The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Private C Cromack


Private Cyrus CROMACK, G/7201, 3rd Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died, 25th August 1917.

Parents marriage - 5th April 1890, St Hilda, Leeds Yorkshire, Arthur Cromack, age 21, bachelor, labourer, 2 Spring Close Terrace, father Abraham Cromack, turner, married Amy Joy, age 19, spinster, 19 Sussex Court, father Joseph Joy (deceased), builder.

Born Leeds, Yorkshire, son of Arthur & Amy Cromack.

1911 Census - 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds - Arthur Cromack, head, age 42, married, labourer, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Amy Cromack, wife, age 40, married, 10 children, 9 still alive, char woman, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Matilda Cromack, daughter, age 20, single, under cook, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Cyrus Cromack, son, age 19, single, labourer, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Martha Ann Cromack, daughter, age 16, single, machine nail feeder, born Leeds, Yorkshire; John Cromack, son, age 14, paper selling, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Sammuel Sykes Cromack, son, age 12, school, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Emma Cromack, daughter, age 10, school, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Elenor Cromack, daughter, age 8, school, born Leeds, Yorkshire; Doris Cromack, daughter, age 6, school, born Leeds, Yorkshire; William Henry Cromack, son, age 2, born Leeds, Yorkshire.

Previously served 13th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, (Green Howards), 3 days.

22nd January 1916, St Mary's Church, Richmond Hill, Leeds, married Florence MacNeill, spinster

Enlisted  Leeds, Yorkshire, age 24 years & 1 month, height 5ft 1½ inches, weight 106lbs. Resided 34 Zion Street, Leeds, Yorkshire. Formerly cloth finisher.

Home 15th February 1916 to 30th July 1917; BEF 31st July 1917 to 25th August 1917.

15th February 1916, enlisted; 15th February 1916, to Army Reserve;  15th March 1916, mobilized & posted Depot, West Yorkshire Regiment, Service No. 26458; 18th March 1916, transferred to 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 12th June 1916, Chattenden, overstaying his pass from 12.00 midnight to 11.15 am 13th June 1916, admonished, forfeits 1 days pay; 17th June 1916 to 19th June 1916, Fort Pitt, Chatham, crushed thumb, severely crushed, exposed bone, refused operation; 19th June 1916 to 15th August 1916, ????? Hospital, crushed thumb; 12th September 1916 to 18th September 1916, Military Hospital, Leeds, pediculosis (lice infestation); 1st March 1917 to 14th March 1917, War Hospital, Croydon, discharged to Duty, (no illness or disease shown); 28th April 1917, transferred to 336 Labour Company, Service No.179459; 11th June 1917, transferred to 335 HS Labour Company; 22nd June 1917, transferred to 302 Reserve Labour Company, Thetford; 13th July 1917, Thetford - 302 Reserve Labour Company,  Cormack, C, "can you please raise this man to category B1, fit for Duty; 28th July 1917, posted to 743rd Area Employment Company; 31st July 1917, posted BEF, embarked / disembarked; 31st July 1917, joined Company in the Field.

10th March 1918?, date when Separation Allowance of 9/8? a week and Allotment of Pay of 3/6 a week will cease.

14th April 1919, Statement of Relatives - Widow, Florence Cromack, 29A Middle Row, Campfield, Leeds; Father, Arthur Cromack, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Mother, Amy Cromack, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Brothers - John Cromack, age 23, 2 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Samuel Cromack, age 20, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; William Cromack, age 11, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Sisters - Martha Ann Cromack, age 26, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Emma Cromack, age 18, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Nelly Cromack, age 15, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds; Dorriss Cromack, age 13, 4 Zion Square, East Street, Leeds.

Buried at Coxyde Military Cemetery, III. B. 23., Belgium.

27 St Anne's Square, Shanner?, Leeds


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