Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Minster & Outlying Parishes

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Name Occupation Address District
St Augustines Golf Club (Ramsgate)Limited (Mayor J Stanford, sec)   Links & Club House Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
St Mildreds Laundry (E Ruff propr)   Star Lane Westwood, Garlinge
St Mildreds (Roman Catholic) Parish Room   St Mildreds Road Minster
St Nicholas Hospital for Children     St Nicholas
Sanders Wltr builder Cosy Hive, Cliff View Road Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Sarre House School for Girls (mrs Dorothy Mason, principal)     Sarre
Saunders Reginald John nurseryman Pouces Nursery Minster
Sayer Albt market gardener Corralinga, High Street Minster
Sayer Horace farmer Cleve Court Farme, Cleve Monkton
Sayer William farmer Vincent Farm, Vincent Garlinge, Margate
Setterfield J A & Co Ltd coal merchants office: Tothill Street; yard:Egbert Road & depot Conyngham Minster
Setterfield Herbert A wheelwright Egbert Road Minster
Setterfield Jas haulage contractor Belmont, Tothill Street Minster
Setterfield Sidney farmer Plumstone Minster
Setterfield Wm E insurance agent 6 Braemar bungalows, Gordon Road Westwood, Margate
Sevenscore Estates Ltd (The) agricultural merchants Sevenscore Farm, Sevenscore, Minster & Ebbsfleet Farm, Ebbsfleet, Ramsgate  
Sheaff Albt Edwd shopkeeper & post office   Sarre
Siminson Edwin chemist High Street Minster
Simms W B (Engineers Ltd)   Crispin House, Tothill Street Minster
Slaughter W G silversmith 1A Monkton Road Minster
Smith J W & Son farmers The Hall & Manor Farms, St Nicholas & Monkton Court, Monkton  
Smith Alan J W farmer The Nook, Nether Hale St Nicholas
Smith Andrew farmer Shuart St Nicholas
Smith Herbt Wltr newsagent & post office High Street, Manston St Lawrence (Extra)
Smith John Hugh A farmer Ambry Court St Nicholas
Smith Norman T butcher High Street Minster
Smith William C farmer Chambers Wall St Nicholas
Smith William C farmer Downbarton Farm St Nicholas
Solly A & Sons farmers Preston Farm, Manston St Lawrence (Extra)
Spanton Eric farmer Wayborough Farm, Way Minster
Spanton Geo Furley farmer Cliffs End Farm & Great Cliffs End Farm St Lawrence (Extra)
Spanton Geo Furley farmer Stonelees Farm Ebbsfleet, Ramsgate
Stanford Leonard haulage contractor Retreat, Cliffs End Grove Cliffs End (Great), St Lawrence (Extra)
Stead E M (Mrs) corsetiere Hope Cottage Monkton
Steed Percy dairy farmer California Farm, Hengrove Garlinge
Stephens Hy Fras farmer Abbey farm, Minster Lane Minster
Stonar House School for Girls (Miss G E Crook JP, MIH;Miss L C Blackwell LLA & Miss Joslin, principals)     Stonar
Stonar Riding School (Capt. R G Whitcombe)     Stonar
Strange Eveline (Miss) confectioner High Street Minster
Studham G & A nurserymen Acol House Acol
Studham Robert farmer Chalk Hole farm, Chalk Hole Garlinge
Summerfold Nurseries Ltd nurserymen   Acol
Name Occupation Address District
Tapp Arth farmer St Nicholas Court Farm St Nicholas
Taylor Chas supt. Registrar of births, marriages & deaths, Thanet Registration District Offices: The Acacias, Tothill Street Minster
Terry Edward farmer Bartletts St Nicholas
Terry Geo Jn builder Walnut Tree House, High Street Minster
Thanet Cars ( W A Wallace propr)   Mount Pleasant Minster
Thanet Golf Club (Links) (C Waterer, hon sec)   Hengrove Garlinge
Thrupp G A (Miss) district nurse Berkeley, Tothill Street Minster
Tipple J F (Miss) grocer Gordon Road, Westwood, Margate
Tubb J (Miss) tobacconist Gate House Ebbsfleet, Ramsgate
Tyrrel Wm farmer Cheesemans Farm Acol

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