The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Captain H H Logan


Photograph by "Ralph the Cemetery Guy"

Captain Hubert Henderson LOGAN, 10th  Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, 15th September 1916, age 43.

Buried at Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, XIV. B. 31., Longueval, France.

London Gazette 2nd July 1915.

The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). 10th Battalion (Kent County)

Hubert Henderson Logan to be temporary Captain. Dated 21st June, 1915.

London Gazette 2nd October 1915.

The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment

The appointment to a temporary commission as Captain of Hubert Henderson Logan, notified in the Gazette of 2nd July, 1915, to be antedated to the 21st May, 1915, but not to carry pay or allowances prior to the 21st June, 1915.

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