Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - commercial directory - F


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Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road District
Fabb Arth   apartments 23 West Cliff Road Margate
Fagg Miss lodging house 17 Belgrave Road Margate
Falby Edward boarding house 17 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Fallone Bennet hairdresser 3 Tivoli Road Margate
Farbrother C H Ltd   mantle warehouse 163 & 165 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Farndale John Robert Customs & Excise & Old Age Pension Officer 7 Cecil Street Margate
Farndon William H R confectioner 2 Charlotte Place Margate
Farningham Lodge Boarding House Mrs C Jocelyn     Canterbury Road Margate
Farrant Mrs I boarding house 5 Second Avenue Cliftonville
Farrant Mrs J lodging house 26 Addington Square Margate
Farrier Bert hairdresser 10A Charlotte Place Margate
Farrow Miss lodging house 39 Dane Hill Row Margate
Fasham E T Ltd   grocers 106 Ramsgate Road Margate
Fasham E T Ltd   grocers 204 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Fasham E T Ltd   grocers & post office 252, 254, 256 & 258 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Fasham E T Ltd     1 Arnold Road Cliftonville
Fasham E T Ltd     127 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Fasham E T Ltd     Fern Villa   Garlinge
Fasham E T Ltd     1 High Street Garlinge
Fasham E T Ltd   outfitters 221 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Fasham E T Ltd   drapers   High Street Garlinge
Fasham E T Ltd   motor garage Harold Garage Harold Road Cliftonville
Fasham John A dairy farmer Hospital Farm Old Green Road Cliftonville
Fasham Reginald John dairyman (Belle Vue Dairy) 71 Approach Road Cliftonville
Fasham Reginald John dairyman (Belle Vue Dairy) 111 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Faulkner Alfred Daniel plumber 29 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Feakins Benjamin Frederick lodging house 15 Charlotte Place Margate
Feakins William Hy decorator 31 Athelstan Road Cliftonville
Fearn Mrs Arthur boarding house 45 Thanet Road Margate
Fell Mrs boarding house 13 Arthur Road Cliftonville
Fenner Frank I restaurant 4 Cliff Terrace Cliftonville
Fern Mrs lodging house 10 St Johns Road Margate
Few & Llewellyn   estate agents 205 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Field Mrs A M visiting nurse 51 Ramsgate Road Margate
Field Mrs B boarding house 51 Godwin Road Cliftonville
Field Miss Emma lodging house 5 New Cross Street Margate
Field George apartments 12 Ethelbert Gardens Cliftonville
Field Miss Jessie draper 8 Church Square Margate
Field Mrs P boarding house 22 Trinity Square Margate
Filer Albert cabinet maker 79 (rear of) Trinity Square Margate
Finlay Aug hardware stores 1 Mill Lane Margate
Finn Mrs G W boarding house 4 Trinity Square Margate
Finnis Robert F lodging house 14 Dane Hill Margate
First Avenue Private Hotel Miss Thornton   4 First Avenue Cliftonville
Fisher Mrs F E lodging house 35 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Fisher Hy G insurance agent 26 Dane Hill Row Margate
Fitzeustace Mrs apartments 12 Hawley Square Margate
Fleet Bros   shopkeepers 15 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Fleet Bros   grocers 30 Victoria Road Margate
Fleming Reid & Co Limited   hosiers 212 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Fleming Ernest A shopkeeper 97 Ramsgate Road Margate
Fletcher W & R Ltd   family butchers 12 Cranbourne Place Margate
Flinn & Son Ltd   dyers 62A High Street Margate
Flinn & Son Ltd   dyers 183A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Flint Alfred J The Royal Oak, public house 143 High Street Margate
Flint Miss Emma boarding house 13 Second Avenue Cliftonville
Floral Hall William Bowden   233 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Floyd Ernest C outfitter 129 & 131 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Foat Frederick greengrocer 57 Eaton Road Margate
Foat Percy plumber 27 Oxford Street Margate
Foghill Mrs boarding house 4 Westbrook Terrace Westbrook
Follick Mrs preparatory school 2 Richmond Avenue Cliftonville
Ford Aug. Badrick dentist 43 Kent Road Margate
Foreman Richard lodging house 21 Rancorn Road Westonville
Foresters Hall Richard H Jarvis, caretaker     Union Crescent Margate
Fort Lodge Hotel       Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Fort Road Garage Lacey & Newman     Fort Road Margate
Fort Road Private Hotel & Boarding House Mrs Gattke   18 Fort Road Cliftonville
Foster (FRIBA) & Barber (LRIBA, MI Struct E)   architects, surveyors & quantity surveyors 183 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Foster Bros Clothing Co Ltd   outfitters 38 High Street Margate
Foster Arthur A E decorator 3 Lombard Street Margate
Foster John apartments 12 Grosvenor Place Margate
Foster Mrs Mary boarding house 18 Garfield Road Westbrook
Foster Miss S F apartments 76 Grosvenor Place Margate
Fox Robert lodging house 21 Godwin Road Cliftonville
Franks Henry Hoy Hotel   The Parade Margate
Freeman Hardy & Willis Limited   boot makers 80 High Street Margate
Freeman Hardy & Willis Limited   boot makers 74 & 264 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Freeman F L J fruiterer 68 & 70 Ramsgate Road Margate
Freeman Mrs Arklow Private Hotel 49 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Freeman Sydney chiropodist 49 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Freemasons Hall       New Cross Street Margate
Fremlins Bros Ltd   brewers 5A Eaton Road Margate
French Owen Edgar The Brewers Arms, public house 94 High Street Margate
Fricker Daniel J confectioner 54 Dane Valley Road Cliftonville
Fricker Vincent D sign writer 85 Dane Road Cliftonville
Fright Edwin John assistant overseer for St John the Bapist, Margate & for the parish of Garlinge 12 Grosvenor Place Margate
Fright Egbert E H (ASAA)  incorporated accountant 284 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Frith Arthur boarding house 63 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Frost Edward William boarding house 2 Avondale Place Margate
Fruen William Arthur grocer 220A High Street Margate
Fruin Mrs A M lodging house 6 Dane Hill Row Margate
Fulcher   dealer in antiques, furniture, glass, silver 139 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Fuller Mrs C lodging house 13 Buenos Ayres Westbrook
Fuller Hy James builder 94 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Fuller Percival Clarence newsagent 23 Victoria Avenue Cliftonville
Fuller Stephen James lodging house 7 Oxford Street Margate
Furborough Mrs boarding house 21 & 48 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Furmston Mrs lodging house 8 St Johns Road Margate

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