Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Baptisms 1901-1902


Date Date First Name Last Name Parents Abode Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
6th January 16th November 1900 Albert Edward ROGERS Frederick James / Alice Sophia Mary 85 Chapel Road farrier  
11th February 18th December 1900 Minnie Gertrude COOMBES Albert / Sarah 1 Jubilee Terrace, Grosvenor Road labourer  
3rd March 10th January 1901 Kathleen Annie LAMBERT James / Annie 9 Herbert Road store keeper  
3rd March 4th Janauary 1901 Wininfred Mary Ubertine PHILPOTT Robert / Ellen 7 Ellington carrier  
3rd March 18th December 1900 William George CASPELL William Edward / Katie Louisa Highfield Villas, Northwood brickmaker  
3rd March 7th October 1900 Dorothy Ida BRADFIELD Arthur Frederick / Harriet Ida 2 Rothesay Villas, South Eastern Road accountant  
10th March 28th February 1895 Alfred Augustine ROBINSON Arthur / Mary Ann High Street, Manston coachman  
14th April 4th March 1901 Lilian Louise DASH Henry / Eliza 4 Arthur Terrace, Herbert Road carman  
21st April 9th February 1901 Charles Henry SINCLAIR Henry / Harriett Chapel Road labourer  
28th April 1st March 1901 William Alfred FOWLES Willie Thomas Charles / Annie Maria 12 Grosvenor Road labourer  
5th May 7th November 1900 Bertie James WRIGHT William / Mary Edith Cliffs End labourer  
5th May 17th March 1901 Edward John WILLIAMS William / Jennie Haine labourer  
5th May 10th April 1901 Elsie May MATTHEWS Frederick James / Edith Jane Ashburnham Road coal dealer  
2nd June 27th April 1901 Arthur Spencer FRENCH Herbert Spencer / Clara Elizabeth Southwood coachsmith  
9th June 7th April 1894 Arthur George MOODY Edward John / Laura Emily Ashburnham Road decorator  
9th June 15th October 1896 William Henry MOODY Edward John / Laura Emily Ashburnham Road decorator  
9th June 15th October 1896 Gordon Stanley MOODY Edward John / Laura Emily Ashburnham Road decorator  
9th June 11th March 1901 Sydney CURLING Noel Miles / Annie Forge Alley ice merchant  
16th June 15th February 1901 Emma SAUNDERS William John/ Esther 1 Alma Cottages, Ashburnham Road gardener  
16th June 23rd March 1901 Winifred May PETMAN Thomas / Mary Ann 8 Claremont Gardens. St Lawrence labourer  
23rd June 20th May 1901 Ethel Florence SCOTT Harry / Alice Herbert Road gardener  
7th July 19th May 1901 Bernard John STRANGHAM Bernard Ralph / Mary Jane The Wheatsheaf Inn, St Lawrence licensed victualler  
14th July 12th May 1901 May Dorothy EDGAR Johnson / Alice 144 High Street, Ramsgate Inspector of cruelty to animals  
14th July 20th January 1900 Branden HURRELL Thomas Champion / Elizabeth Sarah 4 Buckley Cottages labourer  
14th July 22nd June 1901 Edith HURRELL Thomas Champion / Elizabeth Sarah 4 Buckley Cottages labourer  
14th July 11th June 1901 Lucy Maud REDWOOD Henry / Lucy 2 Pegwell Avenue carrier  
21st July 22nd May 1901 May FINNIS George / Clara 6 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road baker  
28th July 6th May 1901 Gladys Marion DARBY Henry / Emma Northwood farmer  
4th August 6th July 1901 Mary Janet OFIELD George Frederick / Marion Glen Southwood Road, St Lawrence brewers clerk  
14th August 24th July 1901 George Frederick CURTIS James / Florence Ashburnham Road labourer  
18th August 8th July 1901 Alice Maud THORNE Harry / Alice Maud 12 Claremont Gardens stoker  
1st September 25th July 1901 Gladys Elizabeth MOULTING George Henry / Harriett Amelia Tring, Hertfordshire accountant  
6th September 12th May 1900 George Randall SCITHERS George Harry / Lucy Grange Road manager  
8th September 20th August 1901 Helen Maud WHITE John / Louise Caroline Villas, South Road dramatic author  
15th September 25th June 1901 Douglas Vernon STANFORD Lucy 7 Chilton Terrace singlewoman  
18th September 21st May 1901 Florence Irene BOURNER Annie Lydia 11 Claremont Gardens singlewoman  
22nd September 25th August 1901 Frederick Daniel John WOODWARD Frederick / Rosa Elizabeth 1 Vine Cottage, St Lawrence carman  
22nd September 10th July 1901 Herbert Wilfred KEMP Frederick Thomas / Katie 7 Cambridge Terrace, Ramsgate french polisher  
24th September 14th May 1890 Ellen Maud BLOGG Charles William / Ellen Lucy Seafield Road labourer  
25th September 8th June 1901 Ellen EASTOP Henry / Elizabeth 3 Elsie Terrace, Chapel Road painter  
29th September 6th July 1901 Stanley Arthur ABBOTT William Henry / Agnes Georgina Forge Alley labourer  
29th September 21st August 1901 Elsie Beryl IMPETT Alfred Robert / Clara Percy Cottage, South Eastern Road dairyman  
29th September 12th August 1901 Bernard Ernest MIRAMS Ernest Henry / Marie Ann Florence Villa, Dundonald Road gardener  
6th October 15th August Norman Robert CRAMP Thomas Matton / Tryphena 4 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence sailmaker  
6th October 8th September 1901 Margaret Constance BROWNE Edward / Constance Annie Manston gentleman  
13th October 9th September 1901 William James OLIVER William Alfred / Sarah 40 Chapel Road painter  
13th October 24th August 1901 Annie Elizabeth WALKER George Henry / Annie 19 Claremont Gardens labourer  
16th October 22nd September 1901 Mary Jane SCAMP George / Bella Manston hawker  
23rd October 20th June 1901 Albert Edward OSBORNE William / Sarah Ann 10 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence maltsters labourer  
23rd October 10th August 1901 Annie Barbara JONES William / Maria Elizabeth 10 High Street, St Lawrence blacksmith  
23rd October 16th March 1900 William John ABBOTT William Henry / Agnes Georgina Forge Alley labourer  
23rd October 28th April 1900 Florence Susanna CHAPMAN Francis George / Susanna High Street, St Lawrence painter  
27th October 9th September 1901 Lillian June HOLNESS Frederick William / Ada Jane 41 Alexandra Road milkman  
30th October 27th September 1901 Kathleen Emma NEALE Joseph Albert / Kathleen Helen The Shakespeare Hotel, St Lawrence licensed victualler  
27th October 23rd September James JOHNSON Charles / Rosa Beatrice Maria Manston farm labourer  
3rd November 5th September Ada Alice Jessie WEST Frederick William Thomas / Christina Gertrude Southwood, St Lawrence carter  
17th November 9th October 1901 Joy Violet PAINTER Charles / Lucy Pegwell Bay coastguard  
17th November 10th August 1901 Reginald Charles DALE John / Annie Haine waggoner  
1st December 14th September 1901 Samuel Leslie Warwick WRIGHT Warwick / Lucie Newington warehouseman  
1st December 3rd October 1901 Cyril Owen Amos DARBY Alfred / Elizabeth Northwood farmer  
1st December 9th October 1901 John Henry GURR George Thomas / Emily Eliza St Lawrence labourer  
1st December 8th November 1901 Charles George HORNE Charles / Annie Nelson Cottage. West Cliff sailor  
1st December 4th November 1901 Walter Frank KEACH Annie St Lawrence singlewoman  
15th December 13th November 1901 Emma Elizabeth DANTON George Riley / Elizabeth Ellen St Lawrence labourer  
22nd December 15th October 1901 William Charles Stephen HORTON Charles Frederick / Edith Annie 2 Vine Cottages labourer  
22nd December 25th September 1899 Alice Ethel Florence BAILEY William James / Caroline Edith 3 Seafield Road bricklayer labourer  
29th December 29th October 1901 Emily Rosetta BAILEY William James / Constance Edith 3 Seafield Road bricklayer labourer  
29th December 14th November 1901 Edith Maud May FAGG Herbert Walter / Elizabeth Caroline 5 Ellington, St Lawrence seaman  
28th December 25th Decmber 1901 Laura Emily MOODY Edward John/ Laura Emily Providence Cottage, Ashburnham Road carpenter  
28th December 25th Decmber 1901 Edward John MOODY Edward John / Laura Emily Providence Cottage, Ashburnham Road carpenter  


Date Date First Name Last Name Parents Abode Trade Comments
Baptised born         Occupation  
10th January 9th September 1901 Edward George SWAIN Harry Watkin / Ellen May Frida Cottage, Grange Road labourer  
12th January 18th December 1901 Winifred Mary Ann WILLIAMS George Joseph / Mary Elizabeth 42 Chapel Road painter  
14th January 23rd November 1891 Russell Prebble LE MERE Russell / Lavina Southwood commercial traveller  
15th January 31st October 1901 James William WILLMOTH James / Hannah 3 Ellington gardener  
15th January 1st November 1901 Elizabeth Sarah NEEVES Benjamin / Elizabeth Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road labourer  
2nd February 13th October 1901 Annie Florence Ethel SETTERFIELD Alfred Ernest / Annie Forge, St Lawrence horse slaughterer  
2nd February 9th January 1902 Ellen Mabel Elizabeth HOLLIDAY Bartholomew / Mary Jane Pegwell Bay, St Lawrence labourer  
4th February 4th January 1902 Rosetta Lydia BEER Frederick Edward / Sarah Lydia Manston labourer  
5th February 24th January 1902 John JARMAN John / Salome Matilda High Street, St Lawrence blacksmith  
26th February full age Emily Jane CABLE Walter John / Eliza Buercham Grange Road, St Lawrence hairdresser  
2nd March 26th January 1902 Emily May WATERS Joseph / Helen Louise Albert Terrace, Southwood joiner  
16th March 24th February 1902 Rosa Jane SHEPHERD William Henry / Catherine Agnes 15 Grosvenor Road police constable  
23rd March 3rd January 1902 William Robert SUTTON Charles Thomas / Emily Elizabeth 20 Claremont Gardens blacksmith  
24th March 16th February Ivy Winifred PATTERSON Albert / Rosa Jane Spratling, St Lawrence, Manston waggoner  
30th March 6th March 1902 Louisa Diana Victorine NEEVES James / Ellen Louisa 6 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence labourer  
30th March 11th January 1902 William CLARK George Edward / Ellen Jane Chapel Road, St Lawrence labourer  
6th April 9th March Winifred Ada DIDDAMS Walter / Lilly Ellington Place tailor  
20th April 6th March James LAWRENCE William / Annie Chapel Road painter  
8th May 13th May 1901 Emmie Rosamund POTTER Robert Pead / Emmie Manston Road school master  
25th May 10th March 1902 Grace Elizabeth CHALLENOR Edward John / Grace Mary 8 Effingham Street tailor  
25th May 13th October 1897 Jessie Florence CHALLENOR Edward John / Grace Mary 8 Effingham Street tailor  
25th May 13th April 1902 Eric Edward APPLETON George/ Rosetta Manston Road maltster  
20th May 12th May 1902 Ethel Barbara PENNINGTON Charles George Trenchard Sale Pennington / Minnie Augusta "Parkside" Ellington Road clerk in holy orders  
1st June   Elsie May NASH David / Kate Chilton Farm farm bailiff  
8th June 1894 Ivy SMITH Frederick / Elsie Beatrice Maud Cottage Homes, Manston labourer  
8th June 3rd May 1889 Charles George Standard TOOKE Charles Standard / Emily Jane Cottage Homes, Manston tailor  
8th June 15th October 1890 Henry Walter Standard TOOKE Charles Standard / Emily Jane Cottage Homes, Manston tailor  
8th June 8th January 1893 Kathleen May Standard TOOKE Charles Standard / Emily Jane Cottage Homes, Manston tailor  
8th June 28th November 1894 Frederick Harold Standard TOOKE Charles Standard / Emily Jane Cottage Homes, Manston tailor  
8th June 29th November 1896 Gertrude Minnis Standard TOOKE Charles Standard / Emily Jane Cottage Homes, Manston tailor  
22nd June 30th May 1902 Hilda May NAILOR Henry George / Florence mary Chapel Road sailmaker  
22nd June 13th April 1902 William LAWRENCE Walter / Eliza 21 Southwood Terrace labourer  
29th June 24th April 1902 Jessie CARTER William / June 8 Catherine Terrace fisherman  
20th July 12th May 1902 Henry George CLARK William Frederick / Susannah 2 Ellington Villas, Ramsgate builder  
30th July 14th July 1902 Stanley Harold COLLYER Charles Thomas / Edith Prospect Villas, St Lawrence gardener  
10th August 17th July 1902 Sidney William George FOREMAN Sidney / Ellen Elizabeth St Lawrence porter  
10th August 17th May 1902 Edward George ELLIS Arthur George / Alice Maud St Lawrence stationer twins
10th August 17th May 1902 Alice Maud ELLIS Arthur George / Alice Maud St Lawrence stationer twins
7th September 30th June 1902 Mabel Ellen PIDDUCK George / Ellen Haine farm labourer  
7th September 19th February 1902 Lewis Miles William PARFECT Miles William / Katherine Maria Harrow, Middlesex carpenter  
14th September 10th August 1902 Edna Louise HUNT Frederick Charles / Rose Helen 22 Grosvenor Road bricklayer  
14th September 28th July 1898 Grace Hilda MATTHEWS Stephen (dec Apr 19) / Mabel Harriett 26 Grosvenor Road painter  
21st September 21st July 1902 Doris Ada BAKER William Arthur / Helen 1 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road baker  
28th September 8th July 1902 Horace Charles WOODWARD Henry Walter Charles / Louisa Florence 2 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road labourer  
28th September 22nd December 1901 Edith Helen GARDNER Helen Gertrude Chapel Road singlewoman  
28th September 6th September 1902 Stephen Arthur Richard STUPPLES James George / Louisa Ann Seafield Road labourer  
28th September 24th July 1902 Percy REDMAN William John / Emma Louise Seafield Road painter  
28th September 1st September 1902 Agnes Alice Caroline ANKINS William / Agnes Maud Ranelagh Terrace, Margate Road labourer  
5th October 8th September 1902 Beatrice Ada SAMSON James Odian / Flora 4 Newington Terrace signalman  
5th October 22nd August 1902 Alice Lillian BALL Albert / Elizabeth Pegwell coastguard  
5th October 30th August 1902 Violet Elizabeth AMOS Elizabeth Chapel Road singlewoman  
12th October   William Albert Edward SHEPPARD James Henry / Myra Lucy 7 Field Terrace, Chilton police constable  
17th October 16th July 1902 Doris Ada EASTOP Henry / Elizabeth Elsie Terrace, Chapel Road painter  
18th October 6th August 1902 Charles FRYER George Fortescue / Catherine Manston Road assurance agent  
19th October 8th August 1902 Ernest DARBY Harry / Ellen Ann High Street, St Lawrence fly proprietor  
9th November 19th October 1902 Cecil Rhodes MARSH Harry George / Emma 56 Chapel Road bricklayer  
9th November 6th October 1902 Dorothy May FORSTER Alfred / Amy Haine labourer  
30th November   Walter Stanley SMITH Edward / Anne Elizabeth Maycroft, Ellington insurance agent  
2nd December 24th September 1901 Emily Elizabeth SINCLAIR John / Charlotte Little Cliffs End labourer  
7th December 2nd November 1902 Olive May BARNARD George William / Mabel Eliza Elm Lodge butcher  
7th December 24th September 1902 Ellen Gertrude SPRATT Lewis / Ellan Gertrude 2 Whitehall Cottages railway guard  
28th December 27th October 1902 Daisy Florence CUTT Arthur / Lucy Florence Fanny 2 Douglas Terrace, Douglas Road, Surbiton carpenter  
28th December 26th September 1902 William Harry DEARLE Harry George Henry / Henrietta 14 Alfred Cottages, Hardres Street labourer  

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