Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - commercial directory - T


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Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road District
Tannenbaums   pawnbrokers & jewellers 4 King Street Margate
Tanner Mrs E bazaar 47 Marine Terrace Margate
Tanner George lodging house 5 Addington Square Margate
Tanton A J & Co   auctioneers, surveyors & house &estate agents Westonville Estate Office, 143 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Tanton A J & Co   auctioneers, surveyors & house &estate agents   Kingsgate Broadstairs
Tapp Arthur Griffin farmer Drapers Farm St Peters Road Margate
Tappenden Rd Alex boot repairer 86 Eaton Road Margate
Targett Mrs A L boarding house 2 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Tart Charles O grocer 176A High Street Margate
Tatnell Edward tea rooms 3 Fort Arcade Margate
Taylor H E & Son   coal merchants   Thanet Road Margate
Taylor & Patterson   auctioneers, valuers, house & estate agents 103 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Taylor & Patterson   auctioneers, valuers, house & estate agents 85 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Taylor Mrs A tobacconist 13 Milton Square Margate
Taylor Mrs Alfred R boarding house 72 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Taylor George motor garage 1 Upper Grove Margate
Taylor George H electro plater   Booth Place Margate
Taylor George Henry electro plater 80 Hastings Avenue Dane Park
Taylor Herbert E S boarding house 51 Athelstan Road Cliftonville
Taylor Herbert Edward coal merchant 31 Dane Hill Row Margate
Taylor Mrs L boarding house 12 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Taylor Norman lodging house 42 Dane Road Cliftonville
Taylor W J inspector of weights & measures office King Street Margate
Taylor William bootmaker 114 Grosvenor Place Margate
Telfer Mrs lodging house 84 Eaton Road Margate
Temperton Thomas Rt board residence 37 St Peters Road Margate
Temple Miss E boarding house 4 Laleham Road Cliftonville
Terry & Sankey   watch makers 13 Broad Street Margate
Terry Miss E private tutor 79 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Terry James ironmonger Commerce House High Street Garlinge
Terry William furnished apartments 18 Zion Place Cliftonville
Testa Edward A lodging house 11 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Thanet Agricultural Engineering Motor Works Olliver & Addis Ltd, proprietors     Eaton Road Margate
Thanet Club (The) C F Haynes, sec   49 & 50 Hawley Square Margate
Thanet General & Motor Engineering Works (The)       Bath Road Margate
Thanet Guild of Arts (The)     28 Princes Street Margate
Thedden Grange Private Hotel Misses K & M Dale   34 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Theobald Frederick G Hy boarding house 16 Albert Terrace Margate
Thicke Walter boarding house 21 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Thomas Albert private hotel 37 Approach Road Cliftonville
Thomas Colin boarding house 5 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Thomas Frank cabinet maker 58 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Thomas Frederick S outfitter 29 & 80 & 82 Ramsgate Road Margate
Thomas Frederick S boot repairer 108 Ramsgate Road Margate
Thompson Misses boarding house 33 Eastern Esplanade Cliftonville
Thompson Mrs A C apartments 91 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Thompson A E Arcadian Hotel 22 Fort Road Margate
Thorn Mrs Edith draper 9 Charlotte Place Margate
Thornhill L R motor garage   King Street Margate
Thunder Percy A builder 152 High Street Margate
Tillcock Harry S Hotel Imperial 1 Marine Drive Margate
Tiltman John William George boarding house 11 Connaught Road Margate
Timmins Mrs E A boarding house 19, 23, & 25 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Tipple Fras W grocer 109 Ramsgate Road Margate
Tivoli Garage Olliver & Addis Ltd, proprietors   47 Eaton Road Margate
Toby Harold Lascelles stationer 15 King Street Margate
Toby Harold Lascelles printing works   Princes Court Margate
Todd Alfred dairy 52 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Todd Charles William tailor 68 Glencoe Road Dane Park
Todd William grocer 89 High Street Margate
Tompkins Mrs A S lodging house 56 Warwick Road Margate
Tompkins Mrs G E boarding house 28 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Tompson B E fancy draper 133 High Street Margate
Tompson B E fancy draper 2 Mill Lane Margate
Torriani   restaurant 44 High Street Margate
Torriani Constantine dining rooms 144 High Street Margate
Torriani Mario W baker 41 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Torriani's Restaurant     17 Marine Drive Margate
Town Clerks Office Edward Brooke, Town Clerk   40 Grosvenor Place Margate
Town Hall       Market Place Margate
Town Yard George H Sayer, foreman     Victoria Road Margate
Townend William Searell Customs & Excise & Old Age Pensions Officer 7 Cecil Street Margate
Townsend Miss J apartments 16 Addington Street Margate
Tozer Alex Rd Cinque Ports Hotel   Marine Terrace Margate
Trant Miss dressmaker 43 Tivoli Road Margate
Trapps Mrs George boarding house 43, 45, & 47 Harold Road Margate
Travers William restaurant 17 Marine Terrace Margate
Treasurers Office Valuation Department W Studham, Valuation Officer   38 Grosvenor Place Margate
Trehearn Albert A lodging house 30 Godwin Road Cliftonville
Treves Frederick Boileau (OBE, MA, MB, B Ch Cantab, MRCS Eng, LRCP, Lond) physician & surgeon 32 Dalby Square Cliftonville
Trew Mrs apartments 23 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Triggs Rd cars for hire Rokeby Addiscombe Road Margate
Trusson Walter G hosier 174 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Tryhorn Samuel James taxi cab proprietor 1 Lyndhurst Avenue Cliftonville
Tucker H Keith (MRCS Eng, LRCP, Lond, DOMS) physician & surgeon 25 Northdown Avenue Cliftonville
Tuffin F & W upholsterers workshop Bath Road Cliftonville
Tuffin & Co   furniture dealers 96 Ramsgate Road Margate
Tugwell Miss Ellen boarding house 68 Godwin Road Cliftonville
Tully Joseph Charles (G  Hall, FSMC, FIO, manager) ophthalmic optician 238A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Tumber Mrs toy dealer 148 High Street Margate
Turner Edward boarding house 3 Arthur Road Cliftonville
Turner Frank automatic machines 5, 7, 9, 10, & 14 Fort Arcade Margate
Turner Frank lodging house 9 Godwin Road Cliftonville
Turner George Richard lodging house 80 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Turner Hy Edward lodging house 5 Belgrave Road Margate
Turner John Ernest meteorological observer 38 Grosvenor Place Margate
Turner John William greengrocer 29 Bath Road Cliftonville
Tutt James lodging house 6 Pleasant Place The Fort Cliftonville
Twyman George Frederick lodging house 9 Thanet Road Margate
Twyman Herbert Nicholson Lord Byron, public house 113 Byron Road Margate
Twyman John Robert lodging house 33 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Twyman Stephen J Rodney Inn, public house   High Street Garlinge
Tyler Alfred boarding house 4 Stanley Road Cliftonville
Tyrrel William dairy farmer Shottendane Farm   Margate
Tyzack Horace Ltd   house furnishers 67, 69, 71 & 83  Northdown Road Cliftonville

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