The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Lance Corporal W Charman


Lance Corporal  Walter CHARMAN, L/9450,  2nd  Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 23rd June 1916.

Born Worth, near Crawley, Sussex / Three Bridges, Crawley, Sussex, son of Harry Chapman, Woodford Cottage, Mill Road, Three Bridges, Sussex.

Previously served Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (under standard).

Previously served 4th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, Territorial Force; enlisted Three Bridges, Sussex, 24th March 1909, served to 7th March 1909; age 18 years & 3 months, height 5ft 6½ inches.

Previously served 3rd Battalion, Special Reserve, Royal West Kent Regiment, Service No. 7915; enlisted 8th September 1909, Maidstone, Kent, age 18 years & 9 months, height 5ft 6¾ inches, weight 121½lbs, brown eyes, black hair, 2 small scars between shoulder blades.  Formerly baker, previously rejected unfit as under chest measurement. 12th November 1909, 3rd Class Certificate of Education, during drill on enlistment. Served to 7th March 1910.

Enlisted 8th March 1910 Maidstone, Kent, age 19 years & 3 months, height 5ft 6¾ inches, weight 130lbs, tattoo, fresh complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Formerly baker.

Home 8th March 1910 to 9th November 1911; India 10th November 1911 to 31st January 1915; Indian Expeditionary Force, 1st February 1915 to 23rd June 1916.

8th March 1910, enlisted; 18th March 1910?, 2nd Class Certificate of Education; 31st May 1910, posted 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 10th November 1911, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 20th March 1912, Peshawar, dropping his rifle on Commanding Officers Parade, 5 days confined to Barracks; 23rd March 1912 to 17th April 1912, eczema; 22nd April 1912 to 26th May 1912, eczema; 15th July 1912 to 22nd July 1912, eczema; 8th October 1912 to 9th December 1912, eczema; 1st March 1913, Peshawar, having a dirty rifle at weekly inspection, 3 days confined to Barracks;  7th June 1913 to 12th June 1913, sandfly fever; 20th June 1913, awarded Transport training Certificate; 2nd October 1913 to 9th October 1913, sandfly fever; 28th July 1914, appointed unpaid Lance Corporal; 10th August 1914 to 25th August 1914, eczema; 30th January 1915, appointed paid Lance Corporal; 17th December 1915, Kut-al-Amarah, wounded in action; 29th April 1916, Kut-al-Amarah, Prisoner of War.

War Office Report 11th February 1917 - A letter dated 24.1.17. has been received from No.1803 Pte H Pennell, 5th Royal West Kent Regiment, East Leeds War Hospital, Killingbeck, Leeds, Exchanged Prisoner of War from Turkey, in which he states that  No 9450 L/Cpl W Charman, 2nd, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, died from dysentery and malaria in a village beyond Baghdad. Pte Pennell in later communication gives the date of death as about June 12th. This report of death may be accepted for official purposes, the usual non-effective documents prepared and the next of kin notified - the date of death to be taken as "on or about 12th June 1916 ".

31st May 1919, Statement of Relatives - Father, Harry Chapman, 78 High Street, Three Bridges, Sussex; Brothers - F.Charman, age 31, 109 Jackson Road, Bromley; A. Charman, age 34, 29 St Andrews Road, Portslade, Sussex; H J Charlman, age 35, 2 Blenheim Cott, Lancing, Sussex; P Charman, age 26, Burn Cottages, Three Bridges, nr Crawley; H A Charman, age 24, 78 High Street, Three Bridges, Sussex; A C Charman, age 22, on Active Service; Sister, half blood - Ethel Taylor, age 37, Uttermarsis, J C Abbotts, near Taunton, Somerset.

Commemorated at  Basra Memorial, Panel 29, Iraq.

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