Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Minster & Outlying Parishes

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Packer Alfd Edwd Ivy villa Chalk Hole Garlinge
Packham Walter The Cot   St Nicholas
Page Alfred The Orchards Monkton road Minster
Page Cecil 4 Pole As cottages Pole Ash (near Manston) St Lawrence (Extra)
Page Hy 2 Colswood cottages Colswood (near Haine) St Lawrence (Extra)
Page Mrs H E Sharon villa Monkton road Minster
Palmer Geo Tritton   Jubilee cottages St Nicholas
Palmer Miss E P   Coney close St Nicholas
Palmer Wm Milestone Ramsgate road Westwood, Margate
Paramor Thos Fras 1 Lorne villas Gordon road Westwood, Margate
Parish Miss The Plas   Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Parker Mrs 4 Lorne villas Gordon road Westwood, Garlinge
Patterson Albt Ebenezer cottages Spratling Street (near Haine) St Lawrence (Extra)
Patterson Percy 2 Haine Farm cottages Haine, St Lawrence (Extra)
Paul Christphr 6 Thanet View terrace St Nicholas
Pay Fredk Ivydene Gordon road Westbrook, Garlinge
Pay Wm   Nether Hale cottages Hale, St Nicholas
Payne F Barton Cranford Monkton road Minster
Peal Wm   Chalk Pit cottages St Nicholas
Peall Alfd Wm 1 Khartoum villas Gordon road Westwood, Garlinge
Peall Jsph Trenly Gordon road Westwood, Margate
Peall Wm Oakdene Gordon road Westwood, Garlinge
Pearce Wm Jas 4 Vincent cottages Vincent, Margate
Pearse Herbt Ebbsfleet farm   Ebbsfleet, Ramsgate
Pearse Wm Sevenscore farm Sevenscore Minster
Pearson Jsph Briar cot Minster lane Minster
Pearson Sidney Victor Melbourne villa Monkton road Minster
Pease Edwd Chas 2 Torrington cottages Laundry road Minster
Peirce Jn 9 Spratling road (near Haine) St Lawrence (Extra)
Penfold Leslie Wltr 2 Grove cottages Vincent, Margate
Pepper Arth   Cheesemans cottages Minster
Petley Chas 3 Tothill cottages Tothill street Minster
Petley Ernest Hy 1 Beresford cottages Prospect road Minster
Petley Hy Westlea Prospect road Minster
Petley Jas Edwd 1 Bethel cottages Laundry road Minster
Petley Walt   Monkton Court cottages Monkton
Pettman Harry   Rose cottages St Nicholas
Pettman Herbt Cousande Foads lane Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Pettman Jn F Alpha house   St Nicholas
Pettman Thos 5 Newport cottages Star lane Westwood, Margate
Petts Horace Deo Volente Augustine road Minster
Petts Mrs Celia Spratling Street (near Haine) St Lawrence (Extra)
Petts Thos Rosemary cottage Augustine road Minster
Petts Wm 4 Marsh View terrace Monkton
Phillips Chas Wm   Station road Minster
Philpott Alfd   High Street Minster
Philpott Ernest Manston Court Farm   St Lawrence (Extra)
Philpott Ernest Edward Ferndale   Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Phinn Miss Maud Moseley Dene Monkton road Minster
Pickett Wm Cranleigh Tothill street Minster
Pidduck Ernest 4 Walnut cottages Haine, St Lawrence (Extra)
Pidduck Mrs Ozengell   St Lawrence (Extra)
Pike Thos Old Post Office   Sarre
Pilcher Alfd Wm 2 Alland Grange cottages Minster
Pilcher Geo     Monkton
Pilcher Roger 4 Way Farm cottages Way, Minster
Pinder Herman     Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Pink Alfd Golden point   Monkton
Piper Jas 8 Parsonage cottages Monkton
Pilcher Wm 8 Eden cottages Prospect road Minster
Pitcher Wm Jn 1 Grosvenor cottages Acol
Pittock Ernest Jn   Sun cottages St Nicholas
Pocknall Jas 3 Wellington cottages St Nicholas
Pocknall Thos 2 Nelson cottages St Nicholas
Pocknall Wm   Potten street St Nicholas
Pointer Harry Stoenhaven High Street Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Pope Mrs Christiana cottage   St Nicholas
Pott Fredk Chas Holly cottage High Street Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Potter Mrs The Olde cottage   St Nicholas
Potts Wm Geo 3 Walters Hall cottages Monkton
Powell Edwd Rt 12 Green lane Garlinge
Powell Mrs 1 Park villas High Street Minster
Power Garratt 2 Durlock cottages Durlock
Power Jn 10 West side Prospect road Minster
Pratt Hy Ernest Arth Ellacombe Cliff End grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Prickett Percy Wm 1 Preston villas Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Prior Hugh 2 Summerfold villas Acol
Pritchard Geo Glenbrook Monkton road Minster
Pritchard Hy Geo 4 Pouces cottages Minster
Pritchard Jn 1 Vincent cottages Vincent, Margate
Pritchard Stanley Rd 1 Alvis villas Gordon road Westwood, Margate
Protheroe Flight Lieut Edwd J (RAF) 15 Manston Court road Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Punyer John E   Gore street Monkton
Purvey Mrs 2 Chalk Hole cottages Chalk Hole Garlinge
LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Quinnell Fredk Ernest Holloway lodge Brooks end St Nicholas
LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Raines Stephen 3 Pouces cottages Minster
Ramsden Alfd Jn Wayborough Farm Way Minster
Ramsden Mrs W Windyridge Way Minster
Randall Thos Jn Hurston Ramsgate road Westwood, Margate
Rantle Stephen Jn The Ideal Station road Minster
Rayner Edmnd 1 Elms cottages Monkton
Read Bertram Chas Lyn-Ber Brooks end St Nicholas
Read Edmnd Austen 9 Parsonage cottages Monkton
Read Sidney Victor Kreepon Alland Grange Minster
Redbourn Benj Deauville Sandwich road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Redman Jas 1 Mabel cottages Hengrove, Garlinge
Redwood Hy   Lydden Garlinge
Redwood Thomas 11 Spratling road (near Haine) St Lawrence (Extra)
Redwood Wm Courtlands Chalk Hole Garlinge
Reeve Wltr Wm Hedgend   St Nicholas
Reeve Alfd Brook house Sevenscore Minster
Reeve Wltr   Cheesemans cottages Minster
Regnard Harold 14 High Street Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Regnart Mrs Chas The Cottage Green lane, Chapel Hill Garlinge
Repton Miss H K (matron) Isle of Thanet Joint Hospital - isolation   Haine, Garlinge
Revell David Geo 1 Gordon villas Gordon road Westwood, Garlinge
Revell Thos Hy The Lone Star King Edwards road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Revell Wm Jn 1 Stone villas Monkton road Minster
Reynolds Harry P Pear Tree cottage High Street Minster
Richards Jn   Spencer Cottages, Thorne Minster
Richardson Thos Rt 3 Charles villas High Street Minster
Riches Geo Rt 4 Chases cottages Tothill street Minster
Rigden Alfd   Gore street Monkton
Robbins Albt E Merridale   St Nicholas
Robbins WltrF Alberta   St Nicholas
Roberts Jn Wm 11 High Street Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Roberts Thos   Sandwich road Stonar
Roberts Wm   Fairfield road Minster
Robinson Rev Edwd Colles (MA) The Vicarage   St Nicholas
Rofe Wallace 1 West side Prospect road Minster
Rogers Chas 5 Walters Hall cottages Monkton
Rogers Hy   Potten street St Nicholas
Rogers Jas Dovedale Foads lane Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Rogers Mrs Briar cottage Church street Minster
Rogers Mrs K 2 Forge cottages Durlock
Rolfe Fredk Wm 3 Parsonage cottages Monkton
Rolfe Rt 1 Angola cottages Freemans road Minster
Rootes Mrs Alice 4 Percy cottages Durlock
Rose Edwd Sycamore cottage   Acol
Rose Geo Richborough hall Sandwich road Richborough, Sandwich
Ross Geo L Bay View Canterbury road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Rowley Regnld Coast Guard station   Ebbsfleet, Ramsgate
Ruff Edmnd Rambler villa   St Nicholas
Ruff Ethelbert St Mildreds bungalow Star lane Westwood, Margate

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