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Units of the Queens Own together with their Commanding Officers - August 4th 1914 to November 11th 1918. 

Note - Officers on the Active List of the Regular Army, Special Reserve and Territorial Army are given their permanent rank held on the date of assuming command; Officers of the Retired List and of the New Armies their temporary rank. Acting rank is not shown. Only honours earned before the war are mentioned. The date given is that on which command was assumed, where it has been impossible to discover the exact date, the month only is mentioned. The names of officers who acted in command for short intervals between the departure of a commander and the arrival of his successor are omitted.



In Command

Colonel of the Regiment    1904 to 1921 Major- General Sir Edmund Leach, KCB
The Depot
mobilized, August 4th 1914. August 4th 1914 Major P M Robinson, CMG
August 5th 1914 Colonel G W Maunsell
April 10th 1915 Lieut-Col W E Rowe
May 20th 1916 Lieut-Col E A Iremonger
April 5th 1917   Lieut-Col J P Dalison
October 2nd 1918 Major G D Lister
1st Battalion August 4th 1914 Lieut-Col A Martyn
mobilized, August 4th 1914. October 13th 1914 Major M P Buckle
Embarked, August 13th 1914. November 3rd 1914 Capt H D Buchanan-Dunlop
Served in France and Flanders to December 11th 1917. November 19th 1914 Major P M Robinson, CMG
In Italy to March 31st 1918. September 13th 1915 Capt H D Buchanan-Dunlop
In France and Flanders to April 23rd 1919. September 12th 1916 Major R Lynch White
Reformed at Gravesend. November 15th 1916 Capt H D Buchanan-Dunlop
May 26th 1917 Major R Lynch White
August 25th 1917 Major B Johnstone
October 9th 1918. Major Jack K Kay
Lieut-Col A Martyn returned to the Battalion from 1st to 3rd November
2nd Battalion August 4th 1914 Lieut-Col S H Pedley
On August 4th 1914 was stationed at Multan, India. January 14th 1916. Major R J Woulfe-Flanagan
Mobilized, January 17th 1915.
Embarked January 30th 1915.
Served in Mesopotamia; embarked for home as a cadre, July 26th 1919.
Reformed at Rugeley.
3rd Battalion August 4th 1914 Lieut-Col Sir A S TGriffith-Boscawen
Mobilized, Maidstone, August 4th 1914 & moved to Chatham. Moved to Leysdown (Isle of Sheppey) in  Summer 1918. April 22nd 1916 Major C D Barrow
Disembodied, July 29th 1919. March 3rd 1918 Lieut-Col E V O Hewett, OBE, DSO, CMG.
1/4th Battalion August 4th 1914 (C.O. from 4th January 1911) Lieut-Col C N Watney
Formed from 4th Battalion, Territorial Force from men who volunteered for overseas service.
Mobilized, Tonbridge, August 4th 1914.
October 8th 1918 Major C B Robb, took over command on October 8th, 1918, and was in command during the Afghanistan Expedition
Embarked, October 29th 1914, to India.
Served in India, taking part in the Afghanistan Expedition with the Baluchistan Force, May 6th to September 11th 1919.
Embarked, October 30th, 1919.
Disembodied, November 24th 1919.
2/4th Battalion Appointed on formation Colonel A T F Simpson
Formed, April 25th, 1915, as a Kent Composite Battalion, and was renamed on June 14th 1915. August 15th 1915 Major H Smithers
Embarked, July 18th 1915. October 20th 1915 Major E J F Vaughan
(Devon Regiment)
Served in Gallipoli, Egypt and Palestine. December 22nd 1915 Colonel A T F Simpson
Disbanded, September 13th 1918. March 3rd 1916 Lieut-Col A E Norton (W.I.R.)
June 26th 1916 Captain E W Dillon
July 27th 1916 Lieut-Col N E Money, DSO (Shropshire Yeomanry)
October 28th 1917 Major P Jude  (The Buffs) 
November 20th 1917 Lieut-Col W Beswick  (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
3/4th Battalion
The home service portion of the 1/4th Battalion was formed in September 1914, and known as the 4th (HS) Battalion until October 22nd 1914, as the 4th (Reserve) Battalion till February 9th 1915, and as the 2/4th till it became the 3/4th on June 14th 1915. Appointed on formation Colonel A T F Simpson 
Embarked May 31st 1917. June 14th 1915 Lieut-Col J D Laurie
Served in France and Flanders. June 1st 1916  Colonel A T F Simpson
Disbanded March 27th 1918. October 10th 1917 Captain E James (Lincoln Regiment) 
4/4th Battalion
Formed July 14th 1915, moved to Cambridge. July 14th 1915 Lieut-Col C D Disney-Roebuck
Became 4th (Reserve) Battalion on June 16th 1916. January 1st 1917

Major R W McKergow  (Sussex  Yeomanry)

Combined with 3/5th Battalion September 1st 1916.
Disbanded in May 1919.
1/5th Battalion
Mobilized, August 4th 1914. August 4th 1914 Lieut-Col F A Frazer
Embarked October 29th 1914. June 10th 1918 Major C D Clark
Served in India. September 18th 1918 Lieut-Col F A Frazer
Embarked for Mesopotamia, December 5th 1917.
Embarked for home, December 27th 1919.
Disembodied January 28th 1920.
2/5th Battalion
Formed October 1914, Bromley. Appointed on formation Major E B Willis
Disbanded November 14th 1917, at Canterbury. September 7th 1916       Major Edward Graham Savage
Reserve Battalion. November 21st 1916 Major C L Willoughby-Wallace  (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
3/5th Battalion
Formed July 12th 1915, Bromley. July 12th 1915 Major Geoffrey Cecil Bulwer Jenyns
Amalgamated with 4/4th to form 4th (Reserve) Battalion, September 1st 1916.
6th Battalion
Formed August 4th 1914, Maidstone, moved to Colchester, then Purfleet in September 1914, before going to billets in Hythe in December 1914. Moved to Aldershot February 1915. August 19th 1914 Major P M Robinson, CMG
Embarked June 1st 1915 for Boulogne. November 14th 1914 Colonel G E Even, CB
Served in France, Flanders and Germany. January 3rd 1915 Lieut-Col E F Venables
Disbanded, November 1919. November 29th 1915 Major C S Owen
(Royal Welsh Fusiliers) 
November 16th 1916 Lieut W R A Dawson
May 3rd 1917 Captain W J Alderman 
temporarily in command when killed in action on 20th November 1917
August 27th 1917 Captain W R A Dawson
December 1st 1917 Major P Whetham
(Manchester Regiment)
February 18th 1918 Captain W R A Dawson
March 29th 1918 Lieut W C Cook
(East Surrey Regiment)
May 14th 1918 Captain H Peploe
June 6th 1918 Major W R A Dawson
October 23rd 1918 Major L C R Smith
30th March 1919 to 23rd April 1919 Major Jack K Kay (acting Lt-Col)
  23rd April 1919 Major C L Porter, CMG., DSO., (East Kent Regiment)
7th Battalion
Formed, September 5th 1914, Maidstone. April 1915, moved to Colchester, May 1915, Salisbury Plain September 6th 1914 Colonel A W Prior
Embarked, July 26th 1915 for Le Havre. October 12th 1915 Major J T Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes
Served in France and Flanders. November 28th 1916 Major A E Phillips
Disbanded July 16th 1919. January 7th 1917   Major E M Liddell
(West Riding Regiment.)
21st February 1917 Major A E Phillips
April 7th 1917 Lieut-Colonel L H Hickson
May 3rd 1917 Captain P N Anstruther
June 9th 1917 Major C H L Cinnamond (R.I. Rifles)
March 18th 1918 Captain J D Crosthwaite
(1st Battalion London Regt.)
April 2nd 1918 Major A E Phillips
April 15th 1918   Lieut-Colonel L H Hickson
July 15th 1918 Major A E Phillips
August 23rd 1918 Lieut-Colonel L H Hickson
8th Battalion
Formed September 12th 1914. October 1st 1914 Colonel E Vansittart
Embarked August 30th 1915. October 6th 1915 Major J C Parker
Served in France and Flanders. August 31st 1916 Major N I Whitty
Disbanded June 14th 1919. January 20th 1917 Major J C Parker
November 3rd 1917 Major N I Whitty
December 6th 1917 -
August 30th 1919
Lieut-Col H J Wenyon
9th Battalion
Formed, October 24th 1914. October 19th 1914 Lieut- Col O J Daniell
Became 22nd Training Reserve Battalion, September 1st 1916.
10th Battalion
Formed May 12th 1915. May 6th 1915 Lieut-Col A Wood Martyn
Embarked May 4th 1916. September 15th 1916 Major W F Soames
Served in France and Flanders till November 9th 1917; in Italy till March 2nd 1918; then in France, Flanders and Germany. February 10th 1917 Lieut-Col A Wood Martyn
Disbanded on January 3rd 1920. June 10th 1917 Captain S H Beattie
(Northampton Regiment)
March 1st 1918 Major F A Wallis
March 15th 1918 Lieut-Col A C Corfe
March 23rd 1918 Major F A Wallis
May 7th 1918 Major the Hon E R Thesiger
(Surrey Yeomanry)
  19th April 1919 Major G W Howard
(Essex Regiment)
  10th June 1919 Major M Beevor
(Middlesex Regiment)
  1st August 1919 Major C F Penton
  29th September 1919 Major G C Stubbs
(Suffolk Regiment)
11th Battalion
Formed May 12th 1915. May 12th 1915 Lieut-Col H L Searle
Embarked May 3rd 1916. February 1st 1916 Lieut-Col A F Townshend
Scot Rifles)
Served in France and Flanders till November 9th 1917; in Italy till it returned to France and was disbanded on March 16th 1918. September 15th 1916 Lieut-Col A C Corfe
September 20th 1917 Lieut J C Beadle
(Royal East Kent Yeomanry)
January 8th 1918 Major A J Jimenez
February 21st 1918 Lieut-Col A C Corfe
12th Battalion
Formed, February 5th 1916. February 5th 1916 Colonel Arthur Gordon Jeffrey(s)
Became a Battalion of the Royal Defence Corps, April 15th 1918.
1st Home Service Battalion
Formed April 1st 1916. April 1st 1916 Lieut-Col C W Warden 
Became a Battalion of the Royal Defence Corps, April 15th 1918.
The Volunteers
The Volunteer Regiment of The Queens Own was formed in 1917 by the amalgamation into four Battalions of the nine Battalions previously allotted to the West Kent and Mid Kent Groups of the County Volunteers
Regimental Commandant Colonel C E Warde, MP
1st Volunteer Battalion Colonel J Rowlandson
2nd  Volunteer Battalion Lieutenant - Colonel A C Borton
3rd Volunteer Battalion Major Sir Philip Dawson, Kt
4th Volunteer Battalion Major C H Gray
Unknown     Battalions                                     14th July 1917 to 31st July 1917 Lieut A E Jones
11th October 1917 Major H Gardiner,  DSO
(West Riding Regiment)
31st March 1918 to 15th April 1918 Major W Hodson, MC.
(Cheshire Regiment)
13th April 1918 Major W C Cook, MC.

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