Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929

Broadstairs & St Peters

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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Jackson Mrs 13 Belevedere Road   Broadstairs
Jackson Mrs E A Moorlands Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Jackson Percy 10 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Jackson Thomas George 2 Railway Cottages Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
James Edward Ingleside Albion Road   St Peters
James Edward C 14 Mayville Road   St Peters
James Edwin L'Espoir West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
James George 24 Livingstone Road   St Peters
James Miss 7 Balliol Road Reading Street St Peters
James Miss Three Ways Dumpton Lane Dumpton East Broadstairs
James Mrs Cambay Cott Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
James Mrs 60 Church Street   St Peters
James William Alva Lodge   Westwood Broadstairs
Jardine Mrs R The Nest Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Jarman Albert Stephen 25 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Jarman Stephen Hy 14 Magdala Road   St Peters
Jarman Stephen Joseph 9 Approach rd   Broadstairs
Jarvis Edward 16 Victoria Road   St Peters
Jarvis Miss 31 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Jasper William 7 Victoria Road   St Peters
Jeal George 17 Northdown Road   St Peters
Jeffery Mrs Callis Court House Callis Court Road   St Peters
Jeffery William George 24 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Jenkins Ernest 19 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Jenkins Samuel Alex 6 Shutler Road   Broadstairs
Jenks Maurice Sunburst Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Jenner Mrs Ivydene Albion Road   St Peters
Jennes Mrs Firenze Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Jennings Hy Wm 2 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Jennings Miss 1 Chestnut Villas Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Jenson William The Moorings King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Jenvey William 11 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Jeppsen Miss A C Napier Callis Court Road   St Peters
Jervis Mrs Albion House Albion Road   St Peters
Johncock Henry 4 North Foreland Cottages Reading Street St Peters
Johncock Miss 6 Church Square Church Road   Broadstairs
Johnson Capt Percy R.N. (ret) The Homestead Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Johnson Edwin 2 St Johns Place High Street   St Peters
Johnson Edwin B Carlton House High Street   Broadstairs
Johnson Harry 184 Beacon Road   St Peters
Johnson Horace William Suncot Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Johnson Miss C Rawleigh Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Johnson Miss E M 1&2 Lynn Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Johnson Mrs 3 Chapel Place   Broadstairs
Johnson Mrs F E Havelock Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Johnson Percival 7 Church Square Church Road   Broadstairs
Johnson Samuel 2 Flint Cots Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Johnson Walter George 49 Northdown Road   St Peters
Johnson William 3 Dundonald Road   Broadstairs
Johnson William Charles 39 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Johnston Gilbert Wellesley Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Johnston Thomas Edward 1 Elm Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Jones Alfred J Ivan Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Jones Evelyn H The Laurels Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Jones George 26 The Vale   Broadstairs
Jones Ioan 2 Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Jones Joseph Henry 20 Afghan Road Reading Street St Peters
Jones Miss Grove Villa Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Jones Miss 19 The Vale   Broadstairs
Jones Miss M Hill Dene Northdown Hill   Margate
Jones Mrs Clifford Flat 6, 15 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Jones Mrs G A 35 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Jones Mrs H 9 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Jones Mrs K L The Croft   Fairfield Broadstairs
Jones Mrs Syria Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Jones Percy William 8 Westover Road   St Peters
Jones Stanley V Wayside Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Jones Thomas William 5 St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Jordan Ernest 1 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Jordan George Botany Cott George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Joyce Lyall P 55 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Judd Alfred Colindale King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Keens Bernard Cecil A 27 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Keevil Mrs Lynmouth St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Keevil Rt Lindia Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Keith Miss J Rocksand North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Keller Mrs Eliz Shirley St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Kemp Harry 3 Elmwood Cotts Callis Court Road   Broadstairs
Kemp Harry Elmwood Farm Elmwood Avenue Kingsgate Broadstairs
Kemp Harry 11 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Kemp James 1 Belmont Villas Magdala Road   St Peters
Kemp Mrs C 9 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Kempton A W Marglen Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Kendrick Albert 36 Beacon Road   St Peters
Kendrick Frank R C Portland House Vicarage Street   St Peters
Kennett Alfred 33 Church Street   St Peters
Kennett Arthur 37 Northdown Road   St Peters
Kennett John William 13 Victoria Road   St Peters
Kennett Miss 1 Blagdon Cottages Tippledore Lane   St Peters
Kenny Mrs Burghfield Edge End Road   St Peters
Kerr D Hilston Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Key William Rose Court Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Kilfoyle Mrs F Forwood West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Kilpin Mrs Avoca Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
King Chaeles Edward 6 Norman Road   Broadstairs
King Eustace Clarence A Gavarnie Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
King James The Rowans Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
King Miss 21 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
King Misses Grasmere Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
King Mrs Hilden Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
King Rt Ledger The Wycke High Street   St Peters
King Stuart 24 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Kingdon Walter The Knoll Crescent Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Kingham H C 39 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Kington Miss F M 2 Biddick Villas Stone Road   Broadstairs
Kirby John 59 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Kirby Mrs 17 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Kirk Charles 83 Beacon Road   St Peters
Kirke Hy K 1 Coast Guard Cottages Fort Road   Broadstairs
Kitchen Herbert Austin 9 Magdala Road   St Peters
Kite Mrs Muir Lodge Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Knight Arthur H South View Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Knight George 1 Sea View Villas George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Knight Hy 128 Beacon Road   St Peters
Knight Terence The Cedars Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Knight Walter G Birk Brow Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Knight-Bruce Mrs Castlemere Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Knights Arthur Westlea West Dumpton Lane Dumpton East Broadstairs
Knowles Richard 19 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Knox Lt-Col Robert F Bairds Hill House Baird's Hill   St Peters
Krauss-Geen Edward 18 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Kyrke Vernon Venables 6A The Vale   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Lachlan Miss J 16 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Laidler Mrs     Reading Street St Peters
Laker George Holly Lodge   Rumfields Broadstairs
Lambert Harry 35 Northdown Road   St Peters
Lambert Mrs Barton Cott Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Lambert Mrs C 45 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Lamont Miss Ardamine Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Land Miss Wrayton House Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Lane Gerald Luton House Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Lane Hy James White Ness George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Lane Miss Caroline Cott Stone Road   Broadstairs
Lane Mrs E L 47 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Langford William S 43 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Langham Mrs Helen Green Lawns Sowell Street   St Peters
Lansley John Sanford 26 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Larkins Charles San Remo Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Larksy Capt Andrew W Berachah Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Larway Hoseph H Bella Vista Seapoint Road   Broadstairs
Laslet Wilfrid 31 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Laslett Harold W 7 Crofts Place   Broadstairs
Laslett Leonard Hy 9 Crofts Place   Broadstairs
Laslett Mrs 15 High Street   St Peters
Laslett Thomas George 59 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Latchford Sydney J 55 Northdown Road   St Peters
Latimer-Voight Howard Edward Sunny Corner West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Laundy Hy Thomas 186 Beacon Road   St Peters
Laurence Albert Edward 29 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Lawley Frederick The Red Gables Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence of Kingsgate Lady Holland House   Kingsgate Broadstairs
Lawrence Alfred 31 Magdala Road   St Peters
Lawrence Alfred Edmund Wood Lodge Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Lawrence George 2 Welbeck Terrace Reading Street St Peters
Lawrence James William 20 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence Miss 5 Shutler Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence Mrs 3 Albion Villas Sowell Street   St Peters
Lawrence Mrs Glen Almond Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence Rt C 18 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence William 2 Sea View Villas George Hill Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence William Hy 31 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Lawrence William Walter 59 Beacon Road   St Peters
Lawson Geoffrey Alan Lynwood Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Layborn Lt Col. Sidney P Byways Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Layton Edward C Torrensville Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Leaning Henry John Bishopsbourne Kingsgate Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Leatherbarrow John Thomas 13A Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Leddy Fraser Joseph 12 Beacon Road   St Peters
Leech Mrs Gordon Roseleigh Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Leeson Robert A Toynbee Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Lefeaux Joseph W 32 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Leiner Arnold Edgecliff Cliff Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Leise Albert Hazel Cottage High Street   Broadstairs
Le Mage Charles Frederick Mramaduke Whitfield Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Leonard Walter 11 Afghan Road   St Peters
Lessey Walter The Lyric Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Lester Ambrose 20 Upton Road   St Peters
Letts Mrs Orchard Cott & Little Cott Sacketts Hill   Broadstairs
Lewes-Williams Herbert Hillcroft Marine Drive Kingsgate St Peters
Lewin Mrs Mary M Ingleside Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Lewis Alfred Henry Mandeville House Granville Road   Broadstairs
Lewis Edward S Farnley Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Lewis Ethelbert Northcliff Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Lewis George William Heatherdell Camden Road Reading Street St Peters
Lewis Harry 9 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Lewis Mrs Hazeldell Camden Road   Broadstairs
Lewis Mrs Providence House Granville Road   Broadstairs
Lewis Mrs Redlands Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Leys Masters Mrs Flat 2, Lesbia Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Liddell Ronald Morton (MB, ChB) Wilverley St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Lineham Hy George 27 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Lingley Miss Southridge West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Lintott James 48 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Lipscombe Walter George 34 Beacon Road   St Peters
Lismore Fraser Joseph Rosebery House Albion Road   St Peters
Lister Arthur Bradley Ravenscourt Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Little Miss Arley Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Little Victor C Jutland Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Littleton Mrs J 11 Percy Avenue   Broadstairs
Littlewood John Hy 6 Magdala Road   St Peters
Lock Miss 69 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Lock Mrs Cartref Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Lock Samuel Mardon Elstree Cottage Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Lockyer Commander Edmund Laurence Braithwaite (DSO, RN retired) Sacketts Hill House Sacketts Hill   Broadstairs
Lodge Charles George 1 Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Logan Miss 3 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Lomas Miss 25 The Vale   Broadstairs
London William 74 Church Street   Broadstairs
Long Charles 8 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Long William Edward 2 Temple Cottages Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Louch Mrs 10 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Love John J 30 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Love Leonard Sidney 22 Mayville Road   Broadstairs
Lovecy Mrs 2 Paragon Cotts Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Lovell Mrs Chapel House   Reading Street St Peters
Lovell Thomas Wynstow North Foreland Road   Broadstairs
Lowe Charles Harry Cowperthwaite Ashover Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Lowe Mrs M J Elm Cott   Dumpton East Broadstairs
Lowing Frederick Darville   Reading Street St Peters
Lowings Leonard Rathgar Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Lowther Stanley 5 Victoria Road   St Peters
Lucas Waldren 2 Paramoors Cotts   Westwood Ramsgate
Luck Rd 31 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Lusted George A Maronette Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Lyall Mrs M 41 Beacon Road   St Peters
Lyon Mrs 50 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Lyon Walter Elmwood Farm Elmwood Avenue Kingsgate Broadstairs

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