The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private J or G Boyle


Private John (George*) BOYLE, 20676, 7th Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders, France, 21st March 1918, age 27.

Born Burnley, Lancashire, son of John & Katherine Boyle, 3 Gorple? Street, Worsthorne, near Burnley, Lancashire.

17th January 1915, Worsthorne, married Jane Agnes Anderson, spinster, of 12, Burnley Road, Worsthorne, near Burnley, Lancashire.

Child - George Henry Boyle, born 15th July 1918, Worsthorne, near Burnley, Lancashire.

Enlisted Burnley, Lancashire, age 24, height 5ft 6½ inches, weight 151lbs, fresh complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, tattoos right & left forearms, birthmark right buttock. Resided 34 Water Street, Worsthorne, near Burnley, Lancashire. Formerly collier.

* Enlisted under the name of John although his real name is George.

Home 4th September 1914 to 16th July 1915; BEF 17th July 1915 to 2nd June 1917; Home 3rd June 1917 to 12th December 1917; All service forfeited; Home 13th December 1917 to 18th February 1918; BEF 19th February 1918 to 21st March 1918.

4th September 1914, enlisted into East Lancashire Regiment, 13091 & posted Depot; 4th September 1914, posted 7th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment; 10th September 1914, appointed Lance Corporal; 15th October 1914, drunk & using obscene language, about 10.15pm, deprived of Lance stripe; 14th February 1915, absent from Chapel Parade at 8.30am, 3 days confined to Barracks; 16th February 1915, absent from 9.00am Parade, 2 days confined to Barracks; 27th February 1915, awarded 42 days Field Punishment No.2. by DCM for striking his Superior Officer; 12th May 1915, overstaying his pass from 12 midnight until 9.00am 13th May, deprived of 1 days pay, forfeits one days pay; 18th May 1915, appointed unpaid Lance Corporal; 5th November 1915, reverts to Private at own request; 13th November 1916, wounded, gun shot wound, head; 22nd December 1916, tried by FGCM and sentenced to 56 days Field Punishment No.1. for drunkenness & striking his Superior Officer; 30th May 1917, wounded, shell wound, thigh; 2nd June 1917, transferred to UK, ex 2 Canadian Hospital, Outreau; 3rd June 1917, posted Depot, East Lancashire Regiment: 3rd June 1917 to 21st August 1917, Carrington Hospital Nottingham, gun shot wound, left thigh, severe; 6th September 1917, posted 3rd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment; 24th September 1917, breaking out of Camp whilst a Defaulter about 9.30pm & remaining absent until reporting himself at 9.00 on 3rd October 1917, 14 days Field Punishment No.2. forfeits 5 days pay; 15th October 1917, found in bed at 6.40am, 2 days confined to Barracks; 15th October 1917, willfully absenting himself from Defaulters Parade at 5.00pm until found in bed at about 7.00am on 16th October; 26th October 1917, breaking out of Camp at about 8.45am whilst undergoing Field Punishment No.2. and remaining absent until found in the Dining Hall about 1.15pm, deprived of 14 days pay; 4th November 1917, overstaying draft leave from Tattoo until apprehended by Civil Police in Blackburn on 7th November, 10 days Field Punishment No.2., forfeits 4 days pay; 12th November 1917, whilst undergoing Field Punishment No.2.breaking out of Billets about 1.00pm and remaining absent until arrested by the Civilian Police at Burnley at about 6.30pm 16th November, 28 days Field Punishment No.2. forfeits 5 days pay; 13th December 1917, tried by DCM and sentenced to 6 months detention for deserting His Majesty's Service. Absent from 20th November 1917 to 1st December 1917, Awaiting trial from 6th December 1917 to 12th December 1917. All former Service forfeited on conviction for desertion, service reckons from 13th December 1917. Losing by neglect his equipment, clothes & regimental necessities, £3 2s 4d stoppages; 18th February 1918, memo from Commandant Detention Barrack Aldershot advising that sentence has been remitted by 115 days & transferred to 7th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment, posted BEF & embarked; 21st March 1918, posted missing.

31st January 1919, War Office memo - "The Office in Charge, Records Office No.2. Hounslow is informed that a report has been received on an official German list of dead - 20676 Doyle G, 7th R W Kents D that a disc has been sent in by a District Graves Commission through a Base Depot on 19th August 1918. Fallen and buried in the local military district Berthemicourt. This report has been accepted as sufficient evidence of death for official purposes and the date of death has assumed to be on or since 21st March 1918."

16th March 1919, date when Separation Allowance of 12/6 a week payable to wife will cease.

17th March 1919, pension of 20/5 a week awarded to widow and one child.

17th November 1920, Statement of Relatives - completed by Widow, Jane Agnes Boyle, 12, Burnley Road, Worsthorne; Child - George Henry Boyle, 12, Burnley Road, Worsthorne; Father, John Boyle, Gable? Road, Worsthorne; Mother, Catherine Boyle, Gable? Road, Worsthorne; Brothers - John Boyle, age ?, Gable? Road, Worsthorne; Thomas Boyle, age ?, Gable? Road, Worsthorne; Joseph Boyle, age ?, Heap? Street, Worsthorne; Edward Boyle, age ?, Gable? Road, Worsthorne; Sisters - Elizabeth Watson, age ?, 57 Coq? Street, Burnley; Mary Barker, age?, Gable? Road, Worsthorne.

Commemorated at Pozieres  Memorial, Panel 58 & 59, Somme, France.

Private George BOYLE according to CWGC web site.

Service No G/2076 according to Regimental History  & G/20676 according to Soldiers Died in the Great War & CWGC web site.

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