The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private H A Sinden



Private Hubert Arthur SINDEN, (BOWLES), G/11744, 1st  Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders France, 20th June 1916, age 27.

1889, born Kingsnorth, Kent, son of Ellen Sinden.

1890 June, West Ashford Registration District, Ellen Sinden, married Robert Bowles

1911 Census - Washford Farm, Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent - James Sinden, head, age 40, married, farm labourer, worker, born Great Chart, Kent; Catherine Sinden, wife, age 38, married 17 years, 3 children, all still alive, born Tenterden, Kent; Leslie Sinden, son, age 16, farm labourer, worker, born Kingsnorth, Kent; Harold Sinden, son, age 14, farm labourer, worker, born Kingsnorth, Kent; William Sinden, son, age 6, born Kingsnorth, Kent; Jane Sinden, mother, age 63, widow, laundress, own account, born Mersham, Kent; Laura May Sinden, sister, age 32, single, born Great Chart, Kent; Herbert Sinden, nephew, age 22, single, farm labourer, worker, born Kingsnorth, Kent.

Enlisted Ashford, Kent, age 26 years & 321 days, height 5ft 5¼ inches, weight 120lbs, mole below left nipple. Resided Washford Farm, Kingsnorth, Kent. Formerly farm labourer.

Next of Kin (grandmother), Jane Sinden.

Home 18th January 1916 to 23rd May 1916; BEF 24th May 1916 to 20th June 1916.

18th January 1916, enlisted; 20th January 1916, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 23rd January 1916, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 27th January 1916, inoculation; 5th February 1916, inoculation; 6th April 1916, Field Course of Musketry; 24th May 1916, posted BEF & 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 25th May 1916, 5 Infantry Base Depot; 16th June 1916, joined Battalion, "C" Company, In the Field.

22nd August 1919, Statement of Relatives - Widow, none; Children, none; Father, none; Mother, Mrs E Bowles, 100 Newtown, Ashford, Kent; Brothers - none; Sisters - none; Grandparents, Jane Sinden, Guardian & Grandmother, Washford Farm, Kingsnorth, Kent; Nephews / Nieces, none; Uncles / Aunts, none.

Buried at Faubourg D'Amiens Cemetery,   I. D. 58., Arras, France. Commemorated Kingsnorth War Memorial, Kent.

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