Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929

Broadstairs & St Peters

private residents A to C


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Abbiss Mrs 12 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Abbott Allen Vincent   Redcourt Kingsgate St Peters
Adam James Kentmere St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Adams Frederick 15 York Street   Broadstairs
Adams Hy Thomas Kingscote Stone Road   Broadstairs
Adams James   Camden Road Reading Street St Peters
Addison John William Briarwood Albion Road   St Peters
Alder Mrs 36 York Street   Broadstairs
Alder Stanley Montague 2 Belmont Villas Magdala Road   St Peters
Alderson Maj Percival C 213 Beacon Road   St Peters
Allard Victor Pond Cott Sowell Street   St Peters
Allen Albert Edward F 32 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Allen Cyrril John Thaxted Cottage Vicarage Street   St Peters
Allen Fras Joseph 39 Northdown Road   St Peters
Allen Frederick 73 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Allen Harry Arthur 11 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Allen Maurice 43 Northdown Road   St Peters
Allen Misses Edencliffe Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Allen Mrs Aralia Stone Road   Broadstairs
Allen Mrs W W 18 Church Street   St Peters
Allen Stephen 32 Church Street   St Peters
Allen Sydney 50 High Street   Broadstairs
Allen Thomas Albert Mon Desir Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Allfree Edward Cecil Rosemont Ethel Road   St Peters
Allison Mrs J H The Little House Marine Drive Kingsgate St Peters
Allwright Mrs Hunton House Park Road   Broadstairs
Alsop Mrs 10 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Ambridge Mrs Mayfield St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Ames Cecil 68 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Amor George Hy Tettenhal Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Amos Charles 14 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Amos Miss 30 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Anderson Edward Alfred Derry Hill Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Anderson Mrs Dunston Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Andrews Charles Cleave   Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Andrews Henry John 4 Stanley Place   Broadstairs
Andrews Mrs B P 1 Farley Cottages Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Andrews Mrs M A 1 West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Andrews Norris 1 Seapoint Road   Broadstairs
Anning Miss 17 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Annette Hy Charles 3 Riviera Mansions Granville Road   Broadstairs
Ansell Mrs 15 (flat 3) Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Appleby George Myrtle House Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Appleton George John 26 Church Street   St Peters
Appleton Leslie Alfred 45 Northdown Road   St Peters
Armstead Mrs 2 Buff Cottage Rumfields Road   Broadstairs
Armstrong Alex Dixon 36 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Armstrong Mrs Lynmouth Cottage Serene Place   Broadstairs
Armstrong Mrs Springfield Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Armstrong Mrs R The Grey House St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Armstrong William Bradstow Cottage Serene Place   Broadstairs
Arnold Frederick 2 Thanet Cottages Albion Road   St Peters
Arnold George R 41 Northdown Road   St Peters
Arnott William Arnwood Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Ashby Mrs 16 Beacon Road   St Peters
Ashby Mrs 23 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Ashley Mrs St Faiths Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Ashley Solomon 5 Upton Road   St Peters
Aske Mrs Merrow St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Aspinall Herbert St Valery Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Aste A Clifford 26 Walmsley Road   Broadstairs
Aston James W Yelverton Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Aston Leonard A New Holme Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Athawes Arthur S (BA) Dumpton House   Dumpton (East) Broadstairs
Atherton Mrs C E Bethany Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Atkin Edward 3 & 4 A, Flint Cottages Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Atkin Heriot D Wild Croft Queens Avenue   Broadstairs
Attwell Sidney Alex 39 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Attwell William John 44 Church Street   St Peters
Attwood Ernest Robincroft Northdown Hill   Broadstairs
Attwood John William 11 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Atwell Stephen 29 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Austen Albert 12 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Austen Charles Hy 4 Elwood Cotts Callis Court Road   St Peters
Austen Charles Jas 52 Church Street   St Peters
Austen George B 3 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Austen Mrs W 79 Church Street   St Peters
Austen William 25 Upton Road   St Peters
Austen William James Abbotsley Fair Street Fairfield Broadstairs
Austin Alfred Rose Cottages Camden Road   Broadstairs
Austin James Walnut Tree Cottage   Westwood Ramsgate
Austin Mrs 14 Afghan Road Reading Street St Peters
Austin Percy The Dingle North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Austin-Ward Charles 6 Beacon Road   St Peters
Avery Fred 20 Mayville Road   St Peters
Awdry Miss Eversley Callis Court Road   St Peters
Ayers Edward James 2 Staines Place Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Aytoun John Henry C.M.Edin., M.D.Edin 43 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Bacon William Stanbridge Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Bagley Miss Rose Belle Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Bagley Mrs Wayland Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Bailey George 1 Langham Villas Albion Road   St Peters
Bailey George Sacketts Hill Cottages Sacketts Hill   Broadstairs
Bailey John 101 Church Street   St Peters
Bailey Miss Annie Milton Ethel Road   St Peters
Bailey Mrs Newlands Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Bailey Rt 67 Beacon Road   St Peters
Bailey Stephen 3, Sea View Cotts George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Baines Robert Leadenham Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Bake Mrs E. O. Pierremont Lodge Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Baker Albert 3 Welbeck Terrace Reading Street St Peters
Baker Arthur 4 Convent Cottages Reading Street St Peters
Baker Arthur Wilfred 60 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Baker Frank 65 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Baker Frederick 28 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Baker Maurice S 5 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Baker Mrs 138 Beacon Road Reading Street St Peters
Baker Mrs 6 Coast Guard Cottages Fort Road   Broadstairs
Balcomb Frank L 107a High Street   Broadstairs
Balcomb William Allendale Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Balding Ernest Edward 30 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Baldwin Miss Nazdar Northdown Hill   Broadstairs
Ball Henry 2 Thisleworth Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Ballard Herbert H Rozel Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Ballard William J 71 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Banbury Mrs The Dial House Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Banbury Mrs F 21 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Bance George 30 Beacon Road   St Peters
Banks John D Fairholme Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Banting Miss 8 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Banting William Thanet Lodge Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Bantock Herbert. Edward 4 Buckingham Road   Broadstairs
Barber Harry Clarke 34 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Baring Sydney 95 High Street   Broadstairs
Barling Mrs Greenways Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Barlow Mrs C 54 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Barnes Alfred W Bournlea Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Barnes Benjamin Eastnock Grange Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Barnes George 5 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Barnett Edward de Lacy Villa Vita George Hill Road Kingsgate St Peters
Barnett Misses 37 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Barry-Cannan Mrs Woodhurst Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Bartrum Misses 3 Blagdon Cottages Tippledore Lane   St Peters
Barwick Frederick 63 Church Street   St Peters
Barwick Miss 20 Church Street   St Peters
Barwick Miss 22 High Street   St Peters
Batchelor Albert Bleak House Fort Road   Broadstairs
Bateman Mrs Foreness Marine Drive Kingsgate St Peters
Bates Arthur Fire Station St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Batger Capt Harold W 1 Staines Place Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Bathurst Harry Charles 46 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Bathurst Mrs Rosemary Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Batters Charles 7 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Batton Mrs 3 Mayville Road   St Peters
Bax John 1 St Johns Place High Street   St Peters
Bax Osman 31 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Baxter Jesse Glenside Albion Road   St Peters
Baxter William Henry 4 Shanklin Terrace Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Bayford James 14 Beacon Road   St Peters
Bayford Walter F 5 Crofts Place   Broadstairs
Beach Arthur Old Kiln Grange Road   St Peters
Beach Frederick Cecil 8 Afghan Road   St Peters
Beach John. W. 38 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Beak Harry 51 Northdown Road   St Peters
Beal Harry. Alfred Sandford House Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Bean Frederick Joseph 27 High Street   St Peters
Beardall Mrs A M 58 Church Street   St Peters
Beasley Arthur 6 Trinity Square   St Peters
Beatty Mrs Homestead Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Beatty Mrs L Valpre Cliff Road North Foreland Broadstairs
Beaver William Thomas 85 Beacon Road   St Peters
Bebbington Frank 35 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Bedingfield Arthur 2 New Cotts Margate Road   St Peters
Bedingfield Thomas 22 Afghan Road   St Peters
Bedingfield Thomas The Cottage Westwood   Ramsgate
Beecham Fred 20 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Beer Hy P Amersham Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Beer Mrs 28 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Beerling George 5 Laslett Cotts Westwood   Ramsgate
Beetham Mrs 2 Inverness Terrace   Broadstairs
Beevers Mrs Stone Garth Stone Road   Broadstairs
Bell Alfred Cranford Ethel Road   St Peters
Bell Fras Sudbury Bradstowe Way   Broadstairs
Bell Mrs Belair Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Bell Mrs 34 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Bellamy Douglas Rt Sandy Cott Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Bellman Mrs S M 42 Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Belsey John 25 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Belsey Mrs 63 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Bendall Albert.Ernest Dundee   Reading Street St Peters
Benfield Joseph 20 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Bennell Albert Shirley Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Bennett Arthur 19A The Broadway St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Bennett Edward John 17 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Bennett Miss E 32 York Street   Broadstairs
Bennett Miss J E Castlemere Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Bennett William Leslie 1 Holmwood Villas Albion Road   St Peters
Benney Col Stewart White Walls Bishops Avenue   Broadstairs
Benwell Thomas W Ellington Albion Road   Broadstairs
Beresford Miss F D Exonia Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Bergheim Mrs Lindsay  Lordings Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Berry Joseph 12 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Berry Mark 5 Trinity Square   St Peters
Berry Miss 3 Convent Cottages Reading Street St Peters
Bettles Mrs Lynton Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Bettridge Robert H 1 Eldon Place The Parade   Broadstairs
Bevan Miss White Cott Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Biart Charles Colonsay Ethel Road   St Peters
Bickmore William C 31 Beacon Road   St Peters
Biggin Mrs M B Edendale Dumpton East   Broadstairs
Biggs Edgar Arnold Cantium North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Billinghurst Miss 9 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Billinghurst Rt George 37 Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Bing Alfred Aster Cott   Reading Street St Peters
Bing Edward C Lyncroft Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Bing Frederick 2 Adelaide Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Bing Frederick Thomas 9 Trinity Square   St Peters
Bing Harry York Lodge Granville Road   Broadstairs
Bing Henry 5 Lawrence Terrace Reading Street St Peters
Bing Herbert 70 Church Street   Broadstairs
Bing Jack 76 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Bing Sydney Charles 26 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Bing William 12 Trinity Square Reading Street St Peters
Bingham Amos Dairy Cott Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Birch Mrs Humara Vale Road   Broadstairs
Bird James  Edward 6 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Bird Leonard 71 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Bishop Archibald Charles 9 Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Bishop George 24 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Bishop George Frederick Totnes Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Bishop Mrs 52 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Bishop Walter 1 Claremont Villas Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Black James Fergus Cairndhu Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Blackburn George 5 York Street   Broadstairs
Blackburn Miss E A 29 The Vale   Broadstairs
Blake Edward H Shamrock Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Blaskett Nelson Rt 3 Buff Cotts Rumfields Broadstairs
Blight Mrs Madeline   Dumpton (East) Broadstairs
Blight Mrs 2 Serene Place Sowell Street   St Peters
Blogg Albert Holly Cott Albion Road   St Peters
Blogg Charles William 63 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Blogg John 1 North Foreland Cottages Reading Street Broadstairs
Blood Howard 7 Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Bluck Mrs 19 York Street   Broadstairs
Blythman Miss M W 7 Devonshire Terrace   Broadstairs
Boardman Sidney Woodman   Reading Street St Peters
Boilean Eugene Espero Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Bolton Douglas G Shirley Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Bolton William James The Nook High Street   St Peters
Bone Barnard Elmcroft Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Bones John Thomas I Chandos Villas Dundonald Road   Broadstairs
Boosey Miss M 67 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Booth Arthur W The Rookery Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Borer George 151 Beacon Road   St Peters
Borrett Mrs M S 81 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Bosher Hy P 28 Church Street   St Peters
Botley Mrs Seapoint West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Bott Stanley (MD) 18 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Bottle William 77 Church Street   St Peters
Boulding Charles Webb Cole Orton Stone Road   Broadstairs
Bourne George A Cambridge Villa Vere Road   Broadstairs
Bourner Alfred E The Pyramid Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Bourner Arthur C Marchington Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Bowdage Miss Stone Mount Stone Road   Broadstairs
Bowden Yabsley 11 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Bowen Robert John 12 Church Street   St Peters
Bower Hy. James Westholm Ethel Road   St Peters
Bowers George 3 Ashton Cotts Tunis Row   Broadstairs
Bowie Mrs 48 Beacon Road   St Peters
Bowie Thomas R 16 York Street   Broadstairs
Bowles Charles Bettsw-y-Coed Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Bowles Hy 3 Beacon Road   St Peters
Bowles Hy. Thomas 12 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Bowles John 38 Magdala Road   St Peters
Bowles Miss 1 Dundonald Road   Broadstairs
Bowles Miss D M Hurkom Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Bowles William jun 1 Alva Cottages Westwood Ramsgate
Bowles William   Camden Road Reading Street St Peters
Bowles William 1 Rose Villas Westwood Ramsgate
Bowman Walter 97 Church Street   St Peters
Bowring Benjamin. 4 Afghan Road   St Peters
Bowtell William Frederic. 4 Westover Road   St Peters
Bowyer Ernest James 31 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Bowyer Horace William 39 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Boycott William Gordon Peggotty Bungalow Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Boyd George H Elm Lodge Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Bradbury Rd. Gate Lodge Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Brady Miss Flat 10, 15 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Braithwaite Rev John P (Weslyan) Rasmara Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Braithwaite Lewis 9 St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Branchett Charles 19 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Brandreth Benjamin Roycroft Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Branson John Avoca Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Brantfell Miss 56 Beacon Road   St Peters
Brasier George 5 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Brasier Jack 36 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Brazier John 3 Leslie Cotts Union Square   Broadstairs
Brenchley Albert 13 Balliol Road   St Peters
Brenchley Ernest 10 Victoria Road   St Peters
Brenchley Frank 82 Church Street   St Peters
Brenchley Frederick E 6 Crofts Place   Broadstairs
Brenchley Miss Sowell Street Farm Cottage Sowell Street   Broadstairs
Brenchley Miss B J Holmstead Albion Road   St Peters
Brenchley Rd. George 15 Beacon Road   St Peters
Brenchley Robert Alfred 17 Church Street   St Peters
Brenchley William 36 Church Street   St Peters
Brett Albert 36 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Brett Robert 2 Elm Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Brett Victor 47 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Brewer George W. S The Haynes Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Brewerton Mrs 25 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Briant Misses Hatfield St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Brice Alfred P   Upton   Broadstairs
Bridge Mrs 29 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Bridger Mrs Sunnydene Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Bridger Mrs M 34 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Bridges Mrs Ruth Redvers Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Briers Benjamin Kearney Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Briggs Mrs North Foreland House Cliff Promenade North Foreland Broadstairs
Brightman Frank O.B.E., (JP) 22 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Brightman Frank O.B.E., (JP) 1 Victoria Gardens   Broadstairs
Brinsley Mrs 17 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Britter Charles 6 Church Street   St Peters
Britter Charles Edward. 25 Afghan Road   St Peters
Britton Albert 5 Magdala Road   St Peters
Brocklebank Mrs 29 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Brocklehurst Rd. Trafford Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Brockman Albert 1 Laslett Cottages Westwood Ramsgate
Brockman Alfred 22 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Brockman Stephen   Upton   Broadstairs
Brockway William Edward The Croft Bishops Avenue   Broadstairs
Bromfield Mrs Crossways Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Brook Mrs E F St Ninians The Vale   Broadstairs
Brooks Alfred 15 Afghan Road   Broadstairs
Brooks Harry 12 Upton Road   St Peters
Brooks Mrs 4 Welbeck Terrace Reading Street St Peters
Brooks Ralph 6 Charlotte Street   Broadstairs
Brown George B 6 Mayville Road   St Peters
Brown Harold 64 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Brown Miss Branscombe King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Brown Mrs Emma 229 Beacon Road   St Peters
Brown Thomas 1 Shanklin Terrace Cinder Footpath   Broadstairs
Bruce Mrs Sea View Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Brunger John Edward 9 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Brunton Herbert E Stanbourne Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Brushett Henry 36 Upton Road   St Peters
Bryan Mrs Walton Lodge Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Bryant Miss Holmwood Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Bryant Mrs 24 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Buchan Hy. Frederick Netherby Waldron Road   Broadstairs
Buchanan Mrs 38 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Buck Miss The Rowans Granville Road   Broadstairs
Buck Percy C Rest Harrow Kingsgate Avenue   St Peters
Buck William B J Sunnymede Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Buckland Edward John 50 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Buckley H H C (MA) Magdalene Court Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Buckmaster Cuthbert Cardinal House Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Budds Edward James Henry 66 High Street   Broadstairs
Budge Mrs 11 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Bugden James William Lane Cottage Tippledore Lane   St Peters
Bugden James William Lane House High Street   St Peters
Buley Sidney Havelock Kerrie Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Bullard Mrs E 3 York Gate House Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Bunce Mrs 25 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Bunting Percy 36 Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Burchell Harry The Retreat Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Burden George  Leslie Newkey 9 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Burge Misses Threeways Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Burger Mrs 14 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Burgess John. S St Johns Dumpton East   Broadstairs
Burgon James 17 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Burnell William H. Rosemary Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Burnham Misses 10 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Burr John 70 High Street   Broadstairs
Bursey Mrs Westways West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Burton C Auchenove Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Burton Miss 2 Bala Villas Albion Road   St Peters
Burvill Lacy John 29 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Burville Thomas William 6 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Bush George Hurst Lodge King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Bushell Ernest 22 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Bushell Frederick George The Nest St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Bushell George 55 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Bushell Maurice The Haven Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Bushell Mrs H S Brayhill Albion Road   St Peters
Bushell Thomas 2 Westwood Villas Westwood Ramsgate
Butcher Samuel Homelea Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Butler Eugene G 3 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Butler Frank 7 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Butler Henry 34 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Butler William 48 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Byrnes Mrs 9 Oscar Road   Broadstairs
Byron Hy S D Bromstone House   Bromstone Broadstairs
Last Name First Name No or house Road Area District
Cain Miss The Little Cottage Crofts Place   Broadstairs
Cairns Mrs E J 10 Approach Road   Broadstairs
Caister Charles F Tettenhall Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Caister Mrs 16 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Callingham Mrs 14 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Campbell Mrs Flat 1, Lesbia Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Cannon Arthur Frederick John 3 Richborough Villas St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Canton Mrs Cliff Side Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Cantwell Leonard B 33 Upton Road   St Peters
Cantwell Miss 5 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Cantwell William A 5 Belmont Road   Broadstairs
Capel-Slaughter Lady 82 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Capes Clifford Cambridge House Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Capjon William Fordyce North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Capper Mrs Hill Brow Northdown Hill   Broadstairs
Carbeny Mrs 27 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Carmichael Thomas 1 Biddick Villa Stone Road   Broadstairs
Carnell Mrs 65 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Carpmael Miss 45 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Carroll Daniel 72 Church Street   St Peters
Carruthers Miss 9 Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Carter Albert 7 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Carter Albert 188 Beacon Road   St Peters
Carter Charles 43 York Street   Broadstairs
Carter Mrs Fernleigh Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Carton de Wiart Mrs Mary Stone Gap Bungalow Stone Road   Broadstairs
Casbolt Mrs Cheverells Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Cashford Frederick Charles 23 Howard Road   Broadstairs
Caspall Charles William N 29 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Caspell John   Bromstone   Broadstairs
Caspell Timothy Thomas Alva lodge   Westwood Ramsgate
Cass William P Avenue House King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Castle Arthur 3 Ranelagh Cottages Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Castle Charles 22 Victoria Road   St Peters
Cater Alick Cliff Coombe Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Catt Edward Northwood Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Catt John S Upwey Green Lane   St Peters
Catt R E   King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Cavendish Richard Marquise Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Caveney Mrs Maud Breezy Cottage King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Cayley Edward   Upton   Broadstairs
Cayley Henry 1 Magdala Road   St Peters
Cayley Herbert William 12 Magdala Road   St Peters
Cayley Miss 21 Upton Road   St Peters
Chadwick Horace Edwin Engadine Dumpton East   Broadstairs
Chalk Cecil Almesbury Stanley Road   Broadstairs
Chamberlain Alfred Edward 11 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Chamberlain Charles 52 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Chamberlain Mrs Eliza Hill Crest Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Chamberlain Thomas The Hollies Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Chambers Mrs 43 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Chambers Miss M M Queensberry Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Chamney Mrs Copt Oak Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Chandler Mrs 1 Lillian Villas Sowell Street   St Peters
Chandler Thomas Clarence Salisbury Lodge Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Chandler William Edward Cecilia Bungalow Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Chapman George 51 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Chapman Miss L 4 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Chapman Mrs I 1 Kensington Villas Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Chapman Walter Charles 1 Paramoors Cotts   Westwood Ramsgate
Chappell Mrs 7 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Chapple John Thomas Thrums Stone Road   Broadstairs
Charles Miss 80 Church Street   St Peters
Chase Frank H Magnolia House Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Chatterton Benjamin Benn Rover Northdown Hill   Margate
Chell Thomas A 7 Dundonald Road   Broadstairs
Chester Mrs E Tilehurst Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Childs Christopher St Cuby Cliff Promenade   Broadstairs
Chisholm Miss F E 17 Percy Road   Broadstairs
Chisnall Miss Braeside Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Chittenden Alfred Charles 2 Napier Road   St Peters
Chittenden Arthur Charles 10 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Chittenden Edward 10 Church Street   St Peters
Choisey Miss St Margarets Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Choules Miss 65 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Christmas Cecil Deerest   Reading Street St Peters
Churchill Arnold Stone House Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Churchill Mrs 2 Sea View Cottages   Broadstairs
Churchward Mrs Devonhurst Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Clare Mrs E Windyridge Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Claris George The Haven Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Claris James E Y Beverley Brassey Avenue   Broadstairs
Clark F H 39 Beacon Road   St Peters
Clark Frank 19 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Clark Frederick L The Dell Cecilia Grove   St Peters
Clark Hy Halka St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Clark Miss A M Crows Nest Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Clark Mrs Mayanjo West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Clarke Albert Edwin 77A High Street   Broadstairs
Clarke Hy 43 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Clarke Leonard 66 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Clarke Miss M E Ocean Falls Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Clarke Percy Blagdon House Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Clarkson John Paxton Clifflands Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Clarson William Hy Clifton Swinburne Avenue   Broadstairs
Claxton Misses 10 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Clements Leonard Ralph 5 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Cleveland Mrs E The Dawn Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Clewer Mrs 42 High Street   St Peters
Cliff Sydney Montrose Stone Road   Broadstairs
Clifford Miss Mydene Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Clinch Henry Ernest 20 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Clinch Miss Malwood Bradstow Way   Broadstairs
Clinch Mrs 11 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
Close Miss 15 Lloyd Road   Broadstairs
Coade Frederick 3 Paramoors Cottages Westwood Ramsgate
Coaker Miss V 32 Walmsley Road   Broadstairs
Cobb Rupert Capri Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Cock John Thomas 132 Beacon Road   St Peters
Cocker Matthew M 7 Richborough Villas St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Cockett Cyril Lanthorne Lodge Lanthorne Road   Broadstairs
Cockin Tess Crispin Y Yarranton Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Cocks Hy 27 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Coffey Miss 40 Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Coffin Thomas Portledge Salisbury Avenue   Broadstairs
Cole Edgar Harry 13 Magdala Road   Broadstairs
Cole Harry 37 Beacon Road   St Peters
Cole Henry 8 Trinity Square   St Peters
Cole Mrs Bide Wee Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Coleman Bertie 7 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Coleman Frank Sarum St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Coleman Miss 2 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Coleman Mrs 9 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Coleman Rt A Eden Villa Stone Road   Broadstairs
Coles Ernest 32 Beacon Road   St Peters
Colgate George Booth 8 Richborough Villas St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Collet Mrs Rd Napier Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Collier G B 9 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Collingwood Mrs N 7 Shutler Road   Broadstairs
Collins Herbert 14 Upton Road   St Peters
Collyer Frank Trentishoe York Avenue   Broadstairs
Colyer Mrs 70 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Colyer Stanley 1 Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Comber Mrs E A 2 Seapoint Road   Broadstairs
Comins George H Little Campden Park Road   Broadstairs
Conradi Capt. Robert Inglis Zenobia King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Constable Mrs A K 8 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Cook   El Nido St Mildreds Avenue   Broadstairs
Cook Arthur 18 Afghan Road   St Peters
Cook Mrs A 3 Staines Place Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Cook Mrs G G Springfield Lodge Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Cook Stanley 17 Beacon Road   St Peters
Cooke Harry R Cintra Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Cooke Richard 24 Upton Road   St Peters
Cooke-Durrant Mrs 3 Wrotham Road   Broadstairs
Cooksey Philip St Ronans Stone Road   Broadstairs
Cooksey Victor H 2 Britannia Cotts   Westwood Ramsgate
Coombes Hy 59 Northdown Road   St Peters
Coombes William Ark Cot Sowell Street   St Peters
Cooper Herbert E The Banks Cotts Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Cooper Mrs 4 Balliol Road Reading Street St Peters
Cooper Mrs 3 Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Cooper Mrs M E 19 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Cope Charles F 11 Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Cope Mrs 17 Magdala Road   St Peters
Copland Mrs Pilton Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Coppin Mrs 46 Beacon Road   St Peters
Coppin Sydney Charles 15 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Corby Mrs 8 Paragon Stone Road   Broadstairs
Cork Alfred Windy Ridge North Foreland Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs
Cork George 1 Kingsdown Cottages   Bromstone Broadstairs
Cork Mrs Bantry Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Cornish Comdr. George William (R.N retd.) Garth Bairds Hill   St Peters
Cornish Charles L Garth Bairds Hill   St Peters
Cornish Oliver The Cottage Leybourn Road   Broadstairs
Cory Mrs 58 Beacon Road   St Peters
Cotter Daniel 34 Norman Road   Broadstairs
Cotton Percy Frederick 4 Chaucer Road   Broadstairs
Counell Lt-Col Coniscliffe Dickens Road   Broadstairs
Cousens Charles N 25 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Cowan Miss C Woodcote Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Cowell Mrs 12 Afghan Road   St Peters
Cowell Mrs 15 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Cowper Mrs 15 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Cox Capt George Maurice 4 Wilmington Villas King Edward Avenue   Broadstairs
Cox Albert Thomas 10 Afghan Road Reading Street St Peters
Cox Edward 23 Thanet Road   Broadstairs
Cox Ernest Lindholme Whitfield Avenue   Broadstairs
Cox George M Ellesmere St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Cox Miss Helen Wangaratta Edge End Road   Broadstairs
Coxwell Miss 30 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Cozens Mrs W flat 7, 15 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Crawford Misses 2 Walmsley Road   St Peters
Crawford William J 62 Church Street   St Peters
Crawshaw Mrs 19 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Crawshaw Robert (B.A.) Selwyn House St Peters Road   Broadstairs
Creasy Henry Charles 5 Prospect Place   Broadstairs
Creasy Leo Raymond Grove House Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Creasy Mrs Thistledene Albion Road   St Peters
Creasy Rt St Johns Villa Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Crews Harold N Links Cott Fitzroy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Crittall Misses Bartrum Gables Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Crittall Misses Hampstead & Repton   Dumpton Park Drive   Broadstairs
Croft Edward 18 Livingstone Road   St Peters
Croft Isaac 1 Adelaide Villas Green Lane   St Peters
Crook H Evelyn (MD. Lond) Dumpton Cott Park Avenue   Broadstairs
Crook Joseph Alan Wilcott Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Crooke Thomas Harrowdene Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Crooks George 30 Magdala Road   St Peters
Croom Edward John jun 8 Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Croom James William 2 Albion Cotts Albion Street   Broadstairs
Croom William Adelaide Cott Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Crosfield Arthur M Old Tolmers Stone Road   Broadstairs
Crouch William Ivy Cottage Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Crowley John Sidney Belair The Vale   Broadstairs
Crowther Mrs 16 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Crozier George 8 Victoria Road   St Peters
Crundwell Mrs 73 Church Street   St Peters
Cullen Herbert Henry 2 Calva Cottages Vicarage Street   St Peters
Cullen Mrs 3 Calva Cottages Vicarage Street   St Peters
Culver Thomas Kildare Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Culver William George 9 Ethel Road   Broadstairs
Cunliffe David Sandford Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Cunliffe Mrs Coast Guard Bungalow Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Cunningham-Woods Fraser Ingate Lodge & Mimosa Ranelagh Grove   St Peters
Cupit Arthur Wingfield Gladstone Road   Broadstairs
Curd Harry Julian Alfred Cottage Vicarage Street   St Peters
Curtis Edward Charles 10 Mayville Road   St Peters
Cuthbert Alex The Croft Carlton Avenue   Broadstairs
Cutler-Jones Ambrose 24 Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
Cutmore William Cricklewood Cott Convent Road   St Peters

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