Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929

 Broadstairs & St Peters

 private residents  S to U


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
St George Miss 75A High Street   Broadstairs
Sale Misses Roydon Villa Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Salmon Albert Harry 2 York Gate House Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Salmon James William Mogador Albion Street   Broadstairs
Salter Miss Metropolitan Convalescent Institution Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Sames Mrs F A 16 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Sampson George 15 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Sampson James Hy 33 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Sampson Thomas J Buddles Farm Margate Road   Broadstairs
Samuels Sidney  M 58 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Sanders Edwin Minoru Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Sanderson Mrs 4 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Sandy Mrs A 13 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Sankey William Hy Hastingleigh Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Santry James C White Cot Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Sargisson Mrs Mary 1 Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Sarjeant Frank Iverna King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Sarjeant Noel Little House Cliff Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Sarter J W Roses Seaview Road   St Peters
Saunder Lt-Cmdr George Douglas (RD, RNR ret) Himalaya Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Saunders Frederick 31 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Saunders Frederick 1 Laurel Cots Camden Road   Broadstairs
Saunders Mrs The Ferns Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Saunders Mrs F 8 Victoria Road   Broadstairs
Saunders Sydney A Sydland Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Savory Arnold Wordsworth (MA) Castleton West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Savory Horace Edward Cameron Callis Court Road   Broadstairs
Savory Mrs F Wordsworth Rosemere King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Savory Mrs F Wordsworth 34 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Savory Mrs F Wordsworth 25 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Saxey Mrs 2 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Sayer Mrs A West View Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Sayer William I Britannia Cotts Ramsgate Road Westwood Ramsgate
Sayers John Hy 21 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Scampton Mrs 101A High Street   Broadstairs
Scantlebury Claude M Haven Stone Road   Broadstairs
Schartan Miss 13 Beacon Road   St Peters
Schultz Alfred 1 Callis Grange Villas   Shallows Broadstairs
Scoates James 3 Coast Guard Cottages Fort Road   Broadstairs
Scotcher Rd Thomas Renfrew Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Scott Fraser Percy 43 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Scott Mrs Grasmere George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Scott Mrs 15 Mayville Road   St Peters
Scott-Brown Mrs Green Gates Rosemary Avenue   Broadstairs
Scowen Misses Camborne Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Scowen William V 31 Upton Road   St Peters
Seagar Miss Cintra Granville Road   Broadstairs
Seale Clarence Elmwood Cottage   Reading Street St Peters
Sear William 3 Kingsdown Cottages Bromstone Broadstairs
Sears Miss E Woburn Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Seaton Mrs Mary Aorangi Knights Avenue   Broadstairs
Seaward Miss Sunset Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Secker Harry 31 The Vale   Broadstairs
Seers Thomas 37 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Sellers William E 22 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Selley Arthur 40 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Setterfield Charles 1 Rose Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Setterfield Mrs 11 Victoria Road   St Peters
Setterfield William R 16 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Seville Alfred Horace Brent House Ethel Road   Broadstairs
Shannon Mrs Thirlmere Ethel Road   St Peters
Sharp George Deeble Hermon Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Sharp Mrs 12 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Sharp William G 34 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Sharp William H Rosewave Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Sharville Mrs Ruth 41 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Shaxted Alfred John 18 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Shaxted Tom junior 23 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Shaxted Walter John 4 Rose Villas Westwood Ramsgate
Sheaf Horatio Nutwell Grange Road   St Peters
Shelley Mrs 36 Magdala Road   St Peters
Shelvey Mrs R Lucie Villa Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Shepherdon Mrs 1 Fern Cotts Westwood Ramsgate
Shepherd William 3 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Sherred Stanley James 1 Chapel Place   Broadstairs
Shersby Ernest 3 Victoria Road   Broadstairs
Shersby Harry     Upton Broadstairs
Shervinton Mrs Claremont King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Sherwood Alfred Rose Villa Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Shilcock George 79 Beacon Road   St Peters
Shipwright William George Akbar Albion Road   St Peters
Shrubsall Arthur F 1 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Shrubshall Fred 18 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Shute Thomas A Nethercot Marine Drive Kingsgate St Peters
Shuter William 41 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Sibley Miss 6 West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Sikes Miss 19 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Silk James Petersham Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Silsbury Alfred 217 Beacon Road   St Peters
Silver Charles William Silverdell Albion Road   St Peters
Simmonds Leonard J 13 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Simmons Edward J Seacot Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Simon Emile 27 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Simpson Thomas 1 Thanet Cotts Albion Road   St Peters
Simpson Walter John 42 Upton rd   St Peters
Sims George 4 Sowell Street   St Peters
Sinnott Denis J Newnham Lodge Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Skillings James William Woodbury West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Skillings John 4 Victoria Road   St Peters
Skinner Frank Harold Holmlea Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Skinner Jesse Albert Sarsfield Glen Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Skinner Mrs Harbledown Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Skinner Rd 20 Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Slade Herbert Edward 74 High Street   Broadstairs
Slark W Wavecrest Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Slatcher William Ctofton Stone Road   Broadstairs
Slater Harold E Saas Fee Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Slater Miss Nellie Shenley King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Sloan Mrs 3 Tunis Row   Broadstairs
Smallbone Ewart F 50 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Smart Mrs C 21 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Smith Eng. Lt-Cmdr Charles Bowden RN(ret) The Pantiles Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Smith Alfred Edward Beaumont Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Smith Archibald Claris Westover Northdown Hill   Margate
Smith Charles Rhonallea Albion Road   St Peters
Smith Charles Philip 11 Balliol Road   Broadstairs
Smith Charles T 17 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Smith Frank D Villa Capie Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Smith Frederick 3 Oscar Road   Broadstairs
Smith George Brickfield Cot Camden Road   St Peters
Smith George Edwin Vista Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Smith George Henry 26 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Smith H J Dumpton Lodge Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Smith Hubert C 49 Beacon Road   St Peters
Smith Hugh Hardwick St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Smith John Lewisham Albion Road   St Peters
Smith Joseph 4 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Smith Leonard John Inglewood Vale Road   Broadstairs
Smith Miss 43 Beacon Road   St Peters
Smith Miss Hazeldown Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Smith Miss 29 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Smith Miss F E 27 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Smith Miss G M 47 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Smith Miss M 14 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Smith Misses Creden Hill Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Smith Mrs 14 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Smith Mrs 5 Staines Place Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Smith Mrs Moore Callis Cottage Grange Road   St Peters
Smith N Thirkell 7A Oscar Road   Broadstairs
Smith Percy A The Foreland Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Smith Percy A West Cliff Cott Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Smith Ronald Wylie (MB, B.Ch) Cullingworth Bairds Hill   St Peters
Smith Samuel 5 Coastguard Cottages Kingsgate Broadstairs
Smith Sidney Trenance Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Smith Sydney H 1 Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Smith Walter Hy Sunnyside Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Smith Walter P 1 Spring Villas Sowell Street   St Peters
Smith William Adderley Albion Road   St Peters
Smith William 11 Magdala Road   St Peters
Smith William James 182 Beacon Road   St Peters
Smith William John 7 Sea View Cottages   Broadstairs
Smith William John Woodford Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Smithers Walter Charles 22 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Snell George 48 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Snow Miss Wayside Knights Avenue   Broadstairs
Snow Mrs Humphrey Sunnycroft Knights Avenue   Broadstairs
Snowden Arthur Owen (MA) Hildersham House St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Snowden Frederick G Fairlight Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Snowden Mrs Hildersham Cottage Green Lane   St Peters
Sole Mrs 20 Victoria Road   St Peters
Solly Mrs E Eland Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Southee Edward F 25 Beacon Road   St Peters
Southern William 8 Church Street   St Peters
Sowman Mrs Myrtle House St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Spain Owen Henry 26 Upton rd   St Peters
Spalding Miss 3 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Spearing Miss Rosemont Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Spearman Misses 22 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Spencer Mrs Oakshela King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Spens William P (OBE, KC) The Corner House Cliff Promenade North Foreland Broadstairs
Spooner Charles Aug. Rozel Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Spratling Mrs L 10 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Spratling Reginald W 1 Napier Road   St Peters
Spratt William     Upton Broadstairs
Sprigge Mrs Edith 2 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Springford Sydney 27 The Vale   Broadstairs
Springthorpe Mrs Cotswold Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Stangroome Thomas 12 Chandos Road   Broadstairs
Stanley Clifford Edward The Cottage   Reading Street Broadstairs
Stanley Harry 4 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Stanley Miss Kinross Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Stanley Sydney Thomas Tudor Lodge   Dumpton East Broadstairs
Stapleton Cotton George Edward Westcliffe Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Stead George 3 Waterworks Road Rumfields Broadstairs
Steane Hugh Ernest Wayland Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Stebbings Stanley James Gardenia   Reading Street St Peters
Steed Albert 20 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Steed Alfred Oaklands Cott Vicarage Street   St Peters
Steed James 7 Beacon Road   St Peters
Steed William J Highfield Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Steele Misses 28 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Stenning Charles Clement 4A Percy Road   Broadstairs
Stephens Arthur 1 Sea View Cottages   Broadstairs
Stevens Edward George 22 Magdala Road   St Peters
Stevens George 71 Church Street   St Peters
Stevens Mrs 14 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Stevens Walter 25 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Stevenson Horace 15 Northdown Road   St Peters
Stewart George St Augustines Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Stickland Frederick O 26 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Stiggers Mrs 13 Upton Road   St Peters
Stillwell Miss Hurstbourne Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Stokes William 3 Rose Cottages Westwood Ramsgate
Stone Archibald Thomas 1 Railway Cotts Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Stone Mrs Beachleigh Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Stout Herbert H The Rest Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Stratton Mrs Fern Cott Church Road   Broadstairs
Streatfield E T 2 Callis Grange Villas Shallows Broadstairs
Streetan Mrs Sarah 30 Church Street   St Peters
Strevens Alan 19 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Strevens Cecil 3 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Strevens E Glen Avon Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Strevens Harry South Lodge, 17 The Vale   Broadstairs
Strevens Henry 2 Afghan Road Reading Street St Peters
Strevens John Belvedere Cot Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Strevens Mrs 15 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Strevens Thomas Florence Cot Camden Road   St Peters
Strevens Thomas E 11 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Strevens Wilfred 2 Chandos Villas Dundonald Road   Broadstairs
Stringer Edward 7 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Stringer Mrs 46 Church Street   St Peters
Strong Miss 85 Church Street   St Peters
Stuart Mrs 1 Clarendon House John Street   Broadstairs
Studd Thomas Orford 53 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Stupple George 1 Calva Cottages Vicarage Street   St Peters
Sturges Rev Montague Charles (MA) Beulah Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Sturton Reginald B Lyn Den Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Style Charles Gordon Mirdon Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Styles Mrs West Lynn, 16 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Summers Frank 27 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Summers Harry Harley Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Summers Harry Le Chateau Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Summers Thomas William Allendale Livingstone Road   St Peters
Summerskill Miss Merrie Mead Castle Avenue   Broadstairs
Swain Mrs 12 Mayville Road   St Peters
Swaine George 41 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Swaine Victor 6 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Swan Rt Arthur 5 Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Swan Stephen 3 North Foreland Cottages Reading Street St Peters
Sweetlove Thomas 4 West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Swindall Frederick Dunniker Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Swiney Miss 29 Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Swinnock John T 9 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Sykes George Hy Darjeeling Bishops Avenue   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Tait Andrew W (CBE) Beacon Lodge Crescent Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Tannock William 10 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Tanton Arthur James Castlecombe George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Tappenden James 37 Magdala Road   St Peters
Tappley Albert 44 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Tapply Arthur Charles 13 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Tattam Alfred Boldrewood   Dumpton East Broadstairs
Tattam Edward 1 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Tattersall Charles E 2 George Hill House Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Tattersall William H S 50 Church Street   St Peters
Taylor Maj A J Suenson (OBE, MA) Flora Danica South Cliff Parade   Broadstairs
Taylor Ernest Freeland Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Taylor Fraser Joseph 21 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Taylor Frederick 2 Buckingham Road   Broadstairs
Taylor Frederick Henry 20 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Taylor Frederick Herbert Thistle Lea Northdown Hill   Margate
Taylor Geoffrey 38 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Taylor George A Lovejoy Tippledore Lane   St Peters
Taylor Harry 7 Magdala Road   St Peters
Taylor Lincoln 63 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Taylor Miss Arona Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Taylor Miss K 19 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Taylor Mrs S S Fairholme Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Telling Arthur George Hildaville Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Temple Albert 1 Buckingham Road   Broadstairs
Tendall R E F (BA) Dumpton House   Dumpton East Broadstairs
Terry Arthur W 3 Prospect Place   Broadstairs
Terry Lewis Lynton St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Thacker Miss E M Warwick Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Thellusson Augustus Kingsgate House Callis Court Road   Broadstairs
Theobald Miss Paddock House Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Thirkell Mrs Thirfield Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Thirkettle Edward 35 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Thirkettle Percy John 27 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Thomas Alfred 37 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Thomas George Edward The Orchard Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Thomas Mrs Ada Palcot Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Thomas Thomas 39 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Thompson George H Pines Hurst North Foreland Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Thompson James 27 St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Thompson Mrs Nairobi Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Thompson Mrs White Lodge Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Thompson William 42 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Thornton Arthur James 7 Westover Road   St Peters
Thorpe Edward W Langleys High Street   St Peters
Thorpe Mrs 18 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Threlford Mrs 33 Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Thrower Walter 136 Beacon Road   St Peters
Thurling Mrs 16 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Thurston Ernest C 49 High Street   Broadstairs
Tilley Harold Sundial Cottage Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Timmins C A Beachcroft Marine Drive Kingsgate St Peters
Timms Mrs 42 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Tims Percy 3 Raglan Place   Broadstairs
Titchener Walter R 4 High Street   Broadstairs
Tittle Mrs D 14 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Tolhurst John Albert Cottage Tunis Row   Broadstairs
Tomlin Mrs Latham Dane Court Margate Road   St Peters
Tomlin William 11 Speke Road   St Peters
Tompson Miss Arica North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Tomson W Martin Lerryn Convent Road   St Peters
Tonge Mrs Belgrano King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Toone D Rose Marie Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Topping Arthur Bouverie Stone Road   Broadstairs
Townend Clement H 15 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Trahair Nicholas 1 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Trant Stanley 1 Ranelagh Cottages Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Treasurer A G Bank House, 2 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Treble Mrs Henzfada Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Treskow Sidney 1 Flint Cottages Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Treskow Sydney W Beresford Wrotham Crescent Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Trice Thomas 13 Afghan Road   St Peters
True Mrs Madge 25 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Truman Miss E 29 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Tuck Mrs 1 Albion Villas Sowell Street   St Peters
Tucker Albert Thomas 2 Magdala Road   St Peters
Tucker Alfred 2 Ashton Cotts Tunis Row   Broadstairs
Tucker Alfred William 5 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Tucker Arthur Ernest Callis Court Lodge Callis Court Drive   Broadstairs
Tucker Matthew 29 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Tuffill Capt Daniel William Kempstowe Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Tulk Augustus Bungy Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Tunks Alfred Rosemary Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Tunks Nelson Frank 62 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Turner Hy (OBE) 4 Clarendon Terrace Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Turner J Harry The Bungalow King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Turner Mrs Felstead Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Turner Mrs 30 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Turness Mrs Letchworth St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Turrell Charles Preston Ville Albion Road   Broadstairs
Turton Miss Betsy Cott Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Turton Mrs A C Morsecot Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Turton Zouch Dorrit House Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Tweddell Miss A The Retreat Stone Road   Broadstairs
Tweddle Miss 39 Upton Road   St Peters
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Unwin W M L The Hermitage Bairds Hill   Broadstairs
Upton Edmund 1 Trinity Square   Broadstairs
Urry Mrs Sion Cott Belvedere Road   Broadstairs

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