Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929

Broadstairs & St Peters

 private residents  M to O


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Mable Mrs 76 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
McAlpine Sir Thomas Malcolm (KBE, JP) North Foreland Hall Cliff Promenade North Foreland Broadstairs
MacCarthy Mrs Westbere Edge End Road   Broadstairs
McAucliffe Mrs Ida 2 Ivy Cottages Sea View Cottages   Broadstairs
McCabe Thomas 8 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
MacDonald Miss 3 Livingstone Road   St Peters
McDonald Mrs L Rosemary Villa Rosemary Avenue   Broadstairs
McDonough Patrick 9 Livingstone Road   St Peters
McGarrah Miss 4 Staines Place Crow Hill   Broadstairs
McGavin Frederick 3 Sion Place Belevedere Road   Broadstairs
MacGibbon John Ormiston Cliff Cott North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
McGill Gregory Ryegrass Lyndhusrt Road   Broadstairs
McIlwick Mrs 16 Afghan Road   Broadstairs
Mackriell Frederick Edward 38 Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
McLachlan Miss Wyncliffe Fitzroy Avenue   Broadstairs
McLachlan Mrs A E Amritsar Sea Cliffe, Dibdens  & Sunnycroft Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
McLennan John North House Kingsgate Avenue   Broadstairs
McLeod James Watson Burleigh Park Avenue   Broadstairs
McLeod Miss 20 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
McNaught Joseph Craig (MB, ChB) Dean Park Osborne Road   Broadstairs
McQuown Miss Constance Arklow Church Street   St Peters
McVittie Rt. V (MA) St Edwards St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Mair Harold S G Good Hope Green Lane   St Peters
Maitland George H 5 Leslie Cotts Union Square   Broadstairs
Maitland Mrs 3 Church Square Church Road   Broadstairs
Makepeace Rev Rt H Christ Church House Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Makey Mrs E Erin Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Malet Lady St Lo West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Malet Miss H The White House Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Malleson Miss   Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Malpress Frederick 41 Upton Road   St Peters
Malpress Frederick James Bradstow Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Maltby Miss M Meadowfield Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Malyon Miss Mayfield Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Mann Francis 18 Magdala Road   St Peters
Mann Frank Chine Lodge Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Mann Henry Thomas 24 Walmsley Road   Broadstairs
Mann William Lebonah Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Mansell Colston T St Olaves Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Mansell Miss N Martinhoe York Avenue   Broadstairs
March Edward J Providence St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Marcham Mrs 227 Beacon Road   St Peters
Marks Miss R C St Dunstans Lodge St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Marks William 46 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Markwell James T 3 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Markwell James Thomas 57 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Markwell Robert 9 Balliol Road Reading Street St Peters
Markwell Rt 1 Convent Cotts Reading Street St Peters
Markwell Sidney 59 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Marling Capt Walter Bentley J.P. Domus Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Marrable H F 7 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Marriott Rt S Clonross Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Marsh Donald A S George Ville Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Marsh George     Upton Broadstairs
Marsh Miss 22 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Marsh Mrs Jamesville Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Marsh Oliver Kingsdale Kings Avenue   Broadstairs
Marsh-Edwards Bede Rd St Valerie Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Marshall James Southsea Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Marshall James 3 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Marshall Miss D G Seafield Lodge Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Marshall Robert Box Tree Lodge St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Marter William 17 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Martin Ernest 14 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Martin Harry Read 7 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Martin James Edward 2 Laslett Cotts Westwood Ramsgate
Martin John P Lamorna Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Martin Mrs A W Barn Jet Park Road   Broadstairs
Martin Mrs H S 33 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Martin Thomas Henry 60 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Martin William W Brickfields   Rumfields Broadstairs
Mason Charles 1 Mayville Road   St Peters
Mason Mrs 2 Berkley Cots Union Square   Broadstairs
Mathew Mrs E J 15 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Mathews Charles 51 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Mathieson Mrs 51 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Matson Arthur J 3 Church Street   St Peters
Matthews Rev Charles Henry Selfe (MA) Vicar of St Peters The Vicarage Vicarage Road   St Peters
Matthews Miss V 1 The Bungalow St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Maude Hubert C Carlton Villa Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Mawer Miss 5 West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Maxted Alfred 74 Norman Way   Broadstairs
Maxted Arthur Charles 61 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Maxted Thomas 89 Church Street   St Peters
May Edward 2 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
May Frederick 1 Ashton Cotts Tunis Row   Broadstairs
May James Rd Beeches Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
May John Ainsdale Seafield Road   Broadstairs
May John Grew Nelson Cott Tunis Row   Broadstairs
May Leonard C 57 Northdown Road   St Peters
May Miss Restlands, 6 Queens Road   Broadstairs
May William H Carmpton Cot St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Mayhew George 26 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Mayhew Miss E M Homestead Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Maynard Albert 2 Fern Cotts Westwood Ramsgate
Mead Mrs 41 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Menzies Jack Monro King Tom Grange Road   St Peters
Meredith Mrs M 32 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Meriton George Henry 66 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Merrick Mrs Georgina Stella Bella Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Mette Mrs Bernals Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Mew Miss B H St Elmo Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Mickin Mrs 13 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Micklewright Mrs Eleanor Lodge Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Middleton Sidney 16 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Miles Frederick A Caswallon Northdown Hill   Margate
Miles Sidney The Cottage Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Miles William J T Eversfield Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Millar Mrs 5 The Vale   Broadstairs
Miller Bertie Robert 17 Balliol Road   Broadstairs
Miller Charles 174 Beacon Road   St Peters
Miller Charles Benjamin Queenville   Reading Street St Peters
Miller Edgar James 2 Napier Cotts Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Miller Frank 2 Church Road   Broadstairs
Miller Frank Edward Clarke 25 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Miller Frank William John Elwood Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Miller John 61 Northdown Road   St Peters
Miller John L B 20 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Miller Joseph 2 Coast Guard Cottages Fort Road   Broadstairs
Miller Misses 40 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Miller Mrs 46 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Miller Mrs 7 Northdown Road   St Peters
Miller Mrs 9 Wrotham Crescent Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Miller Mrs L 33 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Miller Thomas William 10 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Millgate Jack 22 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Mills Mrs D 37 High Street   St Peters
Millward Frederick The Haven Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Milne David T 41 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Milnes Rev Edward (Baptist) The Manse, 10 Beacon Road   St Peters
Minns George Flint Cot Albion Road   St Peters
Minter Albert 9 Afghan Road   St Peters
Minter Ebenezer K Glenleigh Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Minter Miss Rothbury King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Minter Miss M Homeland Vere Road   Broadstairs
Minter Mrs 10 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Miskin Mortimer Thistlewood High Street   St Peters
Mitchell Maj. Frederick W The White Cott   Westwood Ramsgate
Mitchell Edward P 10 Speke Road   St Peters
Mitchell Louis Locrine Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Mitchell Miss G 18 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Mitchell Mrs 40 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Mitchell Mrs 12 Speke Road   St Peters
Mitchell Mrs C M 42 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Mitchell Mrs Constance Glenhilda Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Mockett Mrs The Orchard Church Street   St Peters
Moir Arrol Littlecourt Vicarage Street   St Peters
Mole Mrs Braemar Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Montford Rd C Strathmore Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Moody William John 6 Speke Road   St Peters
Moon Edward G The Dene West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Moon Miss Trevlyn Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Moore F The Bungalow Convent Road   Broadstairs
Moore H G 15 (flat1) Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Moore Mrs 5 Coast Guard Cotts Fort Road   Broadstairs
Moore Mrs E A Marlow Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Moore Mrs M A Darnley   Dumpton East Broadstairs
Moore-Smith J R (JP) Highcliffe Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Moran William 8 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Morgan Alfred E 65 Beacon Road   St Peters
Morgan Charles H P Durlock Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Morgan George 69 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Morgan H P Aspley House High Street   Broadstairs
Morgan John Oak Villa Edge End Road   St Peters
Morgan Miss G E 1 Serene place Sowell Street   St Peters
Morrant Howard D Luton Cottage Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Morris Mrs 4 Richborough Villas St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Morris William Edward Poynings North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Morrish Frank 5 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Morrogh Dominic Garryvoe Convent Road   St Peters
Mortimer Mrs 34 High Street   Broadstairs
Mortley Thos 40 High Street   St Peters
Moss Alfred Greenaway House Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Moss Alfred 56 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Moss Charles Edward 3 Northdown Road   St Peters
Moss Miss 22 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Moss Mrs Instow Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Mould Mrs 49 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Moulton Walter J (ISO) Collingtree Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Moultrie George Briggs Ashwood Lodge Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Moxham Rd J C The Bungalow Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Mudie Miss Strathmartin Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Muggeridge Arthur 2 Spring Villas Sowell Street   St Peters
Muggeridge Charles F 27 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Muggleton Samuel James 28 Upton Road   Broadstairs
Muggridge Charles Arthur 7 Approach rd   Broadstairs
Muir Charles James Adstone Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Muir Mrs 24 The Vale   Broadstairs
Muir Mrs George Allowah Palmerstone Avenue   Broadstairs
Mullins Mrs F Ryde Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Muncy Albert E 2 Rose Villas Westwood Ramsgate
Mundy Mrs 33 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Murden Mrs Rockdale Albion Road   St Peters
Murphy David 2 Sea View Cotts George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Murphy Mrs 205 Beacon Road Reading Street St Peters
Murphy Mrs 26 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Murray Ernest R Homewood Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Murray George 57 Beacon Road   St Peters
Murray John The Bungalow Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Murray Miss Fanny 15A Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Murrell Archibald 6 Tudor Villas St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Musker Hy Wadhurst Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Mussett Mrs 15 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Myers Michael Stone Farm Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Nairne Vincent Hy 9 Victoria Road   St Peters
Nankivell Mrs Up Yonder Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Nash John 40 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Nash Samuel St Quentin West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Nash William 30 Upton Road   St Peters
Nash William Sidney L Pembury Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Nation Percival Edgar Wilscombe King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Nation William senior Dun Esk Granville Road   Broadstairs
Nation William Alfred junior Venn Cross King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Neale Mrs 2 Shanklin Terrace Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Neame Lt-Col Arthur Lawrence C (OBE, RE, ret) Wayfaring Cliff Promenade   Broadstairs
Neame Mrs Hon Wayfaring Cliff Promenade   Broadstairs
Neligan Dermot Cheviots Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Nelson James 2 Albion Villas Sowell Street   St Peters
Nevile Miss 7 Ethel Road   St Peters
Newby Arthur Charles Armadale Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Newcomb Miss 9 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Newing Albert T 4 Coast Guard Cottages Kingsgate Broadstairs
Newing Alfred 9 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Newing Arthur Samuel Rd 2 Church Square Church Road   Broadstairs
Newth Frederick S Plas-Newydd Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Newton Sir Louis A (DL, Bart) Kings Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Newton William 10 Crofts Place   Broadstairs
Nicholls Mrs Bradstow House High Street   Broadstairs
Nichols Arthur G 14 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Nicholson George 53 Northdown Road   St Peters
Nicholson Mrs M M Daneshill Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Nicholson Mrs W Norris Prospect House The Parade   Broadstairs
Nicholson William Edward Brookfield Northdown Hill   Margate
Noble Mrs E 24 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Nolan Mrs Leyland King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Nolan Mrs 28 Victoria Road   St Peters
Noott Mrs Upton Lodge   Upton Broadstairs
Norfolk Mrs 12 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Norman Miss M A 44 Upton Road   St Peters
Norman Mrs A Normanton Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Norman William John 20 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Norminton Bernard 13 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Norris Claude 6 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Norris Miss Adaville Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
North John 15 Harbour Street   Broadstairs
North Mrs A flat 2, 15 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Northover Miss Granville House Granville Road   Broadstairs
Nuthall Albert E Three Gables Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Nuthall Mrs Faringford Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Nutting Charles Rd 225 Beacon Road   St Peters
Nutting James 40 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Nye Ernest J Sunnydene Albion Road   St Peters
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Oak-Rhind E S The Thatched House Elmwood Avenue Kingsgate Broadstairs
Oak-Rhind William Pied-A-Terre Ethel Road   St Peters
Oakeshott Mrs 75 Beacon Road   St Peters
Oakley Miss Seaholme Stone Road   Broadstairs
O'Callaghan Misses The Watchetts Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Odell George 49 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Odell Mrs E C Carriglea Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Ogilvie Fraser Thomas 54 Beacon Road   St Peters
O'Halloran William 168 Beacon Road Reading Street St Peters
Oldaker Miss Rock Lodge Stone Road   Broadstairs
Oldfield James A Haslemere King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Oldfield Miss D 44 Beacon Road   St Peters
Olding Montague T Italia Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Olney Ernest F 1 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Oram William Kirby Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Orchard Miss The Elms Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Ord John Allan Kosi Kot Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Osborne George 11 Mayville Road   St Peters
Osborne Miss Corinne 23 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Osmond Miss 34 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Oswin Mrs Holmfield Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Oulet Miss Surbiton Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Ovenden Charles 180 Beacon Road   St Peters
Ovenden Victor 6 Victoria Parade   St Peters
Overton William James Fernside St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Owen Ernest F Casterton Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Owen Harold Weybourne Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Oxley Misses Bute Cott Northdown Hill   Margate

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