Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1929

Broadstairs & St Peters

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Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road Area District
McDonough Herbert P motor engineer 116 High Street   Broadstairs
McDonough Herbert P motor engineer garages Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Machin Walter hosier 27 Victoria Avenue   Broadstairs
McNaught Jospeh Craig MB, ChB physician & surgeon Dean Park Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Magdalene Court School Horace Hy Clement Buckley (MA)     Lindenthorpe Road   Broadstairs
Maison Annette   ladies hairdressers 59 High Street   Broadstairs
Malpress Frederick J electrical engineer 48 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, Loyal Star of the Sea, Female Lodge No. 8852 Mrs R F A Whiteheaf, sec meets every fourth Thursday at New Temperance Hall, Edge End Road Clarendon   Rumfields Broadstairs
Mann Miss (SRN) nursing home Carlos Pierremont Avenue   Broadstairs
Mansell Miss R B furnished apartments 16 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Marchant M J china dealer 13 Oscar Road   Broadstairs
Marchesi Brothers   confectioners 8 Harbour Street   Broadstairs
Marchesi Brothers   confectioners 18 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Marie Madame Estelle, proprss draper   Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Marsh & Redbourn   charabanc proprietors 73 High Street   Broadstairs
Marsh James George Inn 52 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Marshall Stanley W & Co   incorporated accountants 83 High Street   Broadstairs
Marshall Miss Dorothy  (CSMMG) masseuse Seafield Lodge Seafield Road   Broadstairs
Marshall Stanley Herbert hosier 55 High Street   Broadstairs
Martin Reginald J greengrocer 42 York Street   Broadstairs
Martin Walter James taxi  proprietor 25 Grosvenor Road   Broadstairs
Martin William lodging house 19 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Mascotte Private Hotel Misses Brown & Hopkins     Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Mason Albert Wheatsheaf Inn   Vicarage Street   St Peters
Matthews George William hair dresser 2 The Broadway Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Matravers S J tobacconist 9 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Maver James J private tutor 16 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
May Misses lodging house Frederick Villa Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
May E George window cleaner 9 Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
May Edward Heritage decorator Shanklin Cottage Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
May John T   builder 28 High Street   Broadstairs
May John T   brick maker     Westwood Ramsgate
Maypole Dairy Co Limited     16 High Street   Broadstairs
Mean Misses boarding house Horndon Eastern Esplanade   Broadstairs
Meanwhile Private Hotel Charles T Stone   79 & 80 Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Mears Walter T ironmonger 12 The Broadway Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Merrick Mrs Eleanor lodging house 1 Shutler Road   Broadstairs
Mesure & Sons   bakers 22 Church Street   St Peters
Metropolitan Convalescent Institution (Childrens Branch) Miss Salter, lady supt     Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Middlecote Mrs Ella lodging house 6 Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Middleton Sidney shoeing smith   Crow Hill   Broadstairs
Midgley Frederick James confectioner 41 York Street   Broadstairs
Midgley William hair dresser 26 High Street   Broadstairs
Miles Mrs Edith boarding house Vimiera Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Miller John L B dentist 20 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Miller Miss Martha B apartments 13 Alexandra Road   Broadstairs
Mills Ernest H artist Briarleigh Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Mills Frederick John lodging house 130 Beacon Road   St Peters
Mills William Rd gardener 11 Northdown Road   St Peters
Mitchell A & Son   builders The Shrubbery Linden Avenue   Broadstairs
Mockett Miss Amy lodging house 3 Nelson Place   Broadstairs
Moncrieff Mrs V boarding house 6 Inverness Terrace   Broadstairs
Monk George Star Inn   Ramsgate Road Westwood Ramsgate
Moodey (FRIBA) & Chrisfield (FSI, LRIBA)   architects & surveyors Station Gates, 109 High Street   Broadstairs
Moodey Ernest E (FRIBA) architect St Vincent Luton Avenue   Broadstairs
Moon Edward Gibson (MRCS, LRCP) physician & surgeon The Dene West Cliff Road   Broadstairs
Moore-Smith John Robert (JP, FRIBA) architect Highcliffe Western Esplanade   Broadstairs
Morgan H P assistant clerk Broadstairs & St Peters Urban District Council offices, Pierremont Hall High Street   Broadstairs
Muller Convalescent Home (for Jewish Children) Miss E Garland, matron     Lanthorne Road   St Peters
Munday George fishmonger 5 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Murrell Archer plumber workshop Fordoun Road   St Peters
Musgrave Mrs Dora boarding house 3 Belvedere Place Belvedere Road   Broadstairs
Musker Hy & Son   solicitors & commissioners for oaths Lloyds Bank Chambers High Street   Broadstairs
Myhill Alfred lodging house 9 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Myhill Alfred E fruiterer 17 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road Area District
Napier Rest  Home Miss A C Jeppsen SRN     Callis Court Road   St Peters
Nash Mrs Jane apartments 119 High Street   Broadstairs
Nash Samuel butcher 34 & 36 Albion Street   Broadstairs
National Provincial Bank Ltd C P Hartley, manager   51 High Street   Broadstairs
National Sunday School Union Holiday Home Miss M Minter   Homeland Vere Road   Broadstairs
Neale Mrs lodging house 19 St Georges Road   Broadstairs
Neeves Edward apartments 8 Prospect Place   Broadstairs
Nelson Mrs C confectioner 19 High Street   St Peters
Newing Arthur apartments Sunnyside Cottage Devonshire Terrace   Broadstairs
Nicholls Francis Edward farmer Kingsdown Farm   Bromstone Broadstairs
Nicholson Harold W boot maker 9 Clarendon Road   Broadstairs
Noble W R & Co   house & land agents Kingsgate Estate Office Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Noble H junior builder 1 Northdown Road   St Peters
Noble Harry carpenter 103 Church Street   St Peters
Norman Mrs Wright apartments Park Lodge, 17 Queens Road   Broadstairs
Norris Misses The Scotch Tea Lounge 12A Victoria Parade   Broadstairs
North Foreland Golf Club Ltd Edwin S Oak-Rhind, sec; Ernest Coles, professional         Broadstairs
North Foreland Lighthouse Harry Tilley, principal keeper; W J Slater, assistant keeper     North Foreland Road North Foreland Broadstairs
North Foreland Wireless Station F T Olgivie, officer in charge     North Foreland Road   Broadstairs
Norwood Charles Frederick stationer & post oofice   Percy Avenue Kingsgate St Peters
Nuckells Almshouses       High Street   St Peters
Nuthall A E draper 52 High Street   Broadstairs
Nutting George Richard lodging house Garden Cottage, Devonshire Terrace Devonshire Terrace   Broadstairs
Nye Ernest J fruiterer 2 Northdown Road   St Peters
Last Name First Name trade / occupation No. or house Road Area District
Oakden Mrs E R boarding house St Clair Ramsgate Road   Broadstairs
Olive Albert E grocer 66 Church Street   St Peters
Olive Albert Edward chimney cleaner 66 Church Street   St Peters
Omar Café S G Warner, proprietor   14 Albion Street   Broadstairs
Ottaway George F grocer 40 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Ottaway George Francis lodging house 14 Osborne Road   Broadstairs
Overall Hubert apartments 2 Rectory Road   Broadstairs
Overton W J monumental mason works St Peters Park Road   Broadstairs
Owen E F sec to theThanet Parochial Charities offices, Pierremont Hall High Street   Broadstairs

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