little Mrs E 26 Wellis Gardens Westbrook
Little Mrs Rose 16 Birds Avenue Garlinge
Livermore Mrs 28 Sussex Avenue Margate
Livick Ernest William 5 Durban Road Margate
Lloyd David 48 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Lloyd Miss Penry 33 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Lloyd Mrs P M 26 Dalby Square Cliftonville
Lock Edwin 76 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Locke Mrs 11 Grange Road Margate
Lockley Frederick E 11 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Lodge Harry G 23 Richmond Avenue Cliftonville
Long Alfred John 55 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Long Edward James Kalabani Ramsgate Road Margate
Long James 102 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Longbottom Herbert Ernest Drapers Cottage St Peters footpath Margate
Longhi Louis 4 Andrews Place Margate
Lord Harry 78 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Love Frank William 63 Grange Road Margate
Love Henry William 26 Church Square Margate
Love Victor John 46 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Lovejoy Mrs 21 Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
Lovely Hy John 116 High Street Margate
Lovett Miss 85 Grange Road Margate
Lovett Percival John 3 Alexandra Road Margate
Lovitt Mrs 10 Zion Place Cliftonville
Lucas Ebenezer 14 Helena Avenue Margate
Lucas James 36 Salmestone Road Margate
Lucas Thomas 18 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Luck Alfred Frederick 10 Barn Crescent Margate
Luckhurst Mrs 4 Ethelbert Gardens Cliftonville
Lundburg Gustaf Charles Highcroft   Northdown
Lunn Mrs 95 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville 
Lunn Mrs E H 71 Tivoli Road Margate
Lyon Charles 9 Elmscroft Villas Canterbury Road Westgate
Lythgoe Ernest Vine Cottage Godwin Road Cliftonville

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