The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private J J Crout


Additional information and photograph provided by Richard Banks;  Privates George  William CROUT and John James CROUT were his Great Uncles.

This Special Memorial in Section F,  Woolwich Cemetery, is a 6 feet tall Portland stone and records the names of 14 WWI casualties who were buried in grave numbers 600 and 601. Dean B, Hall C H, Lusty H J, Reed A,  Reed F G, Wright G, Bayne L J, Cox E G, Crout J J, Hutton J, Kane G S T, Porter J, Ruffels G H, Wright W

Private John James CROUT, 10411, 2nd  Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died, 30th September 1918.

Born 29th March 1894, son of Henry John  & Harriett Emily Crout, of 32, Brookdene Road, Plumstead, Kent.

15th April 1894, Woolwich, baptism of John James Crout, son of Henry, (waterman),  & Harriett Crout, of 6 Meeting House, Lane.

15th April 1894, Woolwich, baptism of Edith Crout, daughter of Henry, (waterman),  & Harriett Crout, of 6 Meeting House, Lane. Born 4th February 1893.

1911 Census - 27 Armstrong Place, Plumstead, Kent - Henry John Crout, head, age 68, married, waterman & lighterman, barge owners, born Woolwich, Kent, totally blind for 27 years; Harriett Emily Crout, wife, age 55, married 32 years, 16 children, 8 still alive, charwoman, born Milton, Kent; Emily Crout, daughter, age 26, single, general servant domestic, born Woolwich, Kent; John Crout, son, age 17, single, general labourer, born Woolwich, Kent; William Griffin, nephew, age 30, single, cab proprietor, carman, born Woolwich, Kent.

Enlisted Woolwich, age 21.  Resided 32 Brookdene Road, Plumstead. Formerly general labourer.

25th October 1915, enlisted & posted 11th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 31st December 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 5th January 1916, Medical Board report, has a double mitral murmur, not the result of Military Service. Not likely to become an efficient soldier.

21st January 1916, discharged  as "no longer physically fit for War Service" due to sickness. Silver War Badge issued Gratuity £7/10s no pension awarded.

1917 December Quarter, Woolwich Registration District, married Roseline Alice Maud Crout, nee Crawford.

 26th April 1918, accepted as Pensionable by Appeal Board, aggravated 70%, awarded 19/3 a week for 26 weeks from 31st December 1917. Expires 2nd July 1918; 18th July 1918, Medical Board Report, prevents 70% for 6 months will get worse, 19/3 a week, expires 2nd December 1919. 

Pensioner died 30th September 1918.

 Roseline Alice Maud Crout, died 24th October 1918, Woolwich Registration District, cremated 29th October 1918, Greenwich, London.

Buried at  Woolwich Cemetery, F. 601, London.

Brother of George William Crout, 2nd Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, who also fell on 25th September 1916.

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