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Private Ernest CRATE,  G/17927, 1st Home Service Battalion,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died of a gastric ulcer, Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Dartford, Kent, at 12 noon on 30th March 1917, age 48.

Born Redhill, Surrey, son of Thomas and Ellen Crate of Redhill, Surrey.

13th December 1890, St Mary, Reigate, Surrey, Ernest Crate, age 20, bachelor, groom, of Cromwell Road, Reigate, father Thomas Crate, gardener, married Eliza Miller, age 19, spinster, of Cromwell Road, Reigate, father Michael Miller, larkman?

Children - Irene Victoria Crate, born 13th January 1903, Reigate, Surrey; Ethel Mary Crate, born 12th September 1904, Reigate, Surrey.

1911 Census - 83, Earlsbrook Road, Redhill, Surrey - Ernest Crate, head, age 40, married, house painter, born Redhill, Surrey; Eliza Crate, wife, age 39, married 21 years, 7 children, 5 still alive, born Nuffield, Surrey; Charlotte Crate, mother in law, age 78, widow, old age pensioner, born Nuffield, Surrey; Albert Crate, son, age 12, errand lad, Railway Despatch Room, born Redhill, Surrey; Irene Crate, daughter, age 8, scholar, born Redhill, Surrey; Ethel Crate, daughter, age 6, scholar, born Redhill, Surrey.

Previously served 5 years Volunteers, 2 years Yeoman.

28th August 1914 -  This is to certify that the bearer Ernest Crate, Imperial Yeomanry, is a Class I National Reservist and was registered as such before 11th August 1914 - signed Major, Sec. T.F. Association of the County of Surrey, Caxton House, Westminster, SW.

Enlisted Guildford, Surrey, age 40, height 5ft 4 inches, weight 148lbs, fresh complexion, grey eyes, hair brown getting grey, deficient & defective teeth.  Formerly labourer.

Home 1st September 1914 to 23rd September 1914; BEF 24th September 1914 to 22nd November 1914; Home 23rd November 1914 to

1st September 1914, enlisted; 2nd September 1914, posted Depot,  Royal West Surrey Regiment, Service No.271; 3rd September 1914, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 24th September 1914, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 2nd November 1914, wounded, gun shot wound, right foot, admitted to 8 General Hospital, shrapnel wound, right foot; 22nd November 1914, transferred to England; 22nd November 1914, posted Depot, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 2nd January 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 12th January 1915, posted 6th Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 29th March 1915, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 26th August 1916, employed at Convalescent Hospital, Eastbourne, Sussex; 23rd September 1916. transferred to 1st Home Station Garrison Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment.

25th July 1917, report from Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Orchard Military Hospital, Dartford, Kent to Officer in Charge, Infantry Records - Reference your RWK 1284. All the records, case and history sheet of this man have been forwarded to British Medical Research Committee. He was admitted to this Hospital, as he was attached to the Barrack Warden's Department. On 29/3/17 at 6.00am he was taken suddenly ill. For three months, he had been complaining of pains in abdomen and indigestion, and on the day before his death, he was suddenly attacked with acute abdominal pains and collapsed. He gradually became weaker and died. A post mortem examination was made, when a dissecting Aortic Aneurysm was found. The disease probably originated apart from, but was aggravated by Military Service.

7th October 1917, date when Separation Allowance of 17/6 a week & Allotment of Pay of 3/6 a week will cease.

8th October 1917, pension of 24/2 a week awarded to widow & two children.

8th June 1920, Statement of Relatives - Widow, Eliza Crate, 65, Earlsbrook Road, Redhill; Children - Lily Crate, born 5th September 1890, married, 65, Earlsbrook Road, Redhill; Gertrude Crate, born 14th May 1891, married, 5 Charman Road, Redhill, Surrey; Albert Ernest Crate, born 4th April 1898, 5 Charman Road, Redhill, Surrey; Iren Victoria Crate, born 13th January 1903, 65, Earlsbrook Road, Redhill; Ethel May Crate, born 12th November 1905, 65, Earlsbrook Road, Redhill; Mother, none; Father, none; Brothers - Albert Crate, age 56, 14 Monson Road, Redhill; Walter Crate, age 50, 90 Church Hill Road, South Croydon; Charles Crate, age 47, 52 Gove Hill Road, Redhill; Brother, half blood - Frederick Hayden, age 67, Ridgeway Road, Redhill; Lewis John Hayden, age 57, "Waveley" Upper Bridge Road, Redhill; Sister - Edith Mackriell?, age 45, 19 Chapel Road, Redhill.

Buried at  Reigate Cemetery, R. 4633., Reigate, Surrey.

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