Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929

 Broadstairs & St Peters

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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Vass Walter 69 Beacon Road   St Peters
Vaughan Miss Frances 17 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Vestey Sir Edmund Hoyle bart. Thanet Place   North Foreland Broadstairs
Videan George Burton 6 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Vince Mrs 12 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Vincent Miss 28 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Vipan Geoffrey Byfleet Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Vroom Mrs 61 Church Street   St Peters
Vye Mrs A S The Banks Bairds Hill   St Peters
Vyse Charles 41 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Wade Joseph 25 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Wadlow Ernest Charles St Denys Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Waghorn John 20 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Waight Harry J Fircroft Stone Road   Broadstairs
Walby James Edward Curlew Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Wales Charles Henry Nash Court Crossing   Westwood Margate
Wales Frederick 5 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Wales Mrs 6 Leslie Cotts Union Square   Broadstairs
Walker Rev Edwin Frederick (Cong.) The Manse St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Walker Frederick 84 Church Street   St Peters
Walker Frederick William Wasdale Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Walker Mrs F A Somerville Stone Road   Broadstairs
Wallace Miss 7 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Wallace W A Albecq Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Waller Fred flat 5, 15 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Waller Mrs Beaumaris Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Walsh Mrs Bernard St Mildreds Marine Drive Kingsgate St Peters
Walsh William Gladstone House Albion Road   St Peters
Walter Frederick Fraser Ivydene Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Walters Alfred 40 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Walthew Miss Chez Nous Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Walton John 12 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Warboys Mason George 71 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Ward Charles Hy 38 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Ward H V Coombe Warren Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Ward Herbert G Castle House Serene Place   Broadstairs
Ward Miss Blagdon Vicarage Street   St Peters
Ward Miss Sea Shanty Castle Avenue   Broadstairs
Wardill Miss Lucerne Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Warner George James 4 Mayville Road   St Peters
Warner Miss 99 Church Street   St Peters
Warner Miss 2 Waterworks Road Rumfields Broadstairs
Warner Mrs Ivy Cott Waterworks Road Rumfields Broadstairs
Warren Mrs D S P St Edmunds Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Wastall Alfred JamesStanley 75 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Wastall Harry George 26 Victoria Road   St Peters
Watkins Alfred 2A Percy Road   Broadstairs
Watkins Alfred Villa Cap Martin Callis Court Road   Broadstairs
Watler Mrs 5 Afghan Road Reading Street St Peters
Watshan William R Flat 3, Watson House High Street   Broadstairs
Watson Miss 28 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Watson Trevor Tigh-na-Mara   Kingsgate Broadstairs
Watson William Sea View   Reading Street St Peters
Watts Alexander Minter (MD) Glengarry Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Watts Henry Thomas (JP) Kenilworth Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Watts Mrs 1 Albion Cotts Albion Road   St Peters
Watts Mrs 12 Inverness Terrace   Broadstairs
Webb Arthur 19 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Webb Charles 1 Buff Cotts   Rumfields Broadstairs
Webb Ernest 43 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Webb James W The White Cott Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Webb John 17 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Webb Miss Breedon Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Webb William 46 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Webber William George 8 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Websdale Mrs Windy Post Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Weeks Robert Homeleigh King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Weigall Fitzroy Henry Francis St Andrews King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Weir William James 11 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Weldon Mrs Kites Nest Cottage Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Welham Mrs Lyndhurst Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Weller William George Chalcote Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Wells Alfred Ernest Queens Gate West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Wells George 14 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Wells Reginald Remembrance Cottage   Reading Street Broadstairs
Wells W Ford Wykeham King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Wells William 50 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Wenborne Mrs The Cottage, Buckmaster Home Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Werge Miss 4 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Wesley William   Vicarage Street   St Peters
West Hy 31 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
West Percy 29 Afghan Road   Broadstairs
Westbourne Ebenezer 28 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Weston Arthur Albert 3 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Weston Rt 44 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Weston Sydney George 1 Raglan Place   Broadstairs
Weston Walter James 1 Alpha Cotts Albion Road   St Peters
Whatmore Albert Victor Town Cott Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Wheeler Mrs E A Queenswood West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Whibley Leonard 2 Claremont Villas Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Whipp Hy R Holderness Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Whitaker Miss Elnathan Albion Road   St Peters
White Alfred 10 Percy Road   Broadstairs
White David Cottesloe Osborne Road   Broadstairs
White Evan Arthur 72 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
White Harry E W Lyndhurst Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
White Hinton Oliver 37 Walmsley Road   Broadstairs
White John Joseph 35 Magdala Road   St Peters
White Mrs 33 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
White Mrs 8A The Vale   Broadstairs
White Mrs C H Lancaster House Serene Place   Broadstairs
White Robert The Lodge Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
White Robert 32 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
White William Charles 61 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
White William H B Springfield Lodge Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
White William John 11 Upton Road   St Peters
Whitehead Frederick Bush 19 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Whitehead Frederick George Clarendon   Rumfields Broadstairs
Whitehead Miss 2 North Foreland Cottages Reading Street St Peters
Whitehead Miss H 9 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Whitehead William Hogben 8 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Whiteing Frederick Alfred 4 Tunis Row   Broadstairs
Whiteing Reginald J 18 Upton Road   St Peters
Whiteley Rudolph E Normanby Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Whitemore Mis E M Briar Bank Stone Road   Broadstairs
Whittaker Mrs Abyla Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Whittam Frederick C 51 High Street   Broadstairs
Whittan Frederick Bank Buildings Queens Road   Broadstairs
Whittington James The Gate Lodge, St Marys Stone Road   Broadstairs
Whittle Alfred T Marama Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Whittle William T Summit Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Whitton Maj Hy Cliff Brow Stone Road   Broadstairs
Wickens Edward Craigside Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Wickham Henry 17 Speke Road   St Peters
Wiggington Charles 64 Church Street   St Peters
Wightman Miss M 44 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Wild William 21 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Wilkins Charles 1 Thistleworth Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Wilkins Charles Edward Burgate St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Wilkins Thomas 3A Prospect Place   Broadstairs
Wilkinson Ernest William Inchigeela Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Wilkinson William 4 Thaxted Cotts Vicarage Street   St Peters
Wilks Charles 41B Albion Street   Broadstairs
Willcock Martin Mayston Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Willcocks Walter Scott Torrington Lodge Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Williams Alfred 23 Upton Road   Broadstairs
Williams Douglas 19 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Williams F Shorecot Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Williams George Hy West View Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Williams Miss B Wingate Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Williams Mrs F 13 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Williams Thomas The Bungalow Sacketts Hill   Broadstairs
Williams Walter 25 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Williams Walter 19 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Williams William 81 Beacon Road   St Peters
Williams William 21 Northdown Road   Broadstairs
Williams William 12 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Williams William Samuel Winchester Lodge St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Williamson Alex 60 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Williamson William Alfred 39 Magdala Road   Broadstairs
Willis Charles 11 Beacon Road   St Peters
Willis George Michael 21 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Wiilmoth Thomas 29 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Wills Miss 17 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Wills William J The Retreat Haine Road Westwood Ramsgate
Wilson John H Swastika Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Wilson Miss 97 Beacon Road   St Peters
Wilson Mrs Margaret Newstead King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Winch Miss D M The Red Hatch Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Wing Phillip 27 Afghan Road   St Peters
Wing Stockbridge Charles Woodstock Stone Road   Broadstairs
Winkworth Humble M 3 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Winkworth William Crossways Leybourn Avenue   Broadstairs
Winsborrow John William 53 Beacon Road   St Peters
Winsland Arthur The Brown House Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Winsley Mrs Ellen 44 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Winter Arthur 71-73 Beacon Road   St Peters
Winter Miss Melrose Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Wise Ernest High Clare Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Wish Mrs 23 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Wiskin Frank The Laurels Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Withall Mrs Flat 4, 15 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Wolseley-Lewis Miss Mary North Foreland Lodge North Foreland Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Wood Alfred A Caradoc North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Wood Alfred George 23 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Wood Bert 140 Beacon Road   St Peters
Wood Charles 4 Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Wood F Karibu Albion Road   St Peters
Wood Frederick 2 Holmwood Villas Albion Road   St Peters
Wood Frederick William Elmhurst St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Wood Hy 31 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Wood Mrs Fairlight Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Wood Mrs Fabian King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Wood Mrs Madeline     Dumpton East Broadstairs
Wood Percy Thomas 49 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Woodford Ellis B Flat 8, 15 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Woodgate William Sabrina Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Woodin Walter Edgar Brynteg Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Woodroffe Rev Cyril (L.Th) Carryeloyne Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Woodrow Miss 69 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Woodruff George Denmark Villa St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Woods Mrs Pemberton Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Woodthorpe Miss Clare High Street   St Peters
Woodward Hy W Spearmint Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Woodward Miss 69 Church Street   St Peters
Woodward Mrs F 37 Upton Road   St Peters
Woodward Mrs S R 14 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Woodward William Wiles Cottage   Reading Street St Peters
Woolf John Caprice Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Woollard Mrs Carina Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Wooster Terence 223 Beacon Road   St Peters
Wootton Miss The Rosery Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Wootton Mrs 23 Afghan Road   St Peters
Wootton Thomas George 21 Speke Road   St Peters
Wordley Henry Dorney Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Wordsworth Geoffrey Herbert Grasmere Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Wotton Thomas Oak Lodge Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Would Mrs 14 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Wray Miss Indore Albion Road   St Peters
Wray Mrs St Denis Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Wren Hy 5 Church Square Church Road   Broadstairs
Wright Lady 16 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Wright Frederick George 70 Beacon Road   St Peters
Wright G Maurice The-Nor-Ard George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Wright George 63 Beacon Road   St Peters
Wright Harold E 9 Westover Road   St Peters
Wright Mrs C Dereholm Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Wright Mrs E L Bryn Gwylan Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Wright Walter 15 Upton Road   St Peters
Wrohan Alfred Elmwood   Reading Street St Peters
Wyatt Ernest 1 Coastguard Cottages Kingsgate Broadstairs
Wyatt Hy E Castle Lodge Knights Avenue   Broadstairs
Wyles Rt Vincent C 215 Beacon Road   Broadstairs
Wynn- Werninck Henry V Ladram Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Yardley Vincent Greengates   Fairfield Broadstairs
Yeates Roland Goring Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Yeomans Albert 66 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Yerbury Mrs Marandellas Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Young Frank Rio Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Young J L 64 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Young Mrs 8 Church Square Church Road   Broadstairs
Young Mrs 49 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Young Mrs Thoroton Knights Avenue   Broadstairs

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