The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Captain J M Pritchard


Captain J M PRITCHARD,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment


London Gazette 30th October 1916.

2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J. M. Pritchard to be Lt. 1st Apr. 1915.

London Gazette 1st December 1916.

Royal West Kent Regiment  -  Lieutenant J. M. Pritchard to be temporary Captain. -  5th September 1916.

London Gazette 8th May 1917.

War Office, 8th May, 1917. TERRITORIAL FORCE. INFANTRY.

Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J M Pritchard to be Captain, with precedence as from 1st June 1916 - 9th May 1917.

London Gazette 15th January 1919.

Special Appointments - Attached to HD-QR Units

Staff Captains - Captain J M Pritchard, 1/5th Royal West Kent Regiment, Territorial Force and to be seconded vice Captain (Temporary Major) A H Burn, 59th Rifles, Indian Army. 3rd September 1918.

London Gazette 3rd June 1919.

The King has been graciously pleased, on the occasion of His Majesty's birthday, to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for valuable services rendered in connection with Military Operations in Mesopotamia.

To be Officers of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order:

Pritchard, Captain Jack Mervyn, 1/5th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment, Territorial Force.

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