Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - commercial directory - R


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Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road District
Radford Mrs A milliner 279 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Railway Convalescent Home   Miss Foster, matron   Shottendane Road Margate
Rains William lodging house 27 Trinity Square Margate
Ramsden Miss M C lodging house 4 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Randall M & S stationers 2 Tivoli Road Margate
Randall Edward E butcher   High Street Garlinge
Randell C & Son   basket makers   Arnold Road Margate
Rands John Henry lodging house 45 Hawley Square Margate
Rankin Mrs boarding house 24 & 25 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Ranshaw Thomas lodging house 10 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Ransford G & D   wholesale & retail tobacconist 86 Harold Road Cliftonville
Ransons Private Hotel Mrs Edith Ranson, proprietress   11 Royal Crescent Westbrook
Rapid Rover Coaches   Horace William Cousens, proprietor 24 Arthur Road Margate
Rapsons Limited   tailors 74 High Street Margate
Rapsons Limited   hosiers, hatters & outfitters 21 & 23 High Street Margate
Rathcote Private Hotel Miss Gillham   67, 69 & 71 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Rattray John (MSIA Assoc Roy. San Inst) chief sanitary inspector 38 Grosvenor Place Margate
Rawlins Charles William watch maker 122A High Street Margate
Rayner Mrs T café 273 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Read Mrs & Miss Cooper confectioners 26A Eaton Road Margate
Read George L blind maker 12 New Croos Street Margate
Read Mrs Lily confectioner 97 King Street Margate
Read T boat builder   Sopers Yard Margate
Read Thomas S general stores 110 Byron Road Margate
Read William (BA) Stanley House School 23 & 24 Clarendon Road Cliftonville
Reader Mrs F H boarding house 4 Athelstan Road Cliftonville
Redbourn R P motor car garage   Harold Road Cliftonville
Reddy Mrs boarding house 3 Trinity Square Margate
Redgrave William Hy boarding house 9 Belgrave Road Margate
Redman William grocer 109 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Redman William C stationer, post & telegraph office 101 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Redman William C fancy shop & post office 16 The Parade Margate
Reed Arthur J corn chandler   High Street Garlinge
Reeve & Bayly   auctioneers, valuers, surveyors & estate agents 18 Cecil Square Margate
Reeve & Bayly   auctioneers, valuers, surveyors & estate agents Warwick Chambers, 243 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Reeve & Bayly   auctioneers, valuers, surveyors & estate agents 7 High Street Broadstairs
Reeve & Reeve   architects & surveyors 1 Cecil Street Margate
Reeve & Reeve   architects & surveyors 1 Union Crescent Margate
Reeve & Co (Margate) Limited   mineral water manufactory 32 Hawley Street Margate
Reeve & Co (Margate) Limited   wine merchants 24 Hawley Street Margate
Reeves A Norman Ltd   wholesale confectioners 12 & 14A Mill Lane Margate
Reeves Hubert Ltd   bakers 52 High Street Margate
Reeves Hubert Ltd   confectioners 158 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Reeves H bakery   Park Place Margate
Reeves Mrs J boarding house 96 Grosvenor Place Margate
Regan William boarding house 16 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Reid William & Co   drapers 1 Fort Road Margate
Reid William & Co   drapers 8, 9, & 10 King Street Margate
Remington Arthur Herbert photographer 55 & 87 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Rex-Graham Christopher dentist 203 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Reynolds Arthur Henry Druids Arms, public house 14 St Johns Road Margate
Reynolds Robert boot maker 118 High Street Margate
Ricardo Emanuel boarding house 38 & 40 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Rice & Son Ltd   builders Prudential Chambers, 1 Cecil Square Margate
Rice & Son Ltd   builders yards: Westbrook Road Westbrook
Rice & Son Ltd   builders yards: Canterbury Road Westbrook
Rich Mrs E boarding house 5 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Rich William lodging house 27 Grotto Road Margate
Richards Harry T butcher 1 Salmestone Road Margate
Richards John apartments 3 Gordon Road Cliftonville
Richards Mrs Kate shopkeeper 84 Milton Road Margate
Richards Miss L art needlework depot 148 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Richards Mrs apartments 3 Addington Street Margate
Richards Mrs apartments 3 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Richardson Mrs board residence 10 Sea View Terrace Westbrook
Riches Mrs Katherine nurse 44 Harold Road Cliftonville
Rickaby Edward boarding house 35 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Rickon William boarding house 96 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Rickton William H pork butcher 2A Mill Lane Margate
Riddle & Symms Misses lodging house 11 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Ripley Arthur farrier The Forge Mill Lane Margate
Ritchie Thomas fishmonger 33A Hawley Street Margate
Rob Roy Residential Home &  School   Mrs E Knowles, matron in charge   Shottendane Margate
Robartes E T & Co   bootmakers 10 Paradise Street Margate
Roberts A & Son   greengrocers 128 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Roberts Misses apartments 1 Cliftonville Avenue Cliftonville
Roberts Miss E M lodging house 51 Fitzroy Avenue Cliftonville
Roberts Mrs Florentine boarding house 7 Dalby Square Cliftonville
Roberts Frederick A boarding house 23 Arthur Road Cliftonville
Roberts Lionel Hy boarding house 38 Ramsgate Road Margate
Roberts W S confectioner   The Jetty & Extension Margate
Robertson Stanley Marshall dentist 10 Cecil Street Margate
Robertson Stuart (MC, MB, ChB) physician & surgeon 27 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Robins Christopher grocer 22 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Robinson Miss C art, needlework 2 Northdown Parade Prices Avenue Cliftonville
Robinson H W restaurant 7 Market Place Margate
Robinson Joseph builder, decorator & sanitary engineer 17 & 19 Addington Road Margate
Robinson Joseph builder, decorator & sanitary engineer yard Upper Grove Margate
Robinson William lodging house 28 & 29 Marine Terrace Margate
Rodier Mrs A boarding house 15 Belgrave Road Margate
Rogers Ernest newsagent 158 High Street Margate
Rogers Horace John baker 24 Charlotte Place Margate
Rogers T J collector of poor, general district & water rates for the parish of Margate Municipal Buildings Margate Place Margate
Roper Henry lodging house 2 Garden Row Margate
Ross Joseph boarding house 4 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Rossale J C fruiterer 89 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Rothwell Mrs L lodging house 12 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Row William George insurance agent 2 Helena Avenue Margate
Rowe Mrs Ada boarding house 27 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Rowe Cyril luggage porter 29 Eaton Road Margate
Rowe Miss lodging house 3 Westbrook Terrace Westbrook
Rowe Mrs boarding house 37 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Rowe Mrs lodging house 29 Eaton Road Margate
Rowe Walter J boarding house 5 Dalby Square Cliftonville
Rowley Mrs Isabel draper 57 Upper Dane Road Cliftonville
Rowley T Nelson motor garage 5A Eaton Road Margate
Royal Albion Hotel   John S Brown, proprietor   The Parade Margate
Rpyal Artillery (TA) 59th Home Counties, Cinque Ports, Field Brigade, 235th Battery   Maj A G Tapp, (MC), Officer commanding; Battery Sergeant Arthur Charles Jones, instructor headquarters, Drill Hall Victoria Road Margate
Royal National Lifeboats     slipway station The Jetty & Extension Margate
Royal Pierremont Laundry     1 Lynton Parade Edgar Road Cliftonville
Royal Pierremont Laundry     receiving office Hawley Street Margate
Royal School for Deaf & Dumb Children   J O White, head master:  F W Freeman, sec & Miss M Humphry, matron   Victoria Road Margate
Royal School for Deaf & Dumb Children   office 93 Cannon Street London EC4
Royal Sea Bathing Hospital     38 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Royal Sovereign Steamship Co Ltd (The) A W Adams, agent     The Jetty & Extension Margate
Ruback Jacob ladies tailor 12 St Johns Road Margate
Ruby Lounge The P J Kemp   Royal York Mansions The Parade Margate
Ruff Mrs A laundry 67 (rear of) Rancorn Road Westbrook
Russell & Bromley   boot makers 230 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Russell Bros   outfitters 31 High Street Margate
Russell Arthur Joseph confectioner 63A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Russell Miss L lodging house 41 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Russells Gravesend Brewery Limited   offices & stores 1 King Street Margate
Russells Gravesend Brewery Limited   depot   Mansion Street Margate
Ryan Louis P tailor 20 Paradise Street Margate
Ryles Miss lodging house 5 Hawley Square Margate
Ryley Mrs Gertrude confectioner 136 High Street Margate
Rymer Thomas S private hotel 28 & 30 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville

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