Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Minster & Outlying Parishes

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Jackson Arth 3 Freeman terrace Station road Minster
Jackson Mrs G H Westcott Cliff End grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
James Chas   Court cottages Sarre
Jarman Edwd Rubery Lydden Garlinge
Jarvis Charles   Sevenscore cottages Minster
Jarvis Harry 6 Harry cottages Freemans road Minster
Jarvis Leslie Bay View Canterbury road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Jarvis Mrs Seacot Cliff View road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Jarvis Percy   Cliff End cottages Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Jennings Mrs G A Myrtle cottage Freemans road Minster
Jezard Sl Ashburnham house Augustine road Minster
Joad Miss H St Marys cottage Fairfield road Minster
Joad Wm 2 Freehold villas Augustine road Minster
Johnson Claude 9 High Street Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Johnson Ernest 1 Delce cottages Monkton
Johnson Isaac Baker 1 Chaolk Hole cottages Chalk Hole Garlinge
Johnson Thos Hy Acol Hill cottages Acol Hill Acol
Johnson Wm 4 East View terrace Acol
Jones Albt Stephen Fernlea   Monkton
Jones Alfd Hy Rose Marie Monkton road Minster
Jones Chas 2 New cottages Nash, Margate
Jones David Jas Albion cottage High Street Minster
Jones Jn Wm New bungalow High Street Minster
Jones Mrs Alpha cottage Monkton road Minster
Jones Mrs J Gorphwysfa Foads lane Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Jones Thomas (CH) Street Acre   St Nicholas
Jones Percy Gate house Station road Minster
Joslin Miss Stonar house Stonar Minster
Jury Chas Brook house Sevenscore Minster
LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Keel Edwd Rose cottage High Street Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Keel Geo   Jubilee cottages Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Keeler Mrs 5 Alvis villas Gordon road Westwood, Margate
Kelsey Ambrose 4 Prospect row Prospect road Minster
Kennedy Geo 4 Phoenix cottages Tothill street Minster
Kennett Geo 9 Eden cottages Prospect road Minster
Kennett Mrs Rose cottage Augustine road Minster
Kennett Nathan Kintbury Kot Monkton road Minster
Kennison Fredk Sidney 2 Walnut cottages Haine, St Lawrence (Extra)
Kidd Ernest 6 Gordon villas Gordon road Westwood, Garlinge
King Alfd Regnld Cheesemans View   Acol
King Harry 1 Sunnyside St Nicholas
King Leslie   Meadow cottages St Nicholas
King Regnld Cheesemans View   Minster
Kingsland Henry St Kilda Fairfield road Minster
Kingsland Victor 1 Coronation villas Augustine road Minster
Kirby Archbld S The Shallows Cliff End grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Kirk Mrs Braemar Stonar Minster
Klug Gerald 2 Hawthorne cottages High Street Minster
Knight Alfd The Crest Monkton road Minster
Knight Alfd Jn   Flete Margate
Knight Geo Alfd Watchester   Minster
Knight Jas 1 Freeman terrace Station road Minster
Knight Stephen   Gore street Monkton
Knight-Bruce Miss Gladys Frost Farm Frost St Nicholas
Knights Albt Jn Sunnycot Monkton road Minster
Knott Wm Jas Walnut Tree cottage   Acol
LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Lamburn Wm Hy 2 Gordon villas Prospect road Minster
Lamprell Mrs 3 Delce cottages Monkton
Lamprell Mrs H M 3 Solihull cottages Monkton
Lamsdell Philip Leonard Walkeith Foads lane Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Langley Herbt 4 Hengrove cottages Hengrove, Garlinge
Langley Regnld 8 Chapel Hill cottages Chapel hill Garlinge
Laslett Mrs D The Elms   Sarre
Law Wltr Regnld Plum Tree cottage   St Nicholas
Law Wm Stuart   St Nicholas
Lawrence Basil M Le Chalet   St Nicholas
Lawrence Ernest   Potten street St Nicholas
Lawrence Herbt Cleve cottage Cleve Minster
Lawrence Herbt Jn 6 Alland Grange cottages Minster
Lawrence Wltr E The Elms Way Minster
Lawson Squadron-Leader Geo Maxwell (MC, RAF) 17 Manston Court road Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Layzell Chas 5 Eden cottages Prospect road Minster
Leach Wm Redcliff Cliff End grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Leach-Lewis Mrs Chapel Hill house Chapel hill Garlinge, Margate
Ledger Ernest Hall Farm house   St Nicholas
Leitch David Cliff View Cliff End grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Letts Chas Frances Prospect road Minster
Lewis Miss A F Edenhall Monkton road Minster
Lilly Hy Thos   Winton cottages Hengrove, Garlinge
Lloyd Mrs Destampes Foads lane Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Lock Hy Ironside villa Sea View road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Locke Fredk 5 Hoo cottages Monkton road Minster
Locke Geo     Monkton
Lodder Harry   Church street Minster
Loder Mrs Detteken   St Nicholas
Lodge Mrs Walnut Tree lodge   Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
London Bert   Church street Minster
London Maurice 1 Chase cottages Tothill street Minster
London Thos Elm cottage Tothill street Minster
London Walter   Station road Minster
Long Miss The Elms   Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Long Regnld 6 Prospect place St Nicholas
Longley Wltr The Cedars High Street Minster
Love Rd Dockerhill   Monkton
Loveday Walt 1 St Marys villas Monkton road Minster
Lovely Edwd Jn The Vinery High Street Minster
Lowden Miss F M Hedgerow   Manston, St Lawrence (Extra)
Lowe Ralph 2 Colwyn bungalows Gordon road Westwood, Margate
Lucas Ernest 2 Albion cottages Station road Minster
Lumsden Jas Mynott Shortlands Cliff End grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)

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