Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - private residents - G


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Gage Lewis 3 Thanet Road Margate
Gahan F T Rutland House Rutland Gardens Cliftonville
Gahan Frederick Stephen 44 Cliftonville Avenue Cliftonville
Gains Mrs 11 Clarendon Road Cliftonville
Gallagher Archibald H 26 Arlington Gardens Margate
Galloway Erskine Gillespie 32 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Galvin Isaac 28 Setterfield Road Margate
Gambrill George 3 Caroline Square Margate
Gambrill Leonard 35 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Gammon Mrs Seacot Hartsdown Road Westbrook
Gammon Mrs 80 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Gardener Eng-Lt Commdr Frederick William (RN retd) 5 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Gardener Alfred Leonard 82 Tivoli Road Margate
Gardiner George 1 Sparrow Castle Margate
Gardiner John George Thomas 1 Love Lane Margate
Gardiner Miss A E 97 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Gardiner Mrs C A Dormer Cotts Rutland Gardens Cliftonville
Gardiner Mrs R 5 St Johns Street Margate
Gardner Edward Charles 34 Glencoe Road Margate
Gardner George Wallace 6 Milton Road Margate
Gardner Mrs 8 Crawford Gardens Cliftonville
Gardner Mrs 17 Paradise Street Margate
Gardner Mrs 8 Railway Terrace All Saints Road Margate
Gardner Stanley Ryland 17 Wyndham Avenue Cliftonville
Gardner W R H 10 Westonville Avenue Westbrook
Garland John Henry 4 Arnold Road Margate
Garland Miss Nona 58 Approach Road Cliftonville
Garlinge Frederick James 12 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Garlinge James 11 Church Square Margate
Garner Edward 5 Church Street Cottages Margate
Garner Mrs 41 & 43 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Garratt Harold 18 Byron Road Margate
Garratt Robert Henry 16 Byron Road Margate
Garraway Bertram James 7 Connaught Road Margate
Gates Alec J 2 Station Road Westbrook
Geary Edward G 5 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Geater Mrs 25 Hawley Square Margate
Gedney Rt 12 Cliffe Avenue Westbrook
Geering Arthur William 82 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Geering Hy George 55 Durban Road Margate
Geering Miss M E 63 Byron Road Margate
Geering Norman John 59A Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Geeves Mrs 66 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Geggie William H 48 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Gellatly Peter Francis Gloucester Lodge, 8 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Gent Albert V 30 College Road Margate
George David 32 St Peters Road Margate
George Mrs 60 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
George Percival 1 Sidney Place Margate
George Thomas Alfred 30 Rancorn Road Westbrook
Georgie Mrs 130 Ramsgate Road Margate
Gerrard Mrs 42 Harold Road Cliftonville
Gerrard Mrs Violet M 244B Northdown Road Cliftonville
Gess Cyril Thomas 1 Dorset Place Margate
Gibbens Alfred Hartsdown Farm Cottages Hartsdown Road Westbrook
Gibbens Frederick George 10 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Gibbens Frederick John 23 Connaught Gardens Margate
Gibbs Edward 9 Carroways Place Margate
Gibbs Harry 14 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Gibbs William George 33 Grange Road Margate
Gibling William John 5 Addington Street Margate
Gibson Frank 7 Cecil Street Margate
Gibson Mrs 31 Tivoli Road Margate
Gibson William James 2 Brewery Hill Margate
Gifford Mrs 2 Forge Cottages High Street Garlinge
Gifford Percival A 76 Byron Road Margate
Gigg Edward Thomas 41 Victoria Road Margate
Gilbero Walter 11 Sparrow Castle Margate
Gilbert James Frederick 60 Grange Road Margate
Gilbert Miss 16 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Gilbert Rt 36 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Gilbert Robert 6 Castle Gardens Margate
Gilbert Rupert C 16 Caxton Road Garlinge
Gilchrist Edwin 146 Ramsgate Road Margate
Gilkes George 53 Ethelbert Road Margate
Gill Arthur 4 Booth Place Margate
Gill Herbert 24 Northdown Way Margate
Gill James William 29 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Gill John 50 Hastings Avenue Margate
Gill Miss 74 Eaton Road Margate
Gill Mrs 3 Lorne Cotts Invicta Road Garlinge
Gill Mrs 24 Waverley Road Westonville
Gillbert Hy R 20 Hengist Avenue Cliftonville
Gillender Mrs M 51 Approach Road Cliftonville
Gillham Miss Le Chalet Rose   Northdown
Gillham Miss 85 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Gillham Mrs 26 Waverley Road Westonville
Gimber William 8 Florence Cottages High Street Garlinge
Ginnett Lucien 92 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Girdlestone Mrs 35 Approach Road Cliftonville
Gisby Charles 7 Ulster Road Margate
Gladwish Hy 4 Holiday Square Margate
Gladwish Thomas 28 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Glandfield Edward 1 Wyndham Avenue Cliftonville
Glen Joseph R Glencairn Barnes Avenue Margate
Glenn Arthur 11 Brockley Road Margate
Glenn Sidney 78 Hastings Avenue Margate
Gliddon Archibald Edwin 30 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Glover James 23 College Road Margate
Glover Rd J 20 Buckingham Road Margate
Goatham Herbert Fern House High Street Garlinge
Goatham Herbt G 19 Glebe Road Garlinge
Goddard A R (BA) The Bungalow, 8 Grotto Hill Margate
Goddard Hy 9 West Cliff Road Westbrook
Goddard William A 57 Godwin Road Cliftonville
Godden Harry 12 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Godden Sydney 77 Dane Road Cliftonville
Goddin William George Hartsdown Farm Cottages Hartsdown Road Westbrook
Godfrey Miss R A 27 Cliftonville Avenue Cliftonville
Godfrey Mrs 6 Empire Terrace College Road Margate
Goldby Howard Lyster The White House Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
Golder Gilbert C 14 Approach Road Margate
Golder Theodore sen 55 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Golder Theodore jun 10 Sussex Avenue Margate
Golder Walter 2 Setterfield Road Margate
Goldfinch Charles Frederick 46 Victoria Road Margate
Goldfinch Edward 25 Gladstone Road Margate
Goldfinch Mrs 8 Bullers court Margate
Golding Alfred Draycot Bungalow Albion Road Cliftonville
Goldsmith Frederick James 9 Empire Terrace College Road Margate
Goldsmith John 76 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Goldsmith Mrs 7 Grotto Road Margate
Gollin Thomas 22 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Gomersall Lawrence Arthur Sunnyside Rutland Gardens Cliftonville
Gomm Thomas W 1 Union Crescent Margate
Gomm Thomas William 13 Westbrook Gardens Westbrook
Goodban Albert Hy Lyndhurst High Street Garlinge
Goodban Cecil L 25 Waverley Road Westbrook
Goodban Hy Ronaldene Walton Road Westbrook
Goodban Mrs D F 19 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Goodban Walter 1 Leslie Villas Leslie Avenue Garlinge
Goodbourn Frank 49 Windsor Avenue Cliftonville
Goodbourne Arthur S 41 Helena Avenue Margate
Goodbun Arthur 11 Dane Road Cliftonville
Goodbun Thomas Hy 39 Ramsgate Road Margate
Goodburn Miss 5 Horn Cottages High Street Garlinge
Goodfellow Mrs C 43 Cornwall Gardens Cliftonville
Gooding Miss 6 New Street Margate
Goodman Miss D A 6 Walpole Road Margate
Goodvin Henry A 3 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Goodvin Stephen 3 Cricketts Cottages Church alley Margate
Goodwin Miss 4 Dane Park Villas Park Lane Margate
Goodwin Mrs 35 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Goodwin Mrs 9 Westbrook Gardens Westbrook
Goodwin Thomas 44 Selborne Road Margate
Gordon Kenneth F 14 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Gordon Mrs C A 6 Leslie Avenue Garlinge
Gore Frank 42 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Gore Frederick 4 Beatrice Road Margate
Gore George B 54 Approach Road Cliftonville
Gore Gilbert Charles 17 St Pauls Road Margate
Gore Herbt William 27 Addington Road Margate
Gore James William Job 29 Princes Crescent Margate
Gore John William 62 Tivoli Road Margate
Gore Mrs 6 Glebe Road Garlinge
Gore Mrs 72 Harold Road Cliftonville
Gore Mrs Sarah A 21 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Gore Percy Youle Devonshire Gardens Cliftonville
Gore Thomas 34 Addington Road Margate
Gosling Alfred Sheilling Rutland Gardens Cliftonville
Gosling William John 4 Talbot Road Cliftonville
Gosset Arthur Christphr Vidal 20 Cliffe Avenue Westbrook
Gostling Albert 23 Sussex Avenue Margate
Gostling Mrs T M 14 Lyndhurst Avenue Cliftonville
Gough William 23 Hastings Avenue Margate
Gould Charles William 107 Byron Road Margate
Gould Hy 8 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Gouldd James Douglas (MA) The Briary Canterbury Road Westgate
Govier Mrs M H 51 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Grace Hy 75 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Grafton J H 44 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Graham Frederick Rd James Cott Hanover Place Cliftonville
Graham James Hy 2 Poets Corner Margate
Graham Mrs C 39 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Graham William Henry 40 Ramsgate Road Margate
Grange Miss Selcraig Devonshire Gardens Cliftonville
Grant Arthur 51 Buckingham Road Margate
Grant Arthur C 20 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Grant Frank Herbert 6 Princes Crescent Margate
Grant Frederick Thomas 17 Vicarage Place Margate
Grant Hector William 14 Setterfield Road Margate
Grant Jacob 72 Glencoe Road Margate
Grant John 18 Sussex Avenue Margate
Grant Mrs 17 Victoria Road Margate
Grant Owen L 3 Approach Road Cliftonville
Grant Percy R 3 Tankerton villas Ramsgate Road Margate
Graves Arthur 4 St Peters footpath Margate
Graves Arthur C 130 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Graves John P 10 Tivoli Park Avenue Westbrook
Graveson Maj. Hy P (OBE) 6 Lynton Court Mansions Eastern Esplanade Cliftonville
Gray Alfred T 27 Westbrook Road Westbrook
Gray Archibald 16 Rancorn Road Westbrook
Gray Edward 46 Approach Road Cliftonville
Gray George 5 Alkali row Margate
Gray George 212A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Gray James E 2 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Gray John 57 Tivoli Road Margate
Gray John 72 Trinity Square Margate
Gray Miss Isabel (JP) 16 Surrey Road Margate
Gray Misses 11 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Green Arthur Henry 6 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Green Arthur James 11 Cliffe Avenue Westbrook
Green Ernest Rt 4 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Green Fred C 5 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Green George N Hawley Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Green Mrs Anne 9 & 11 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Green Mrs Maude 3 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Green Reginald G 2 Bethel Cottages Hanover Place Cliftonville
Greenfield John 31 Westbrook Road Westbrook
Greening Walter John 20 Rancorn Road Westbrook
Greenish Mrs 21 Cornwall Gardens Cliftonville
Greenstreet George Edward 58 Milton Road Margate
Gregory Adolphus 46 St Peters Road Margate
Gregory Edward 23 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Gregory Harry R 26 Princes Crescent Margate
Gregory Mrs 60 Connaught Road Margate
Gregory Mrs 8 Dorset Place Margate
Gregory Percy Dorman 6 Connaught Gardens Margate
Gregson Alfred 42 Harold Road Cliftonville
Gribble John Albert 23 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Griffiths John James 21 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Griffiths Miss 2 Neptune Square Margate
Griffiths Misses 1 Glebe Gardens Garlinge
Griffiths Mrs 32 Selborne Road Margate
Griffiths Mrs W L 212A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Griffiths William Hy 49 Selborne Road Margate
Griggs Charles Rose Lawn Canterbury Road Margate
Griggs H 1 Garden Row Margate
Griggs Harold 20 Hawley Street Margate
Griggs John 124 Byron Road Margate
Griggs Sidney W 12 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Griggs William 18 Church Street Margate
Griggs William 2 Edwards Place Margate
Gristwood Hy E Dane House High Street Garlinge
Gritten Archibald J 15 Waverley Road Westbrook
Groom Henry William 36 Grotto Road Margate
Groome Walter (MBE, MB, CM) 8 Eaton Road Margate
Grubb Cmdr. Reginald Watkins RN ret The Towers Hawley Square Margate
Guiliani Mrs M 45 Glencoe Road Margate
Guillemard Mrs St Gregorys St Peters Road Margate
Gunnis Mrs 66 Grosvenor Place Margate
Gunnis Mrs 13 Wyndham Avenue Cliftonville
Gunstone Arnold William 19 Wyndham Avenue Cliftonville
Gurney Alfred Edwards 36 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Gurney Frederick 3 Hanover Place Cliftonville
Gurr Arthur James 12 Danesmead Terrace Margate
Gurr George 17 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Gurr Herbert George 7 Gladstone Road Margate
Gutsell Mrs Home Farm   Northdown

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