The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Company Sergeant Major J V Redmond


Company Serjeant Major John Vickers REDMOND, L/4289,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

Born Dover, Kent, enlisted 12th November 1894, Maidstone, Kent, age 15, height 4ft 10 5/8 inches, weight 91lbs.

Son of Joseph & Catherine Redmond, 52 York Avenue, New Brompton, Kent. Father served as Sgt in Royal West Kent Regiment. Joseph Redmond (younger brother) served in Sussex Regiment. George Redmond (younger brother) served in RFA.

Husband  Mary Jane Redmond, (nee Hurley), married 1st April 1907, Maidstone, Kent.

Children  - John Vickers Redmond, born 20th January 1909, Dover, Kent, baptised 24th February 1909, Garrison Church, Chatham, Kent; Joseph Nelson? Redmond, born 12th August 1913, Cherat, India, baptised 1st September 1913, Cherat, India; George Henry Redmond, born 16th October 1916, Cherat, India, baptised 16th October 1916, Cherat, India.

Home, 12th November 1894 to 12th September 1899; Egypt, 13th September 1899 to 4th March 1900; Home, 5th March 1900 to 15th March 1900; South Africa, 16th March 1900 to 4th November 1902; Ceylon, 5th November 1902 to 4th November 1904; Hong Kong, 5th November 1904 to 29th January 1906; Home, 30th January 1906 to 4th January 1911; India, 5th January 1911 to 9th November 1914; Home, 10th November 1914 to 4th December 1917; BEF, 5th December 1917 to 19th August 1918; Home, 20th August 1918 to 25th March 1919.

12th November 1894, enlisted as a "boy" & posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 17th November 1895, appointed Drummer; 12th February 1897, attained 18 years; 20th May 1899, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 21st August 1899, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 2nd April 1902, reverts to Private & appointed Lance Corporal; 19th September 1902, appointed Corporal; 5th March 1904, appointed Lance Sergeant; 30th January 1906, posted Provisional Battalion; 12th February 1906, posted Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment; 13th August 1906, Depot, Royal West Kent Regiment, Maidstone, re-engaged for such term as to complete 21 years with the Colours; 18th February 1908, posted 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 30th June 1908, appointed paid Lance Sergeant; 14th August 1909, promoted Sergeant; 5th January 1911, posted 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 30th May 1912, Peshawar, India, admitted to hospital with fractured first metacarpal bone right hand, did not occur whilst in the performance of his duty; 24th May 1913 to 30th May 1913, India, Malaria, infected 22nd May 1913, Cherat, India, four month course of treatment until 29th September 1913; 10th October 1914, posted 8th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 10th October 1914, 10th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment promoted Colour Sergeant; 10th October 1914, appointed Action Company Sergeant Major; 3rd May 1916, posted 12th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 1st September 1916, transferred to 29th Training Reserve; 11th November 1916, retained in the Service under Military Service Act; 19th January 1917, Bounty of £25 allowed; 1st September 1917, Infantry Battalion, 253 Transportation; 11th November 1917, transferred to 3rd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 5th December 1917, posted BEF; 9th December 1917, joined 6th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment; 15th August 1918, sick malaria, to Field Ambulance; 17th August 1918, Boulogne, 2 Australian General Hospital, malaria; 24th August 1918, Wimereux; 7th September 1918, to England;

25th March 1919, discharged  as "no longer physically fit for War Service" due to sickness Silver War Badge issued.

Pension - 1st April 1944 to 31st December 1945, increase to £108-16-2 a year; 1st January 1946 to 31st March 1947, increase to £108-16-2 a year; 28th August 1947, reduce to £104-12-6 per annum from 1st April 1946 to 30th November 1946, increase to £108-16-2 per annum from 1st December 1946; 20th September 1948, annual rate of £108-16-2 converted to 41/8½d per week; 1st October 1952, increase to 46/9½d a week, includes DCM award; 1st April 1956, increase to 50/1d a week. includes gallantry award.


London Gazette 30th October 1918.

His Majesty The KING has been graciously pleased to approve of the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal to the under mentioned Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Men, for gallantry and distinguished service in the Field:

Company Serjeant Major J V REDMOND, L/4289,  Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment. (Chatham).

For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He organised the supply of ammunition, and personally took forward a party under heavy fire to reinforce the line. Twice buried and once blown several yards by a shell, he set a magnificent example of courage throughout.

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