The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Pte A W Clements


Private Alexander William CLEMENTS, 10274, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died 2nd July 1918

Born 30th August 1887, Deptford, Kent.

26th January 1913, Rotherhithe, married Elizabeth Ann Gutteridge, spinster, 179 Childers Street, Deptford, SE. / 19 Blackhorse Road, Deptford, SE.

Children - Florence Violet Clements, born 14th July 1914, Greenwich; Albert Charles Clements, born 15th July 1916, Greenwich.

Enlisted  Deptford, SE, age 28 years & 75 days, height 5ft 2½ inches, weight 106lbs, fresh complexion, blue eyes, dark brown hair, ILPB? & flower right forearm, clasped hands left forearm, scar front of right knee.  Resided 179 Childers Street, Deptford, SE. Formerly general labourer.

Home, 15th October 1915 to 2nd May 1916; BEF, 3rd May 1916 to 18th September 1916; Home, 19th September 1916 to 15th October 1917.

15th October 1915, enlisted & posted 11th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 8th April 1916, Aldershot, overstaying his pass, from 5.00pm, until reporting himself at 11.00am 9th April 1916, deprived of two days pay, forfeits 2 days pay; 15th September 1916, wounded, gun shot wound, right buttock; 17th September 1916, Canadian General Hospital, Etaples, to England on Hospital Ship Brighton; 19th September 1916, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 19th September 1916 to 3rd October 1916, Temple Road, Military Hospital, Birkenhead, perforating gun shot wound buttock; 12th October 1916, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 29th December 1916, forfeits 7 days pay; 23rd January 1917, posted Depot,  Royal West Kent Regiment; 22nd March 1917, transferred to Class "W"; 29th March 1917, date from which any pension he maybe awarded has effect.

15th October 1917, discharged  as "no longer physically fit for War Service" due to wounds. Silver War Badge issued

Pension 27/6 a week for 4 weeks, then 8/3 a week for 52 weeks. Children's Allowance, 9/2 a week then 2/9 a week. Gratuity £24/5.

Defective sight, originated Somme, 15th September 1916, result of Active Service due to gas shell. Permanent, prevents 30%.

Buried in Brockley Cemetery, where his name is recorded on the Screen Wall, (A.1845.) listing those whose graves have no headstone.

29th January 1921, widow in receipt of pension of 44/2 a week and now resides at Bell Hill, Vange, near Pitsea, Essex.

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