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Wateringbury parish registers transcripts - extracts - baptisms - 1705 to 1812

Year Date First Name Surname Parents Parents ABODE Comments
1707 Aug-24 Barbara TOMKINS Jonathan   Londoner  
1734 May-02 James COOK Thomas Elizabeth travellers  
1735 Aug-24 James SMITH James Deborah travellers  
1744 Sep-16 William LEE Wm   travellers  
1751 Sep-22 Richard SELDON Stephen   travellers  
1752 Apr-05 John COLEMAN Thomas Elizabeth travellers  
1752 May-24 Eleanor SHERLOCK Thomas Elizabeth travellers  
1752 Aug-30 William WHITE John Mary travellers  
1754 Sep-15 Mary RABBELEN William Christian travellers  
1754 Sep-22 Thomas DOWN William Mary travellers  
1758 Jul-09 Mary BISHOP Thomas Mary visitor  
1759 Jun-25 John EDMONDS Thomas Sarah visitor  
1787 Feb-27 Philip CHEESMAN Gervase Susan Mereworth  
1787 Nov-04 Susannah MARSHALL James Elizabeth Mereworth  
1788 Sep-14 Thomas SMITH Wm Hannah vagrants  
1788 Sep-14 William BOUSTRIDGE   Mary vagrants  
1789 Mar-09 Mary BANFIELD William jnr Sarah Mereworth  
1791 Mar-06 William LONGLEY   Anne travellers  
1792 Nov-15 Amelia WOOLLETT John Elizabeth Mereworth  
1793 Mar-16 William CLEMENT   Phoebe Mereworth base born
1793 Nov-21 William GOULS John Jane Mereworth  
1797 Mar-05 Thos BARNETT Thos Anne strangers  

Wateringbury parish registers transcripts - extracts - marriages - 1705 to 1812

1706 Oct-13 Thos DENTON Frinsberrie
    Elizabeth CASTLETON Maidstone
1730 Oct-20 Richard MILLER Mereworth
    Katherine PAGE Wateringbury
1731 Jun-20 Robert DUNKIN Maidstone
    Mary WEBB Wateringbury
1732 May-09 John BROOKE Pembury
    Mary LARKIN Brenchley
1735 Sep-30 William WINCH East Barming
    Elizabeth SANDERS Wateringbury
  Dec-23 Thomas MAY Wateringbury
    Mary GROOMBRIDGE Mereworth
1737 May-24 John SEYLIARD Blechingly, Surry
    Ann HUNT Wateringbury
  Aug-23 Nicholas HAYES Kemsing
    Ann TYSON Wateringbury
  Dec ? Richard GOODHEW Mereworth
    Elizth TOMLIN Wateringbury
  Mar-19 John SYMONDS Hasted, Kent
    Mary SWIFT Wateringbury
1738 May-15 Edward ORPIN Marden
    Sarah BORNICK Wateringbury
1754 Mar-23 George STIDDOLPH Yalden
    Anne BURDEN Wateringbury
  Jun-12 Thomas BLACKBONE All Saints, Malden, Essex
    Sarah LAGDEN Wateringbury
  Aug-28 Walter CRUNDWELL/CRUNDEL Wateringbury
    Jane HAWLEY East Malling
  Sep-21 John WILLIAMS Maidstone
    Mary SELBY Wateringbury
  Oct-12 Thomas PERRING/PERRIN Tunbridge
    Elizabeth TOMLIN Wateringbury
1755 Jul-23 William PHILLIPS Wateringbury
    Hester GIBBONS Maidstone
1756 Oct-10 William PLAN Great Peckham
    Susannah HUBBARD Wateringbury
1757 Jan-24 Joseph GARDINER/GARDNER Hunton
    Elizabeth JOY Wateringbury
  Apr-23 Henry FIELD Wateringbury
    Elizabeth LARGE Mereworth
  May-26 William ROE Nettlested
    Sarah STONE Wateringbury
  Oct-02 John DALTON East Farley
    Hannah JENNER Wateringbury
  Dec-30 John CARMAN Brenchley
    Mary WAGGON Wateringbury
1759 Jul-02 John GOODING West Peckham
    Elisabeth BILLINGHURST Wateringbury
  Jul-07 William SOUTHWELL East Malling
    Anne HERNDEN Wateringbury
1760 Oct-07 James SMITH Wateringbury
    Mary SMITH Maidstone
1762 Jan-03 William MANTLE West Malling
    Mary MILES Wateringbury
1763 Jun-05 Edward SISLEY East Peckham
    Anne CHEESEMAN Wateringbury
  Aug-24 Richard TERRIER Ightham
    Margaret WELLS Wateringbury
  Dec-29 John HILL St James, Clerkenwell
    Mary CHEESMAN Wateringbury
1767 Feb-15 John STONE Ryarsh
    Charity CEAR Wateringbury
  Jul-02 William SMITH Marden
    Frances PATTENDEN Wateringbury
  Oct-12 Thomas PARKER East Farley
    Elizabeth BENNET Wateringbury
1768 Apr-29 John TIBBLES Osgarswick, Kent
    Elizabeth STONE Wateringbury
  Jul-30 William PENNALL Yalding
    Elizabeth BURTON Wateringbury
  Dec-26 George LONG Mereworth
    Elizabeth HART Wateringbury
1772 Feb-20 John WEBB East Malling
    Lucy JOHNSON Wateringbury
  Oct-27 Thomas EVANS St Paul, Covent Garden
    Ann KNELL Wateringbury
1773 Oct-13 Robert COLEGATE/COULGAT St Maries, Hundred of Hoo
    Elizabeth CHAMBERS Wateringbury
  Oct-25 Thomas RICHARDSON Marden
    Sarah GIBBONS Wateringbury
  Nov-30 Robert COMBER Hadlow
    Elizabeth WALLER Wateringbury
1774 May-09 William CHAMBERS Wateringbury
    Jurussia BAKER Nettlested
  May-24 William GILLET/GILLETT Wateringbury
    Ann CROWHERST West Malling
  Aug-10 James BALLARD Goudherst
    Elizabeth CROW Wateringbury
1775 Oct-02 John POINTER West Malling
    Margaret BAKER Wateringbury
  Nov-14 Robert GAWTHERN/GAUTHERN Wateringbury
    Deborah GILES Ryarsh
1776 Feb-18 Richard JOHNSON Tunbridge
    Mary FULLER Wateringbury
  Jun-06 William BURTON St John, Westminster
    Eleanor KNELL Wateringbury
  Oct-10 John SUDS Mereworth
    Ann WHEBLEY Wateringbury
1777 Nov-12 Daniel COSTIN Mereworth
    Barbara DUDLEY Wateringbury
  Nov-15 Thomas PARKS Mereworth
    Sarah SIMMONDS Wateringbury
1778 Feb-17 Robert BRATTLE Wateringbury
    Sarah CORK/CORKE Brenchley
1780 Jul-28 James BEADLE Swanscombe
    Olive ORPIN Wateringbury
  Nov-30 John HUBBARD Wateringbury
    Sarah PARIS Teston
1781 Sep-04 John LANKSTED Wateringbury
    Mary BRIDGLAND East Peckham
1784 Apr-13 Edward KEMP Brenchley
    Sarah SAUNDERS Wateringbury
  Apr-22 Russel HICKMOT Chatham
    Jane CORSTEN Wateringbury
1785 Jan-15 Thomas ASHBY Linton
    Frances DAVIS/DAVIES Wateringbury
1786 Jan-12 Beecher CROTHALL Wateringbury
    Milborow Parker LUCK Hadlow
  May-19 George SINDEN Wateringbury
    Elizabeth CRAYFORD East Peckham
  Nov-22 Thomas POPE West Malling
    Mary CANTALL/CANTOLL Wateringbury
1787 Mar-03 John WOOD Hoo, Kent
    Anne LOADER Wateringbury
  Nov-26 Thomas HODGE Nettlested
    Anne STILES Wateringbury
1788 Mar-06 John BANFIELD Mereworth
    Anne BATCHELOR Wateringbury
1790 May-27 Richard PERRIN Wateringbury
    Elizabeth HUNT Aylesford
  Jul-01 George MARDEN Wateringbury
    Sarah MILLING Yalding
  Oct-27 Frederick DAY Wateringbury
    Mercy MITCHELL Maidstone
  Dec-26 Henry ARROW Wateringbury
    Mary CLEAVES Burling
1792 Apr-30 William SWIFT Wateringbury
    Mary MIRES East Malling
  May-07 William LISSENDEN Ulcomb
    Martha STONE Wateringbury
1793 Jun-27 John LARKING East Malling
    Dorothy STYLE Wateringbury
  Aug-13 John TERRY East Malling
    Anne STONE Wateringbury
1794 Dec-10 Thomas GIBBON West Peckham
    Anne MILES Wateringbury
1795 Aug-22 John COVILL Wateringbury
    Anne HILLS Boxley
1801 Feb-12 Edward GOLDSMITH Birling
    Anne TURNER Wateringbury
1802 Jul-06 John COSSAM Ringmore, Sussex
    Elizabeth HUGGET Wateringbury
1806 Jul-14 John DEYKIN/DEYKING St Andrews, Holborn
    Charity LUCK Wateringbury
1807 Oct-15 Revd John HENRY St Martins in the Fields
    Mary PRATTLE Wateringbury
1808 Nov-15 William HARNETT St Alphage
    Catherine KNELL Wateringbury
1810 Apr-18 Edward EAGLETON West Malling
    Ann CHEESMAN Wateringbury
  Oct-22 George CLAVIS St Andrews, Canterbury
    Susannah KNELL Wateringbury
1812 Aug-10 John Kennedy DIXON Christ Church, Surry
    Patty EAGLETON Wateringbury

Wateringbury parish registers transcripts - extracts - burials- 1705 to 1812

24.02.1707 Madam GOLDING wife of Thomas GOLDING Esqre Laban
31.08.1724 Sarah WILLSON traveller  
21.11.1727 Mary MORTON traveller  
00.11.1727 Dav PHILLIPS travellers child  
25.06.1730 John ROBINSON   St George, Hanover Sq, Middlesex
20.10.1730 Susannah BURLESTON widow Wandsworth, Surrey
23.08.1734 Thomas KIRKBY   St James, Westminster
31.00.1737 John SWIFT traveller  
31.00.1737 Isabel PRICE traveller  
15.11.1737 William DAWES traveller  
10.02.1747 Anne SANDEL wife of David Sandel Teston
24.03.1749 Mary SMITH   London
22.02.1750 Margaret CARN   London
04.05.1752 Andrew PRICE traveller  
04.05.1752 Andrew PRICE traveller - BOND erased for PRICE  
29.06.1759 John EDMONDS visitor  
21.07.1760 John BURTON visitor  
30.06.1765 Elizabeth DYKE visitor  
02.05.1766 George BEAGLE visitor  
21.03.1778 Margaret SMITH wife of John Smith West Peckham
10.04.1787 Sarah COSTIN widow Mereworth
10.06.1787 Elizabeth COSTIN dau.of Danl.& Barbara Mereworth
21.02.1790 Thomas THORPE stranger  
13.03.1790 William MANTEL   West Malling
03.04.1790 Thomas BEADLE   Maidstone
23.10.1791 John WENMAN   Bletchingley, Surrey
29.05.1794 Anne FRANCE widow Teston
03.07.1794 Henry Maundy HARVEY   Sandwich
13.09.1797 John BRYANT stranger  
28.09.1801 William NIXON a hopper  
11.03.1802 Sarah DAVIS stranger  
27.03.1802 Elizabeth BIRMINGHAM stranger  
21.05.1802 Elizabeth SHARP wife of Edward Sharp Maidstone
04.10.1804 ?? HESKETH son of a hopper, infant  
13.09.1811 George DEWLOCK stranger  

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