The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Lance Corporal A Spackman


Lance Corporal Albert Victor SPACKMAN, S/1854, 1st Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, Flanders France, death presumed on or after, 26th October 1917.

19th July 1880, born Camden Town, Middlesex, son of Thomas Charles & Ellen Spackman.

15th November 1882, St Barnabas, Rotherhithe, Southwark, baptism of Albert Victor Spackman, son of Thomas Charles, (labourer), & Ellen Spackman, 20 Chilton Street.

15th November 1882, St Barnabas, Rotherhithe, Southwark, baptism of William Frederick Charles Spackman, (born 19th October 1877), son of Thomas Charles, (labourer), & Ellen Spackman, 20 Chilton Street. 

9th August 1884, Saturday, St George in the East Workhouse - Spackman Frederick, born 1877; Spackman Albert, born 1880; Spackman Edgar, born 1882, destitute, mother in Infirmary, father in Homerton Fever Hospital.

2nd March 1887, Wednesday, Leavesden (Poor Law), School, St Pancras, Albert Spackman, born 1879, father in Highgate Infirmary.

8th February 1894, Friday, Greenwich Workhouse, Albert Spackman, father 8 Canterbury Road, Brought by P C Garner, age 14, admitted Master from Infirmary.

19th July 1898, London, enlisted 3rd Battalion, Special Reserve, Royal West Kent Regiment, age 17 years & 11 months, height, 5ft 2⅜, weight 110½lbs, grey eyes, black hair, vacc 4, cross, joined hands & heart, I love KS & bracelet right forearm, pierced heart lines & dots left one, a s left hand & dot 1st ? ? of it, 4th fingers, dot right hand KATE on fingers of it, scar near left eye, right cheek, & left knee, moles chest.

Resided 8 Canterbury Road, Camberwell, London, Surrey; Formerly sawyer; 3rd August 1898, offence unreadable, 4 days confined to Barracks; 1st September 1898, offence unreadable, 3 days confined to Barracks; 28th December 1899, overstaying his pass, 7 days confined to Barracks, deprived of 3 days pay; 6th February 1900, improper conduct on the range, 5 days confined to Camp; 3rd March 1900, absent from Tattoo until 11.30pm when apprehended by Civil Police, drunk, admonished; 6th April 1900, absent from Tattoo,  3 days confined to Barracks; 30th April 1900, drunk in Barracks at 7.30pm, 7 days confined to Barracks; 17th May 1900, offence unreadable, 96 hours detention with hard labour, fined 7/6; 18th June 1900, first offence unreadable, creating a disturbance in hospital, resisting an escort, 14 days confined to Barracks, fined 7/6;

1st July 1901, All Saints Hatcham Park, Lewisham, Albert Spackman, age 22, bachelor, sawyer, 8 Canterbury Road, father,Thomas Charles Spackman, warehouseman, married Katherine Sullivan, age 21, spinster, 8 Canterbury Road, father, James Sullivan, scaffolder.

Children - Maud Ellen Spackman, born 26th August 1902, Deptford;

15th July 1904, re-engaged for 4 years.

Children - Florence Spackman, born 3rd October 1904, Deptford;

22nd April 1906, promoted Corporal;

9th June 1908, re-engaged for 4 years, age 27 years & 10 months, height 5ft 3½ inches, weight 117lbs, fresh complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair, flowers love bust of female etc left forearm, crossed flags back of right hand, tombstone, clasped hands etc right forearm.

1908 Annual Training, passed fit.

Enlisted 8th August 1908, Maidstone, Kent, Royal West Kent Regiment, age 28, Resided 7, Grainger Street, Peckham Park Road, London SE15. Formerly sawyer.

Home 8th August 1908 to 7th November 1914; BEF, 8th November 1914 to 26th October 1917.

Children - Katrine Spackman, born 23rd July 1909, Peckham;

1911 Census - 45 Herman Road, Camberwell, SE - Albert Spackman, head, age 30, married, wood sawyer, packing case makers, born Poplar, London; Catherine Spackman, wife, age 30, married 9 years, 4 children, 3 still alive, born Camberwell, London; Maude Spackman, daughter, age 8, born Deptford, Kent; Florence Spackman, daughter, age 6, born Deptford, Kent; Catherine Spackman, daughter, age 1, born Camberwell, London.

Entry Crossed through - Violet Spackman, daughter, age 4.

Children - Rose Elizabeth Spackman, born 1st July 1911, Peckham;

20th May 1912, promoted Sergeant.

Children - Thomas Albert Spackman, born 26th March 1913, Deptford.

8th November 1914, posted BEF; 13th August 1916, tried and found guilty by Court Martial, whilst on Active Service, drunkeness, to be reduced to the ranks; 27th August 1916, wounded, gun shot wound, face & finger; 19th October 1917, appointed unpaid Lance Corporal.

1st July  1918, pension of 37/11 a week awarded to widow and five children.

1919 June, Camberwell Registration District, Katherine Spackman married Robert C Sulley.

Buried at Hooge Crater Cemetery, IX. H. 9., Belgium.

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