The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private J Chapman


Photograph by "Danielle"

Private John CHAPMAN, L/10365, 1st  Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders France, 18th February 1917, age 21. 

Born Brighton, Sussex, son of Mrs. Susan Chapman, of 4 Wood Street, Brighton, Sussex / 6, Kensington Place, Brighton, Sussex. Brother, Charlie Chapman, 4 Victoria Road, Shoreham, Sussex.

Previously served in 6th Cyclists Battalion.

Home 22nd May 1914 to 6th December 1914; BEF 7th December 1914 to 9th April 1915; Home 10th April 1915 to 13th April 1916; BEF 14th April 1916 to 18th February 1917.

Enlisted  Newhaven, Sussex, age 18 years & 198 days, height 5 ft 4½ inches, weight 115 lbs, fresh complexion, light brown eyes, black hair, clasped hands & love? right forearm, short straight mark left forearm, requires dental treatment. Formerly porter green grocer.

22nd May 1914, enlisted & posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 8th June 1914, Depot Maidstone, forfeits 14 days pay, fined 7 days pay; 11th June 1914, swimming certificate; 7th July 1914, Maidstone, stating a falsehood to the Officer Commanding his company. 7 days confined to Barracks; 31st July 1914, Maidstone, absent from Tattoo until 9.40pm 2nd August, 5 days confined to Barracks, forfeits 3 days pay; 25th August 1914, Chatham, quitting Barracks without a pass, 7 days confined to Barracks; 27th August 1914, Chatham, improper conduct on Parade, making an improper remark to Cpl Brockett, insubordinate conduct on Parade, 3 days Field Punishment No.1.; 18th September 1914, Maidstone Camp, going out of bounds 6.30pm, 5 days confined to Barracks; 24th September 1914 to 3rd October 1914, Fort Darland, awarded 10 days Field Punishment No.2. by Commanding Officer for insubordinate conduct on Parade; 11th October 1914, Fort Darland, absent from Tattoo until 4.00pm, 15th October 1914, 5 days detention, forfeits 5 days pay; 16th October 1914, Fort Darland, improper conduct whilst in detention, 4days Field Punishment No.1.; 30th October 1914, Upper Barracks, Chatham, overstaying his pass from Tattoo until Tattoo 5th November, 28 days Field Punishment No.2., forfeits 8 days pay;  7th December 1914, posted BEF & 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 18th March 1915, wounded, gun  shot wound left fore finger; 9th April 1915, 8 Hospital, gun shot wound left hand, partial amputation, under finger, to England; 5th May 1915, overstaying his furlough from Tattoo till 10.45pm 7th June, fines 7 days pay, forfeits 14 days pay;

25th June 1915, deserted when on Active Service; 29th July 1915, apprehended by Civil Power; 31st July 1915, in Guard Room; 7th August 1915, tried by DCM, sentenced to 6 months detention. Pay for deficiencies of kit - 3 flannel shirts, service jacket, pair of service trousers, pair of drawers, service cap, cardigan, pair of braces, putties, pair of boots, pair of canvas shoes, 2 pairs of socks, spoon, razor, shaving brush, housewife, cap badge = £3 1s 1½d. Engagement reckons from 7th August 1915; 20th December 1915, Woking Detention Barracks, released, one months detention remitted by General Officer Commanding, 17 days remission of detention earned under rules for Detention Barracks;

23rd December 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 11th February 1916 to 26th February 1916, absent; 1st March 1916, forfeits 16 days pay; 13th April 1916, forfeits 11 days pay; 14th April 1916, posted 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment.

11th June 19119, Statement of Relatives - Mother, Susan Chapman, 6, Kensington Place, Brighton.

Buried at  Gorre British & Indian Cemetery, III.C.14., Pas de Calais, France.

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