Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - private residents - E


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Eaden Cyril 14 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Eades Mrs S E 15 Cliffe Avenue Westbrook
Eames Clarence Seymour 34 Marlowe Road Margate
Eames Ernest 5 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Eardley William Henry Northlands Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Earl Samuel G 43 Arlington Gardens Margate
Earp Mrs Park View Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Earthy Arthur L 6 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Earthy Mrs 28 Madeira Road Cliftonville
East Augustus George 2 Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
East Horace Hy 15 Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
Eastland A 31 Selborne Road Margate
Eastland Alfred James 37 College Road Margate
Eastland Frederick C 17 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Eastland Frederick William 32 Dane Road Cliftonville
Eastland Joseph 3 Holiday Square Margate
Eastland Mrs 58 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Eastland Walter 94 Eaton Road Margate
Eastland William Alfred 2 Milton Square Margate
Eastland William K 46 Bath Road Cliftonville
Eastman Phillip Stanley Sunnyridge Dane Road Cliftonville
Easton George Walter 13 Upper Grove Margate
Easton John H 29 Beatrice Road Margate
Easton Mark W 7 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Easton William David 52 Ramsgate Road Margate
Eaton Rt G Eldton Princes Gardens Cliftonville
Ebers Henry Osmond 12 Dane Park Road Margate
Eborn John 35 Alexandra Road Margate
Eden Mrs L R 14 Sussex Avenue Margate
Edes Joseph 103 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Edis Harry 42 Connaught Road Margate
Edmunds Alfred 16 Glebe Road Garlinge
Edney Mrs 91 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Edwardes Hector Stanley 78 Glencoe Road Margate
Edwards Arthur James 35 St Johns Road Margate
Edwards Bernard Guy 202 High Street Margate
Edwards Byron 31 Grotto Gardens Margate
Edwards Charles 88 Milton Road Margate
Edwards Edmund 31 Alexandra Road Margate
Edwards Ernest 13 Wellis Gardens Westbrook
Edwards Frederick 5 Garden Row Margate
Edwards Frederick John 7 Addington Square Margate
Edwards George 33 Marlowe Road Margate
Edwards Harold 7 Bath Road Cliftonville
Edwards Herbert 47 Dane Road Cliftonville
Edwards John 36 College Road Margate
Edwards John James 38 Belgrave Road Margate
Edwards Miss Redlands Leslie Avenue Westgate
Edwards Mrs 193 High Street Margate
Edwards Oscar A 84 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Edwards R de C 138 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Edwards Stanley 38 Marlowe Road Margate
Edwards Walter J 21 Marlborough Road Margate
Edwards William 54 Addington Street Margate
Edwards William 11 Sussex Avenue Margate
Edwards William H 59 Milton Road Margate
Edwards William Henry 28 Grange Road Margate
Egan Vere G 44 Marlowe Road Margate
Elcombe Stanley B 35 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Elford Misses 312 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Elkin Albert William 52 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Ellender Mrs 35 Victoria Road Margate
Ellerton J 244A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Ellinger Henry 9 Ramsgate Road Margate
Ellingham R Cold Blow Avenue Gardens Cliftonville
Ellingham Hy R 49 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Elliot Mrs F 20 Wellesley Road Cliftonville
Elliott George Albert 37 Marlowe Road Margate
Elliott John 64 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Elliott Miss W 23 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Elliott Mrs A 5 Crescent Road Westbrook
Elliott Reginald 3 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Elliott Richard 16 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Elliott Sidney Edward W 73 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Ellis Victor Henry 12 Charlotte Place Margate
Ells Byron 34 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Ells James Durban house Addiscombe Road Margate
Elson Charles Avery 206 High Street Margate
Elvey Arthur 2 Arundel Road Cliftonville
Elvish Miss Tabitha 80 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Ely Alfred William 18 Crescent Road Westbrook
Emptage Albert 19 Dane Park Road Margate
Emptage Edward 19A Birds Avenue Garlinge
Emptage Elijah Richard 27 Helena Avenue Margate
Emptage Frank R 16 St Augustines Avenue Margate
Emptage Frederick 39 Hawley Street Margate
Emptage Frederick Ernest 10 Marlowe Road Margate
Emptage George 39 Byron Road Margate
Emptage George Henry 65 Tivoli Road Margate
Emptage Harold V 20 Helena Avenue Margate
Emptage Herbert J 28 Gladstone Road Margate
Emptage Mrs 65 Byron Road Margate
Emptage Mrs 78 Milton Road Margate
Emptage Mrs Florence 14 Waverley Road Westbrook
Emptage Mrs Humphrey 8 Byron Road Margate
Emptage Thomas Henry 8 Fort Road Margate
Emptage Thomas Hy 8 Salmestone Road Margate
Emptage William 5 Setterfield Road Margate
Emptage William Hy 17 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Enderby William Leslie 8 Invicta Road Cliftonville
English George William 83 Glencoe Road Margate
Entwistle William S 15 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Ephgrave Frank 3 Albert Mansions Albert Terrace Margate
Epps Alfred Martin 4 Princes Crescent Margate
Epps Charles 1 Fort Mount Cliftonville
Epps Charles David 16 Brockley Road Margate
Epps Charles James 86 Byron Road Margate
Epps Henry Edward 8 Ventnor Lane Margate
Epps Henry George A 7 College Road Margate
Epps Stephen G 5 Victoria Cotts Margate
Epps William Thomas 10 Princes Street Margate
Errington Arthur John 17 Arundel Road Cliftonville
Errington Miss R M 32 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Esse Mrs 80 Trinity Square Margate
Esther Mrs Coombe Croft Northdown Way Margate
Ettridge Leonard Chas 81 Arlington Gardens Cliftonville
Euden Ernest 1 Frog Hill Margate
Euden Henry 2 Lausanne Road Margate
Euden Percy William 150 Ramsgate Road Margate
Euden William 59 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Evans Arthur Thomas 24 Gladstone Road Margate
Evans Danl Thomas (JP) 74 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Evans Frank E 18 College Road Margate
Evans Mrs 52A Canterbury Road Westbrook
Evans Mrs C 7 St Johns Road Margate
Evans Mrs M 3 Westcliff Gardens Westbrook
Evans Stephen B 35 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Evans T John 70 Byron Road Margate
Evans Thomas Grafton Nash Court Road Margate
Eveling Mrs 61 Approach Road Cliftonville
Everest Mrs Ellen 33 Brockley Road Margate
Everett Harold K 119 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Everett Walter 22 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Every George 59 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Eyles Frederick S 10 Connaught Road Margate
Eyre Miss 13 Westfield Road Westonville
Eyre Miss E 22 Church Street Margate

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