Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - private residents - C


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Cadogan James 18 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Cain Miss 4 Sussex Avenue Margate
Caird Miss 25 Arundel Road Cliftonville
Caister Miss 56 Grange Road Margate
Caldecot Mrs 8 Kent Road Margate
Calder Mrs 23 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Caldwell Miss 9 Neptune Square Margate
Call George Arthur 3 Marlborough Road Margate
Call Mrs 44 Addington Street Margate
Callen Arthur Hy 30 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Callingham Miss 69 Glencoe Road Margate
Callwell Mrs Templecourt Avenue Gardens Cliftonville
Cameron Duncan 35 Westonville Avenue Westbrook
Camfield George 10 Grosvenor Place Margate
Camfield Mrs 56 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Camm Mrs 113A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Campany Frederick 7 Danesmead Terrace Margate
Campany Thomas Stephen Mount villa Fort Mount Cliftonville
Campany William 4 Neptune Square Margate
Campbell Alex B 8 St Augustines Avenue Margate
Campbell Arthur L G 18 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Campbell Charles 29 Sussex Avenue Margate
Campbell Edwin C Wycombe Villa Princes Crescent Margate
Campbell John M 13 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Campion C F 1 Beancroft Mansions Canterbury Road Westbrook
Cannon William John 38 Gordon Road Cliftonville
Cantwell Edward F 30 Glebe Road Garlinge
Carden Frank 54 Madeira Road Cliftonville
Carden Mrs 27 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Carden Mrs E 40 Addington Road Margate
Carden Norman Henry 32 Addington Road Margate
Carey Charles 1 Sandown Cottages Godwin Road Cliftonville
Carfrae George M 25 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Carey Harry 5 Meadow Road Westbrook
Carisch Giacomo Rudolph 26 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Carley Miss E L 1 Alexandra Road Margate
Carlton William 37 Eaton Road Margate
Carpenter Frank 20 Grotto Road Margate
Carpenter George 71 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Carpenter Mrs 12 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Carpenter William 18 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Carr Mrs 23 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Carruthers Mrs 161 Dane Road Cliftonville
Cart Wiliam 91 Byron Road Margate
Carter Maximilian William 46 Cliftonville Avenue Cliftonville
Carter Miss 10 Bullers Court Margate
Carter Mrs 41 Connaught Road Margate
Carter William G 42 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Case Mrs 2 Westfield Road Westonville
Cass Miss 10 Birds Avenue Garlinge
Cass William J 67 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Cassell George 47 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Cassidy Rev Mark Mortimer (MA) Vicar of St James St James Vicarage Canterbury Road Westgate
Castle Edward 6 Caxton Road Garlinge
Castle Edward Charles 29 Birds Avenue Garlinge
Castle Edward Henry 8 Alexandra Road Margate
Castle Frederick William 2 Ivy Cottages Northdown
Castle Miss 3 Bullers Court Margate
Castle William John   Westgate Bay Avenue Westgate
Cates William James 102 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Caton Herbert C 4 Arundel Road Cliftonville
Caunt Alfred E 12 Tivoli Park Avenue Westbrook
Causon Stephen 10 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Cave William James 60 Harold Road Cliftonville
Cavella Mrs S Mascar House High Street Garlinge
Cawson Mrs 8 Connaught Gardens Margate
Cecil Harold Frederick 14 Connaught Gardens Margate
Chadwick Alfred 2 Hawley Street Margate
Chainey Mrs G E 19 Grotto Road Margate
Chamberlain Thomas Clarke 22 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Chambers Harold 8 Wellesley Road Cliftonville
Chambers Mrs 3 Wellington Gardens Margate
Chambers Mrs J 8 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Champion Mrs 31 Helena Avenue Margate
Chancellor Stephen S 39 Marlowe Road Margate
Chandler Charles 15 Gladstone Road Margate
Chandler George Thomas 110 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Chandler Mrs 6 St Augustines Avenue Margate
Chandler William Thomas 4 West Cliff Road Margate
Chantler Frederick 19 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Chapman Albert 11 Ethelbert Gardens Cliftonville
Chapman Daniel 21 Byron Road Margate
Chapman Harry 175A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Chapman Henry 3 Park Place Margate
Chapman Mrs 80 Grange Road Margate
Chapman Samuel 1 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Chapman William Read 19 Clarendon Road Cliftonville
Chappel Mrs 2 Talbot Road Cliftonville
Charles Arthur 5 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Charles Miss 3 Cornwall Gardens Cliftonville
Charlwood Charles William Strathmore Tivoli Park Avenue Margate
Chatterton Charles William 1 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Chatton Thomas Hy 59 Arlington Gardens Margate
Cheesman Tracey 22 Gladstone Road Margate
Cherry George 23 Ramsgate Road Margate
Chetham Miss 161 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Chidwick Albert Victor 2 Laurel villas Nash Court Road Margate
Chidwick Edward John 5 New Street Margate
Chidwick Edwin 125 Byron Road Margate
Chidwick Frederick 15 Brockley Road Margate
Chidwick James Frederick Wigmore Hartsdown Road Westbrook
Chidwick John 8 Selborne Road Margate
Chidwick Rt J 87 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Chidwick Walter 2 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Chidwick William Henry 3 Charles Square Margate
Child Alfred W 23 Waverley Road Westonville
Child James 13 Dane Park Road Margate
Child William 15 Wellis Gardens Westbrook
Chisholme John Arthur Red House Devonshire Gardens Cliftonville
Chittenden George Henry 97 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Chitty Albert 60 King Street Margate
Chitty James 12 Bentleys Place Margate
Choisy Mrs 19 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Chrisfield Harry George William 6 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Christian Albert 27 Byron Road Margate
Christian Edward Flat 2, 17 Eaton Road Margate
Christian Ernest William 21 Park Place Margate
Christian Frederick James 2 Fairview Villas High Street Garlinge
Christian Henry 62 Milton Road Margate
Christian William 20 Park Place Margate
Church- Brasier Mrs 75 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Churcher Frederick William 30 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Churcher Hy Joseph 13 Grotto Gardens Cliftonville
Churchman Mrs 9 Church Square Margate
Cladish Mrs A 4 ThanetCroft Margate
Cladish Mrs A 186 & 188 High Street Margate
Cladish Mrs E M 23 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Claessens Miss A M 29 Hastings Avenue Margate
Clapham Ernest 88 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Claris Alfred James 24 Milton Road Margate
Claris Frederick 5 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Clark Abram 10 Elmcroft villas Canterbury Road Westgate
Clark Daniel 61 Rancorn Road Westbrook
Clark Ernest G V Rosemary Devonshire Gardens Cliftonville
Clark Fras 34 Wellesley Road Cliftonville
Clark Henry George T 67 Grange Road Margate
Clark Horace Victor 2 Arlington Gardens Cliftonville
Clark Miss 4 Horns Cottages High Street Garlinge
Clark Miss E F 35 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Clark Miss H 78 Harold Road Cliftonville
Clark Mrs 60 Approach Road Cliftonville
Clark Norman 4 Cliftonville Mews Cliftonville
Clark Thomas Frederick 60 Eaton Road Margate
Clark Walter 2 Fairholme Villas Birds Avenue Garlinge
Clark Walter 28 Oxford Street Margate
Clarke Alfred J 43 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Clarke George Charles 134 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Clarke Mrs 21 Arlington Gardens Cliftonville
Clarke Mrs 82 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Clarke Mrs 31 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Clarke Mrs L 10 Ellington Villas Ellington Avenue Garlinge
Clarke Mrs W H Montrose Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Clarke Percy Coventry Lodge Nash Court Road Margate
Clarke William 237A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Clarkson Chas R 198A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Clay Rev Walter Harold (BA, LTh) curate of St John th Baptist 25 Connaught Road Margate
Clayson Edward 85 Milton Road Margate
Clayson George Richd 72 Connaught Road Margate
Clayson Harry 22 Bath Road Cliftonville
Clayson James 29 Oxford Street Margate
Clayson Jim 30 Oxford Street Margate
Clayson Louis Andrew 29 Marlowe Road Margate
Clayson Philip 57 Durban Road Margate
Clayson Stephen 9 Pleasant Place The Fort Cliftonville
Clayson William P 25 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Clayton Mrs 9 Windsor Avenue Cliftonville
Cleall Herbert J 22 Byron Road Margate
Cleever Harry 37 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Clegg James 1 Churchfield Place Margate
Clement E 61 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Clement Frederick 26 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Clements Rev Percy Arthur hon. (CF) Baptist 13 Westcliff Gardens Westbrook
Clements Frank Pine Lodge Royal esplanade Westbrook
Clements Miss Grape Vine cottage   Northdown
Clements Richard Butler 20 Milton Road Margate
Cleminson Frank D 90 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Cleveland George 55 Cornwall Gardens Cliftonville
Clewley Albert Frederick Maycote Leslie Avenue Westgate
Clewley John 13 Brockley Road Margate
Clewley Mrs M 7 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Clibbon Alex S 30 Wellis Gardens Westbrook
Clifford Charles 9 Grotto Gardens Cliftonville
Clifford James F 55 Byron Road Margate
Clifford L F 39 Hawley square Margate
Clifford Mrs 20 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Clifford Mrs Kate 1 Alma Place Margate
Clifton Harry 125 Ramsgate Road Margate
Clifton Herbert 41 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Clifton Mrs 21 Addiscombe Road Margate
Clifton Mrs 15 Fitzroy Avenue Margate
Clifton Mrs M 2 Dorset Place Margate
Clifton Percy 14 Dane Park Road Margate
Clinton Louis Devonhurst Canterbury Road Westbrook
Clow Harold E 26 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Clowes Edgar Strathmore Leslie Avenue Garlinge
Clubb Charles Walter Frank 8 Westonville Avenue Westbrook
Coare Richard 19 Marlborough Road Margate
Coates W Harrison 38 St Peters Road Margate
Cobb F Cecil 81 Trinity Square Margate
Cobb Fras H 129 Dane Road Cliftonville
Cobb Francis Marsden The Bank House King Street Margate
Cobb L Munro 8 Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
Cobb Mervyn Swaylands Devonshire Gardens Cliftonville
Cobb Misses 29 Richmond Avenue Cliftonville
Cockerton Robert sen. 111 Ramsgate Road Margate
Cockerton Robert C 113 Ramsgate Road Margate
Cocks Alfred 34 Crow Hill Road Garlinge
Cocks Frederick C 70 Milton Road Margate
Cocks Percy George E 3 Pleasant Place The Fort Cliftonville
Coe Alfred 8 Poets Corner Margate
Coe Mrs 9 Flint Row Margate
Coe Rd 43 Windsor Avenue Cliftonville
Coffill James William 78 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Cohen Samuel 34 Approach Road Cliftonville
Cohen Samuel Hy Ronel Rutland Avenue Cliftonville
Coker Frederick Hy 3 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Coker Miss C 4 Dalby Road Cliftonville
Colbert Frederick 83 Milton Road Margate
Colby Hy Joseph 82 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Cole Amos Percy 19 King Street Margate
Cole Archibald Bernard St Mylor Gresham Avenue Westbrook
Cole Eric 159 Dane Road Cliftonville
Cole Fras Herbert Ken Cot Avenue Gardens Cliftonville
Cole Frederick John 21 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Cole John 65 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Cole Percy 38 Dane Road Cliftonville
Cole Walter 55 Trinity Square Margate
Cole Walter Hill 19 Glencoe Road Margate
Coleman Edward (JP) 41 Hawley Square Margate
Coleman Edward Arthur 34 Connaught Road Margate
Coleman Ernest 4 Glebe Road Garlinge
Coleman Francis James 24 Buckingham Road Margate
Coleman Francis 2 Ivy Cottages High Street Garlinge
Coleman Miss 1 Upper Grove Flats Upper Grove Margate
Coleman Robert 12 Marlborough Road Margate
Coleman Thomas 21 Windsor Avenue Cliftonville
Coleman William Thomas 14 Ellington Avenue Garlinge
Coles Cyril 16 St Pauls Road Cliftonville
Coles Cyril Alfred Gordon Dent de Lion Villa Dent de Lion Road Garlinge
Coles Lionel Gilbert Harry Devanha Avenue Gardens Cliftonville
Colesworthy Mrs M 75 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Colingwood Stanley 1 Garlinge Farm Cotts Canterbury Road Westbrook
Collier George 2 Walpole Road Margate
Collier George Albert Clifton Cott Clifton Place Cliftonville
Collier Mrs A 8 Neptune Square Margate
Collier Mrs Annie 15 Pleasant Place The Fort Margate
Collier Mrs Jesse 20 Dane Park Road Margate
Collings Frederick O The Haven St Peters Road Margate
Collingwood Stanley 3 St Johns Street Margate
Collins Alfred William C 36 Eaton Road Margate
Collins Brenton Robey The Anchorage Cornwall Gardens Cliftonville
Collins Miss 15 Windsor Avenue Cliftonville
Collins Mrs 15 Addiscombe Road Margate
Collins Mrs 93 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Collins Thomas 32 Grotto Gardens Cliftonville
Collins Thomas D Sheep cottage Home farm Northdown
Collis Mrs Maude Lushington 9 Ellington Villas Ellington Avenue Garlinge
Collison Miss M E 33 Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
Collison William 87 Byron Road Margate
Collyer George A 7 Park Place Margate
Collyer Mrs Alice 24 Ford Road Margate
Colpus George The Lodge Park Road Dane Park
Colyer Samuel 1 Hastings Avenue Margate
Comber William Arthur 12 Ulster Road Margate
Combley James 66 Approach Road Cliftonville
Combley Leonard 34 Arlington Gardens Margate
Constable Thomas 11 Dane Hill Row Margate
Cook Albert 13 Birds Avenue Garlinge
Cook George Alfred 117 Milton Road Margate
Cook Hy 31 Dane Road Margate
Cook John Ancell 2 Grosvenor Hill Margate
Cook John Herbert 151 High Street Margate
Cook Mrs D H   Love Lane Margate
Cook Stanley Reginald 4 Sandown Cottages Godwin Road Cliftonville
Cook Stewart 9 Stanley Road Cliftonville
Cook W G 6 Neptune Square Margate
Cooke Stephen T Calcaria Barnes Avenue Westbrook
Combes Mrs 20 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Coombs   1 Thanet Croft Margate
Coombs   186 & 188 High Street Margate
Coombs Arthur Henry 39 Helena Avenue Margate
Coombs James William 32 Buckingham Road Margate
Coombs Mrs 7 New Street Margate
Cooper Charles 2 Barn Crescent Westbrook
Cooper Charles 36 Milton Road Margate
Cooper David William Morlands Leslie Avenue Westgate
Cooper Edward 37 Arlington Gardens Cliftonville
Cooper Edwin Roland 53 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Cooper George William 15 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Cooper Jack 17 The Parade Margate
Cooper Mrs 34 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Cooper Mrs A 11 Glencoe Road Margate
Cooper Mrs Katherine 83 Arlington Gardens Cliftonville
Cooper William J 29 Wellis Gardens Westbrook
Copeland J Hy 16 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Coppin Edwin 47 Marlowe Road Margate
Coppin Frederick 17 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Coppin Laurence 43 Marlowe Road Margate
Corbett Miss Hylands Laleham Road Cliftonville
Corbey Mrs 12 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Corbey Sydney Charles 13 Addington Road Margate
Corcoran Mrs 25 Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Cordell Mrs 22 Hawley Square Margate
Cordery Mrs Edith 47 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Corfield William Smyth 9 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Cork John Charles Norman Villa Alfred Road Cliftonville
Corke Mrs 44 Prices Avenue Margate
Cornelius Mrs 37 Hastings Avenue Margate
Cornhill Jesse 39 Trinity square Margate
Cornhill Joseph Edward 26 Sussex Avenue Margate
Cornille Auguste 169 Dane Road Cliftonville
Corri Mrs 46 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Cory Percy 6 Ulster Road Margate
Cosgrave   9 St Johns Street Margate
Cosh Nathaniel 6 Bath Place Margate
Cosslett Alfred Edwin 15 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Cotton L Stapleton 2 Havering Mansions Second Avenue Cliftonville
Cotton Walter D 2 Wyndham Avenue Cliftonville
Coulbeck Mrs 16 Selborne Road Margate
Couldery Frank 107 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Coules Chas P 85 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Coules Mrs 13 Dane Hill Row Margate
Coulling George 20 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Court Ernest 153 High Street Margate
Court Miss Frances E 33 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Cousens Horace William 24 Arthur Road Cliftonville
Cousins Charles Frederick 23 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Couzins Harry 30 Brooke Avenue Garlinge
Couzins Hubert John 4 Victoria Cottages Margate
Couzins Mrs C 78 Victoria Road Cliftonville
Couzins Thomas 69 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Couzins Thomas Ernest 77 Grange Road Margate
Cowell Charles 12 Dane Hill Row Margate
Cowell Charles Hy 2 Hertford Road Cliftonville
Cowell Charles Norman 87 Victoria Road Margate
Cowell Edward Ernest 18 Danesmead Terrace Margate
Cowell Herbert 26 Walpole Road Margate
Cowell Mrs 99 King Street Margate
Cowell Wilfred George 7 Dane Park Road Margate
Cowie Archibald 39 Durban Road Margate
Cox Alfred G 4 Alfred Road Margate
Cox Charles 61 Tivoli Road Margate
Cox Edward 63 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Cox George 1 Station Road Westbrook
Cox George Thomas 18 Selborne Road Margate
Cox James 10 Neptune Square Margate
Cox James William 7 Milton Road Margate
Cox Miss 86 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Cox Mrs 14 Caxton Road Garlinge
Cox Mrs 35 Cornwall Gardens Cliftonville
Cox Mrs 5 Salmestone Road Margate
Cox William 64 Approach Road Cliftonville
Coy Joseph Hawley Cot Princes Street Margate
Crabtree William 13 Coast Guard Station All Saints Road Margate
Craigen W Ewart The Nook Albion Road Cliftonville
Crammond Alex 15 Selborne Road Margate
Crampton & Wallis Misses Brendon Palm Bay Avenue Cliftonville
Crane Thomas J 8 Grosvenor Place Margate
Craske Mrs 40 Addington Street Margate
Crawley Dennis 1 Westonville Avenue Westbrook
Crawley Miss Ann 21 Cliff Avenue Westbrook
Crawley Mrs 7 Grotto Hill Margate
Crawshaw Walter 23 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Crayford Charles 1 Dane Park Road Margate
Crayford Edward W 3 Waverley Road Westbrook
Crayford Percy John 58 Grange Road Margate
Creassey Herbert 70 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Creed Ernest Edward 34 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Cressy George John Palm Bay Haven Avenue Gardens Cliftonville
Crickett Charles 12 Dane Hill Margate
Cripps Frank William 22 Addiscombe Gardens Margate
Cripps Thomas John 62 Selborne Road Margate
Crispe Mrs 27 Connaught Gardens Margate
Crittenden Mrs 8 Beach Houses Royal Crescent Margate
Crocker Amos Victoria Cott College Road Margate
Croft Mrs 6 Thanet Croft, 186 & 188 High Street Margate
Cronk Rt C 30 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Crook Hubert 65 Grange Road Margate
Crookes George Hy 57 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Crosby Daniel Ernest 39 Hawley Square Margate
Croshaw Frank 17 Glencoe Road Margate
Cross Alfred Douglas 3 Helena Avenue Margate
Crouch Edmund 121 Dane Road Cliftonville
Crouch John McLoud 18 Addington Street Margate
Crouch Mrs E 5 Westbrook Road Westbrook
Crouch Walter Richard Hy 22 Park Place Margate
Croucher Mrs Russell 7 Kent Road Margate
Croughton A J 8 Lyndhurst Avenue Cliftonville
Crow William George 70 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Crowhurst Ernest A 39 Rancorn Road Westbrook
Crump Walter S 5 Caxton Road Garlinge
Crutcher Willie Lovegrove 14 Crescent Road Westbrook
Cuckney Edward T 17 Salmestone Road Margate
Cuckney Walter Hugh 64 King Street Margate
Cudmore Thomas 66 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Cullen Rt Thomas 23 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Culmer Frederick John 1 St Peters footpath Margate
Culmer Mrs 5 Hill View Twenties Margate
Culver William Henry 21 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Cumberland Thomas L 42 St Peters Road Margate
Cumbers Misses 5 Westbrook Terrace Westbrook
Cumings George 23 Princes Street Margate
Cunnington Horace Hillside Alfred Road Cliftonville
Curling Chas Henry 2 Princes Street Margate
Curtis Frederick William 51 Invicta Road Cliftonville
Curtis Henry Victor 51 Grange Road Margate
Curtis William Henry 104 Eaton Road Margate
Cutler Francis 4 Hastings Avenue Cliftonville
Cuttell Miss 18 Approach Road Cliftonville

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