Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929 - Margate - commercial directory - A


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Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road District
Abbott Mrs apartments 20 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Acacia Nursing Home Mrs Dolton   15 & 16 Connaught Road Margate
Adams Charles George lodging house 21 Thanet Road Margate
Adams Charles William builders merchant 8, 10 & 12 Dane Road Margate
Addington Timber, Slate & Cement Co. Limited Hubert T Deacon, manager sawing & planing mills   Laleham Road, & Dane Yard Margate
Addington William Herbert ham & beef dealer 3 High Street Margate
Addis Mrs E lodging house 3 Fort Paragon Cliftonville
Addley Reginald board residence 19 Cliffe Avenue Westbrook
Admans Bros   builders workshop Booth Place Margate
Admans Arthur lodging house 1 Dalby Road Cliftonville
Adnett Miss Bessie lodging house 99 Grosvenor Place Margate
Ainsley Andrew tobacconist 109 Northdown Road Margate
Akhurst Arthur H confectioner 20A Albert Terrace Margate
Albemarle Hotel Misses Beazley, proprietors   47 Eastern Esplanade Cliftonville
Albert Garage Ltd       Albert Road Westbrook
Albion House Board Residence Benjamin Hardyman   12 Fort Crescent Margate
Alexandra Philanthropic Homes Frank Holder, secretary     Tivoli Road Margate
Allen Albert Edward oilman 28 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Allen Frank tobacconist 77 High Street Margate
Allen John coal merchant Sunset High Street Garlinge
Allen Mrs apartments 61 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Allen Mrs boarding house 112 Grosvenor Place Margate
Allison Mrs Amelia boarding house 20,21,22,23 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Allison Mrs boarding house 62 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Alam Engineering Works H W Addis & Son   Alam Place St Peters Road Margate
Almar Court Hotel Mrs Forsyth, proprietress   Queens Parade Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Amber Hall Private Hotel James Manktelow   5 First Avenue Cliftonville
Ambrose Alfred Parker (MRCS, LRCP Lond) physician & surgeon 74 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Ambulance Corps William Greenwood Sutcliffe OBE, FRCS, President; B J Garraway, first officer; W J Munnsm second officer; William H Linnell, treasurer; W S L Munns, hon sec   17 High Street Margate
Ambulance Corps     Fire Station King Street Margate
Ambulance Corps       Fort Road Margate
Ambulance Corps       Sweyn Road Margate
Ames Fras confectioner 5 Tivoli Road Margate
Amos Edward gardener 2 Hilda Villas Ramsgate Road Margate
Amos John R builder & contractor Office & Works - 80 & 82 Victoria Road Cliftonville
Amos John R builder & contractor Yard Bath Road Cliftonville
Ancient Order of Foresters (Court "Hunterian" 2987) Arthur F Beerling, sec   Foresters Hall Union Crescent Margate
Ancient Order of Foresters for Women (Court "Flower of Kent"  8900) Charles Campbell, sec   Foresters Hall Union Crescent Margate
Anderson Mrs H J boarding house 5 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Anderson William H confectioner 47 Fort Road Margate
Andrews & Son   monumental masons 7 & 9 Addington Road Margate
Andrews Alfred farmer Holly Farm   Northdown
Andrews Frank cars for hire 5 Sweyn Road Cliftonville
Andrews Hy Charles apartments 6 Thanet Road Margate
Andrews Miss L S boarding house 95 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Angel Harris lodging house 16 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Angell Mrs E J boarding house Stalisfield House, 63 Harold Road Cliftonville
Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd       College Road Margate
Ansell & Co   oil & colour merchants 58 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Ansell Ernest lodging house 18 Clifton Gardens Cliftonville
Ansell Hy Isaac lodging house 12 St Peters Road Margate
Ansell Rt lodging house 29 Clifton Street Cliftonville
Anthony Mrs E boarding house 1 Second Avenue Cliftonville
Anthony J Sandow dairyman 66 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Anton Dairies Ltd       Victoria Road Cliftonville
Anton Dairies Ltd       Ventnor Lane Cliftonville
Anton Dairies Ltd     26 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Apps F Stuart handbag specialist 7 High Street Margate
Archer Miss A lodging house 32 Gordon Road Cliftonville
Ardley Frederick boot maker 50 Bath Road Cliftonville
Armour & Co Ltd   meat depot 64A King Street Margate
Arnold Mrs D corsetiere 53 All Saints Avenue Westbrook
Arnold James Stephen Kent Hotel 15 & 16 Marine Terrace Margate
Arnott Thomas E colporteur Wembury Leslie Avenue Garlinge
Arone Isaac dental surgeon 2 Athelstan Road Cliftonville
Arthur Adolphus boarding house 33 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Arthur Lawrence sign writer 114 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Ash C W Bulls Head Hotel 1 Market Place Margate
Ashby Edward lodging house 25 Marine Terrace Margate
Atfield Mrs Ella lodging house 35 Warwick Road Cliftonville
Atherlea Boarding House Mrs Sunaway   24 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Atkinson Frederick boarding house 5 Sea View Terrace Westbrook
Attwood William Charles First & Last, Public House 19 Vicarage Place Margate
Aucott & Son Ltd   costumiers 18 & 19 Albert Terrace Margate
Aucott & Son Ltd   tailors 9 & 11 Trinity Hill Margate
Austen H & C   fruiterers 79A Canterbury Road Westbrook
Austen & Son   restaurant 2 Duke Street Margate
Austen Cecil C (MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond) physician & surgeon The Limes Hawley Street Margate
Austen William W decorator 60 Tivoli Road Margate
Austin Albert William lodging house 18 Clarendon Road Cliftonville
Austin Arthur John fishmonger 34 Zion Place Cliftonville
Austin Charles lodging house 41 Addington Road Margate
Auto Electric Works L W Twyman, proprietor battery service station   Clifton Place Cliftonville
Avery Alfred William lodging house 12 Helena Avenue Margate
Ayling Arthur lodging house 19 Zion Place Cliftonville

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